The gas leakage of 27 households in Shanghai!It was found that the residents had not been repaired for nearly half a year, and the residents had no choice but to open the valve …

"Such a hot sky breaks the gas,

You can also use the electromagnetic cooker to cook the rice,

What to do if you take a bath?"

A few days ago, the residents of Zhongtong Building, No. 1 Huangxing Road in Yangpu District reported that since the Spring Festival this year, 27 residents’ homes have been detected in the building.The leakage of gas must be arranged to be repaired immediately.Unexpectedly, after the residents of Zhongtong Building were notified of "prohibiting the use of gas", they lost the following. Some residents’ homes have been "linked" for several months, and the use of no gas has seriously affected the normal life of residents.Some residents have to re -open the valve by themselves, continue to use the gas …

Gas leakage is safe and safe

There are many leaks in a building.

The gas leakage of Zhongtong Building,

Why is it delayed?

△ The picture shows Zhongtong Building.

"The Chinese rice was burned halfway, and the qi was turned off"

"The recent on -site inspection of the city’s gas was before the Dragon Boat Festival." Ms. Fan, a resident of Zhongtong Building on the 11th floor of Zhongtong Building, recalled that she was making lunch at home at 10 am on June 17.After half of the vegetables, the staff of Shibei Gas knocked on the door and took Ms. Fan to the gas pipeline well on one side of the house.

"As soon as the handheld instrument is approaching the pipeline, Didi is kept calling." Ms. Fan said that the staff of the gas company explained to her, which shows that the pipeline was leaked.Subsequently, the staff hung a small piece of yellow paper warning sign "without rectification" on the pipeline, and said "Can’t use it anymore" to twist the valve above the gas meter.What to do with Ms. Fan’s remaining dishes.

△ After the leak was detected, the northern gas was hung with a "prohibited gas" warning sign, and the gas valve would be screwed on the residents to continue using the gas.

There are a total of 29 floors of Zhongtong Building, with 7 floors on the bottom of the commercial facilities. On the 8th floor to the 29th floor, each floor is a "back" shape distribution to 16 sets of houses with different quantities. There are more than 300 residents.The phenomenon of gas leaks had appeared before the Spring Festival this year. Ms. Nie on the 22nd floor said that at that time, she could smell the gas at home.Some residents in the building also feel the same. Out of safety reasons, some residents dialed the gas heat line and asked for on -site testing to confirm whether there was air leakage.

△ The picture shows the inside of Zhongtong Building. Each floor on the 8th to 29th has a "back" shape distribution to 16 sets of houses with different quantities.

"In a large -scale test before the Spring Festival, it was found that the gas pipelines of more than 10 residents had air leakage." Ms. Nie said that on the 22nd floor, the pipelines of the three households of 2202, 2209, and 2210 were leaked.

On July 2nd, the reporter came to the 22nd floor of the building and opened the gas well door on the right hand of Room 2209. You can see the main gas pipe, household gas watches and some household pipes of the building are arranged in the gas well.Ms. Nie found a warning sign that fell on the ground, pointing at the elbow connection of the upper and lower pipes and a section of the horizontal pipeline of the connected meter, claiming that the instrument detection at that time showed that the leak was here.Since the valve has been twisted, the reporter could not smell the gas at the scene.

△ Residents said that the main pipelines on the right side of the right side and a section of the horizontal pipeline of the connected pipeline on the right side of the figure are the main leakage sites.

Because the test requires the cooperation of residents, the pipelines of all residents’ homes can be detected at one time.Before the Dragon Boat Festival, the staff of Shibei Gas came again to test again, and found that there were more leaks in the pipelines in the building.According to statistics from residents, as of now, a total of 27 residents have received a notice of "prohibiting gas".In response to some leaks, the North Gas carried out simple disposal measures such as glue, and then there was no following.

What should I do without gas?"Who dares to unscrew it without permission?" Ms. Nie said that in the past few months, many residents can only endure the inconvenience in life silently.After adding an induction cooker in some residents’ homes, they temporarily solve the cooking and cooking.Ms. Fan’s house, the 86 -year -old wife couldn’t bear to take a bath, and temporarily moved out to live in another house in the suburbs. She questioned, "When will it be carried out? What day should we boil?"

Informal users, belong to the "private score table"

Gas leakage can easily cause safety accidents, and it is obviously not enough to stop using the valve to stop using the gas.It has been found that the phenomenon of leakage has been discovered for nearly half a year. Why did not keep up with subsequent pipeline rectification and repair?

Chen Yi, deputy director of the Industrial Committee of Zhongtong Building, revealed the reason for the "Rectification (Rectification (Suspension) Notice) Notice".This was issued by Shibei Gas in October last October to the residents in the building. The notice pointed out that the Shibei Gas found in a routine inspection that more than 300 residents in the building used gas without gas leakage alarm, and rear rear supplements to write.Tao belongs to the "private segmentation table" and must be rectified.What is "private score"?The literal meaning is not difficult to understand, that is, the gas watches of the residents in the building are all privately connected, rather than applying for the gas company after applying to the gas company.

△ The picture shows the "Notice of Rectification (Suspension of Qi)" issued to the residents in the building in October last October.

