The first IVF, born 31 years ago, is a mother!

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"Give, boy!" At 8:34 am today (April 15), the third hospital of Peking University was crying, and another little life was born.His mother is Zheng Mengzhu, the first test tube baby in mainland my country.He is also the first "IVF baby" to give birth to a IVF.

Zheng Mengzhu gave birth to a boy today

31 years ago, the first test tube baby in mainland my country was born

Time returned more than 30 years ago, Zheng Guizhen of Yanguan Town, Li County, Gansu County, was infertile for many years after marriage because of bilateral fallopian tubes.

Although 38 years old, Zheng Guizhen still dreamed of being a mother.One day, Zheng Guizhen heard from the broadcast of Beijing’s hospitals to do IVF research, which can help patients such as fallopian tubes who are not in touch with her baby.Although I do n’t know what “IVF”, the Zheng Guizhen couple still found Zhang Lizhu, a professor at the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical Hospital, and decided to try it.

After receiving the consultation, Zhang Lizhu put forward a bold idea: take an egg on the abdomen.The conditions at that time, now it seems that I can’t imagine ——

There is only one egg retrieval needle in the whole courtyard. When the needle is blunt, get the clock and watches. Without a professional thermal insulation equipment, put the test tube of the follicles in the thermal insulation cup;match……

Even so, the Zhang Lizhu team still successfully found the eggs and successfully completed the in vitro.The fertilized eggs began to split, and Zhang Lizhu implanted the fertilized eggs into Zheng Guizhen’s uterus with a special plastic tube.After 7 weeks, the original heart of the fetus was strongly pulled and the clinical pregnancy was successful.

On March 10, 1988, Zhang Lizhu successfully gave birth to a little baby girl. This is my country’s first IVF.

Professor Zhang Lizhu, Mother of IVF and Zheng Mengzhu, the first IVF in the mainland

The happy Zheng Guizhen named the child "Mengzhu"."Meng" takes the meaning of germination, and "Zhu" is taken from Professor Zhang Lizhu’s name, thanking her to give her children life.

Grow up and devote themselves to reproductive medicine

The special identity has made Zheng Mengzhu pay more attention. Her photos are hung in the hospital. Her story is written into textbooks …

Zheng Mengzhu didn’t feel special. "Like everyone, I have to eat, live, study, love, and become ordinary people."

However, Zheng Mengzhu has always felt that he has a responsibility for the development of auxiliary reproductive technology. "God chose me, and I have to help others."

After graduating from Zheng Mengzhu University, he returned to work at the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical Hospital and became a staff member of the hospital’s reproductive medicine center and engaged in medical management."Sorting out reproductive medicine data is also someone who helps the situation similar to her mother." Zheng Mengzhu said.

At the reproductive medical center, many patients were anxious, and Zheng Mengzhu often sent comfort; patients often recognized her, and even patients would ask for the number of "Zheng Mengzhu" … "Those patients treat me asThere is a hope of persistence. "Zheng Mengzhu said.

Zheng Mengzhu liked his work very much. "At the beginning, others helped our family, and now I can help others again. This is also a heritage. For me, this is the best choice."

"I hope my baby will grow up healthy"

Due to the absence of fetal position in the late pregnancy, Zheng Mengzhu underwent cesarean section surgery.

At 8:34 today, Zheng Mengzhu successfully gave birth to a healthy baby, which was a milestone in the history of Chinese auxiliary reproductive technology.

Photo by reporter Fang Fei

The child is 52 and weighs 3850 grams.Outside the operating room, Mengzhu’s mother Zheng Guizhen was so excited.Because Meng Zhu was serious after pregnancy, and his hometown of meals, Zheng Guizhen came to Beijing a few months ago.

"I still feel dizzy now, like dreaming." The old man said, with mixed hearts in his heart, happy, moved and mixed with distress.The child … "

Zheng Guizhen

The old man was very emotional in the hometown of the third hospital of the North Medical Hospital, and he always lamented that the hospital’s changes were too great.Zheng Guizhen is pondering the name of the little grandson, "Everyone must have knowledge, knowledge can change their destiny. I want to give my child an ordinary and encourage his name, and I hope to put the name of the benefactor Zhang Lizhu in.There is no conclusion yet. "

After returning to the obstetric ward after surgery, Zheng Mengzhu was lying on the bed, and he could see the baby lying on his body on his body."The wonderful feeling, I can’t describe it in words. She said excitedly:" I feel so impatient!The child is very white and full. I feel very happy to watch so many people care about her and pay attention to her."

