The first thing to do after pregnancy

The aunt did not come on schedule. Is the married person surprised or scared?Is it helpless?What preparations do we have to make when I decide to accept God’s love to crystallize?

First of all, you can use early pregnancy test paper to test whether you are pregnant. Generally, two bars can be measured from the date of the last aunt. It is recommended to use two test strips to measure separately to prevent the test strip of it.

Secondly, go to the hospital to hang the gynecology department, measure the HCG and progesterone in the blood, and know if you are pregnant more accurately.

The gestational week is a bit larger. Generally, in 6 weeks, you can see the fetal heart of the fetal heart through the vaginal B -ultrasound. Some hospitals need to see the fetal heart pressure in order to make an appointment.

When it comes to the establishment of a file, it is the hospital we will have to have a baby in the future.Under the introduction of the person who came, how to choose the hospital.

Some people choose to be close to the work unit, considering the convenient production inspection.At present, the unit will have production and prosecution leave, so you don’t need to consider that you are close to the unit. Moreover, when you are near the baby, you are already on vacation at home, so you must choose a hospital near home.Another advantage of the hospital near home is that you do n’t have to get up early to rush to the hospital early without having to get up early.42 days after delivery, the mother and baby review are also convenient.

Choose a designated hospital or a secondary maternal and child specialist hospital. When giving birth, the cost can be reimbursed automatically.If you plan to have children in this hospital, you must choose the hospital as one of his designated hospitals.

The higher the qualifications of masturbation, the better and better in the number of beds, the number of experts, and medical conditions.The more secure the safety of maternal and infants when having children.

This is that after I had built a file in Hospital A, when the mothers who had giving birth to a baby were chatting, I found that the hospital did not have a newborn department. Once the child came out, there was something wrong.Other hospitals with neonatal department for treatment.In this case, the mother and baby are separated, and the newborn department generally does not allow it to visit. The child is also guilty. After I heard that the child enters, the crying throat is dumb, and there are many eczema or something.

The above four points must be considered. The fifth point is based on personal preferences. Now it is more and more popular with painless delivery. If this technology reduces the pain during childbirth, expectant mothers can choose.After all, the birth of a child is very painful.

The above five points are my suggestions, and they must be considered.The mothers who are hesitant who are hesitant to choose which hospital give birth to a baby for reference.I wish you a healthy baby, good luck ~

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