More than 300 residents’ home gas is privately connected?Shibei Gas confirmed that the developer of Zhongtong Building had applied to install a total gas table in 1997. The residents were used by the residents.part".

Chen Yi explained that compared with ordinary communities, the gas of Zhongtong Building is indeed different in application use.Zhongtong Building was completed and delivered in 1997. It was previously managed by the former "Chengchun" property.When residents need to use gas, if they need to use gas, they will apply to Chengchun Property, and then open it by the property.The daily gas expenses are also charged by Chengchun Property to residents, and residents do not have a direct relationship with the northern gas.A well -known resident in the building further revealed that the gas used by residents upstairs was actually connected from the commercial facilities downstairs.The developer laid the upper and lower gas pipes. The former Chengchun Property outsourced the maintenance and operation of the gas in the building to a company, and the company was responsible for installing the gas meter for the residents.

The appearance of such a complicated air use mode is related to the twists and turns of Zhongtong Building during development.It is said that the development of the developer has been replaced in the middle of the building. The nature of the house above the 8th floor of the building has also been changed from the beginning of commercial and residential to the later house.80%of the properties of residential production certificates in the building are marked as "apartment".A notification of Yangpu District Real Estate Registration Center in 2017 clearly stated that the "apartment" is "residential house".However, when the building was adjusted in nature, hydropower and coal did not redesign the supporting construction in accordance with the manner of the residential community. Instead, the design of the commercial and residential building was used to solve it directly from the commercial part.Therefore, Chen Yi said, "For a long time, residents have also paid water and electricity and coal fees at the commercial price."

△ The picture shows the gas well of the building. The main gas pipe, household gas meter, and some household pipelines of the building are arranged in the gas well.

At first, the construction map of the pipeline was saved, and the use of aging for a long time, the hidden dangers of leakage gradually appeared.However, the Shibei Gas believes that since it is not a regular user, the responsibility for rectification is not at the gas company.

However, the residents do not think so. They do not know about these historical problems when they buy a house, and they should not bear the consequences of private connection.In addition, residents have been using paid normally for more than 20 years.

In any case, hidden safety hazards cannot be allowed!

How can we get the hidden dangers of gas leakage?Shibei Gas believes that it is necessary to rectify the private segmentation table first, that is, from the current "gas point" to a regular user of gas, let the Shibei Gas pick up the gas pipelines in the building in the building.To complete this change, the current pipeline must be renovated in order to meet the gas supply conditions.

As early as 2018, the Yangpu District Construction and Management Committee led a coordination meeting to promote the "commercial reform" of the water and electricity coal of Zhongtong Building.At that time, a document showed that the three parties of hydropower coal reached consensus, simplified procedures to intervene in advance, surveyed the existing pipelines, and kept the original pipeline as much as possible under the premise of ensuring safety to form a construction plan, and the reconstruction cost would be negotiated separately.However, in the 2018 Coordination Association, it only promoted the split of tap water to the household.That is, the Yangpu District Housing Management Bureau incorporated Zhongtong Building into the scope of "secondary water supply transformation".Chen Yi said that the reason why the gas transformation could not be promoted at that time was that after the survey of the city’s northern gas on -site survey, the building environment was relatively closed. The cement platform was built in the middle of the shape.Pipelines use gas conditions.

After the Spring Festival this year, due to gas leaks in many places in the building, it is imminent to eliminate hidden dangers.The residents once again called "12345", calling on the re -promoting "commercial reform" to re -promote the transformation of gas pipeline facilities to eliminate hidden dangers of air leakage.On June 8th, the Yangpu District Construction Management Commission once again convened enterprises such as gas to hold a coordination meeting to negotiate with residents.Chen Yi revealed that at this meeting, Shibei Gas provided two types of pipeline facilities.According to the residents, a transformation plan is to open up and down the cement platform in the middle of the building in the middle of the building, so that the building can form a structure of ventilation up and down, which can supply gas from the inside of the building. Another transformation plan is to re -re -re -building outside the building.Pay the gas pipeline and supply the gas from the balcony.However, at the meeting, residents expressed their doubts about the two plans: opening the platform in the building would destroy the structure, obviously not operability; and the pipeline was changed from the balcony to the household.Move the door to the balcony.At present, the two sides have not been able to reach an agreement on the transformation plan.

△ The picture shows the inside of Zhongtong Building, with a cement platform in the center of the "back" shape.One of the reconstruction plans proposed by the North Gas is to open up the platform to ventilate the building up and down.

In the long waiting, some residents lost their patience, took off the yellow warning sign privately, and unscrewed the valve to continue using the air.Aunt Liu on the 25th of the 15th floor bluntly said that she and her wife had to endure the days when she had no gas for two weeks. She couldn’t stand it.In addition, the gas pipelines of some residents’ homes in the building have not been tested, and the safety hazards are serious.

Residents called for whether the pipeline transformation of the "commercial reform" can be implemented in the end, and the hidden safety hazards cannot be allowed to be allowed.Government departments and gas enterprises should take some emergency repair measures as soon as possible to check and eliminate hidden dangers caused by gas leakage in the building, while ensuring the normal gas use of residents of the building.

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