The first three months is a dangerous period of pregnancy!Doctor reminds: Three things can’t be done, you must hold back

For a family, pregnancy is a very happy thing, but as soon as she is pregnant, expectant mothers are inevitable, because the early pregnancy is the most unstable period, and it may cause tragedy.Obstetricians suggested that the expectant mothers who are just pregnant should pay special attention in the early pregnancy, do not do the following things.

Taboo in the early pregnancy:

1. Avoid the life of husband and wife.

Don’t have a husband and wife life in the first three months of pregnancy.At this time, the early pregnancy is in the process of formation. If the same room is in the same room at this time, it will inevitably be unfavorable to the fetus.If it is improper, it will cause miscarriage.

2. Avoid drama.

The first three months of pregnancy is the stage of formation of embryos. If it is often done, it is not good for the formation of embryos regardless of the consequences.Therefore, do not do strenuous exercise in the early stages of pregnancy. Proper walk and stroll.

3. Avoid using medicine.

Women during pregnancy should not be used to use medicine because "the medicine is three -point poison."If the medication is improper, it may affect the normal development of the fetus.If the body is really uncomfortable in the early stages of pregnancy, go to the hospital in time and use the medicine to take medicine in time. Everything should be based on the health of the fetus.

What should I pay attention to in the early pregnancy?

First, we must prevent various infections

Try to go to public places as little as possible in the first three months of pregnancy.Because in public places, there will inevitably be the danger of virus spread and infection.For pregnancy, it is natural to stay away from such public places and reduce the invasion of germs. If you do not pay attention to the infected bacteria, you may have an impact on the fetus, serious or even low intelligence or congenital malformations.

Second, pay attention to diet mix

For pregnant women who are pregnant, the dietary balance is necessary. It is understood that what kind of food should should not be eaten.In this way, you can supplement both nutrition and not harm the fetus.

Third, relax and check regularly

It is particularly important to maintain a upward mentality. It is also an essential matter for regular inspections during pregnancy. Be sure to spend the pregnancy in a responsible attitude towards your child.

Four more rest

Suspecting the woman in the first three months was weak.It is recommended not to do all kinds of heavy work, and now put it on hold.Take this time to rest to ensure the normal operation of the body.Avoid various adverse consequences caused by excessive labor.Be sure to pay attention to the formation of the embryo in the first three months of pregnancy.The first three months of pregnancy are the most critical period for pregnant women.Therefore, you must pay attention to your habit of diet in life to avoid great consequences.

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