The four -dimensional images of the fetus during pregnancy look like when they are born?Don’t worry, there may be surprises later

Many mothers who have given birth to babies lamented: Before pregnancy, they would think that they would have boys or girls, but after the real pregnancy, all their minds were that the baby had to develop healthy.No matter what it is, as long as you can be healthy.

There will be several B -ultrasounds during pregnancy. Only when the four -dimensional examination can be seen, the child looks like.When many people see the four -dimensional photo for the first time, they will exclaim that the child is too ugly.After the child is born, look back at the four -dimensional photo.

Xiaoxue and her husband are the "talented girls" in the eyes of everyone. Both the value and talent are very prominent, so when you learn that Xiaoxue is pregnant, everyone is full of expectations for their babies.What excellent genes will children be inherited by two people.

Not only are everyone curious, Xiaoxue is full of expectations.After finally waiting for 24 weeks, you can have the opportunity to see the child’s appearance.After finishing the inspection full of expectations, Xiaoxue almost didn’t cry when he saw the picture on the four -dimensional list.

Because the appearance of the child is too "ugly", the nose collapsed is not inherited from the high nose bridge of her husband, and the eyes are tightly closed and can’t see the big eyes, and the entire face is wrinkled.Essence

People around them comforted that the child has not yet developed, and it looks good after birth.As a result, when the child was really born, Xiaoxue looked exactly the same as the four -dimensional photo. It was really helpless, but she could not throw it away.

Unexpectedly, when the child grew 2 months old, the appearance changed a lot, inherited the advantages of the two people, and became a child who saw anyone, and Xiaoxue’s heart finally let go.

Before developing well

The four -dimensional examination is generally about 24 weeks. The main check is the development of children. Whether there are malformations and congenital diseases will check the development of the brain, spine and limbs in detail.

As long as these situations are normal, from the perspective of the number of pregnancy weeks, it is in the middle of pregnancy. It takes a period of time to continue to develop from 40 weeks, so it will look a bit ugly.

Squeeze of space

The space of my mother’s movement in her belly is relatively small, and she will squeeze the body due to activity. When the mother does a four -dimensional examination, the child may be squeezed to the face, so it will look like ugly.Look.

It should be known that the main role of the four -dimensional is to check the development of health. Children’s ugliness and beauty will change after birth, so parents do not need to worry too much.

The reason for the four -dimensional inspection machine

The four -dimensional examination is a graphic display given through the feedback of the sound waves. It is not really seeing the child’s appearance through the mother’s belly.The four -dimensional examination needs to be continuously moved to judge. This process does not rule out that amniotic fluid, umbilical cord, etc. will cause interference to the feedback pictures, resulting in a deviation of the child’s appearance.

Although many people see that the children are very similar to the four dimensions, it is still very different to look at it carefully.Even the photos taken by adults through four -dimensional scanning will not be too good, let alone a baby.

Four -dimensional photos are just a reference, as long as the beauty and ugly are healthy.Therefore, mothers should not affect their mood because of a photo, and they will know after waiting for the baby to be born.

Generally, when a four -dimensional examination, the baby will not cooperate. In the face of this situation, the mother can choose to check for about half an hour after eating. After eating, the child also becomes lively because he absorbs nutrition.Essence

You can also listen to some music or talk to babies in your belly. Sometimes they are sleeping and need mothers to wake up.You can also make your child excited by climbing stairs or walking, thereby changing your posture and inspection.

Today’s topic: Do you think it looks good when the child is four -dimensional?

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