The girl had a relationship with Wang Yibo and took a big belly photo!Netizen: The big belly is Wang Yibo

315 just passed the holiday. On March 16th, the peaceful entertainment industry was finally unwilling to be lonely and fried melon!

This time, the actor is the popular front -line artist Wang Yibo, and the heroine is a female netizen named Han Han QVQ ".

She publicly broke the news that she was pregnant after she had a relationship with Wang Yibo, and unexpectedly was abandoned by Wang Yibo!

The girl can also be regarded as a curve to save the country and did not break the news on her Weibo.Instead, I ran to Li En’s Weibo to leave a message:

I need your help, I want to expose Wang Yibo, he has a relationship with me, and makes me pregnant!

Some netizens are curious, who is Li En?She was the person who had previously assisted Du Meizhu that Wu Yifan’s person, and eventually let Wu Yifan enter the prison and became famous in the first battle.Li En is also very cautious, just reply below: Do you have evidence?Things spread so inexplicably.

This "Han Han" netizens are very simple. From the content of the release, it is indeed Wang Yibo’s dead powder.Sexy photos were also exposed on January 16, the location was in the villa in Jing’an, Shanghai. If there is such a matter, it may be to pay with Wang Yibo.Looking at the photos, the small abdomen is bulging, it is really like pregnancy!

In this regard, Wang Yibo’s fans naturally don’t do it. They scolded the female netizen neuropathy, is it crazy?

However, this female netizen still came to Li En to leave a message on March 1 and 16.Li En talked with her in private and wanted to ask for the material. After all, rumoring was illegal.

On March 17th, in order to provide evidence, the girl directly took a bed photo. It was a big picture of a big belly. The belly was very large, and it felt like three or four months!

However, netizens still do not believe it. Some netizens leave a message: Is the belly that is pregnant with Wang Yibo?My man’s belly is bigger than you. Who is pregnant?There are also netizens directly back: B -ultrasound is clearer than you!

Faced with the doubts of netizens, such a female netizen sent many photos, but they were all very vague!

Faced with the news of female netizens, Wang Yibo’s brokerage company quickly issued a rumor to clarify the things that Ziwu had, and to be held accountable.

Now an embarrassing question is that Wang Yibo and the girl have no valid evidence to prove that there is no relationship. Whether the child is Wang Yibo.

Emotionally, I hope Wang Yibo will not do such a stingy thing.

But from a rational perspective, if the girl did not really have a relationship, she would not dare to make rumors openly, and there was no benefit to herself!

Let’s let the bullets fly for a while, is it going to be a little fresh meat?

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