"I do n’t know my parents’ grace, and after experiencing pregnancy and having a child, I realize how it ’s not easy for my mother to be pregnant.” Zheng Mengzhu told reporters that her mother had two knives in order to give birth to her.One sword is on the ovaries when the egg is taken, and a knife is a caesarean section.

"I hope that children can grow up healthy and happy, where to fight, and be an ordinary ordinary person." Zheng Mengzhu said.

"Thanksgiving Grandma, and all loved ones"

In Zheng Mengzhu’s mobile phone, there was a classic photo -Professor Zhang Lizhu in a white coat held Zheng Mengzhu, who was just born.

"I miss grandma very much." Zheng Mengzhu always called Grandma Zhang Lizhu. She told reporters that although she grew up in Gansu when she was a child, she kept in touch with her grandmother. Every year, she sent a photo to her grandma on her birthday.Occasionally, their family will also be invited to Beijing to participate in the event. Every time, grandma will care about Zheng Mengzhu, "How about learning" and "fat, it’s time to lose weight" …

Grandma was in the late stage of illness, and people were lying on the bed, and their consciousness was not very clear.Once Meng Zhu went to visit grandma, before going to bed, Grandma recognized her at a glance.As soon as Zheng Mengzhu remembered this moment, the eye circles became red.

After grandma left, Mengzhu had a bad mood for a long time. Sometimes she couldn’t stop crying.

When it comes to Zhang Lizhu, Zheng Guizhen also shed tears. "Professor Zhang Lizhu is the benefactor of our family. Without them, there will be no cute bead, let alone today’s little grandson. Professor Zhang is a particularly kind person who helped us so bigOne thing, these years, but even a seed seeds have not wanted us. "

In Beijing, Zheng Mengzhu still has many "loved ones".Today, Liu Ping, a doctor who witnessed Zheng Guizhen’s pregnancy, stayed out of the operating room.

Liu Ping is also a student of Professor Zhang Lizhu. She has experienced the birth of Mengzhu and witnessed the development of my IVF technology in my country.

"I still remember how hard the parents of Mengzhu wanted a child at that time. Now they become grandparents, which is the most happy thing for their family." Liu Ping said.

News memory

my country’s auxiliary reproductive technology ranks the world’s leading level

31 years ago, the birth of Zheng Mengzhu started a new journey of my country’s auxiliary reproductive technology.

Since then, the first northern medical center has born the first phenomenon infant of the downsometer transplantation of tube tube and frozen embryo.In 2006, the first domestic frozen (frozen eggs, frozen sperm, frozen embryo) IVF babies were born in the third hospital of the North Medical Hospital.In 2014, the world’s first Malbac baby was also born in the Third Hospital of Bei Medical.This marks that the heredity diagnostic technology before the embryo implantation has been at the world’s leading level.

Academician Qiao Jie (first from left) took a photo with the world’s first Malbac baby

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jie Jie, Dean of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical College

The birth of the baby has witnessed the process of our auxiliary reproductive technology from scratch.The birth of the "IVFB" confirmed the safety of my country’s auxiliary reproductive technology.

In an interview with reporters, Qiao Jie said that among the newborn children in my country every year, the use of auxiliary reproductive technology such as IVF has accounted for 1%to 2%of the birth population. And childbirth is also a problem that everyone is very concerned about.Therefore, the healthy delivery of Mengzhu has very important representative significance for the safety of the Chinese nation and the auxiliary reproductive technology.Mengzhu’s baby was born healthy and dispelled some people’s concerns about IVF.

She introduced that in addition to helping infertile women patients infected with infertile women, she can also help some men. In the past, men who did not have this reproductive ability now have sperm.It can be solved in the case.For the situation of genetic diseases, our existing technology can also block the spread of genetic diseases in the family by screening.

Today, reproductive medicine centers in various places have been established, and the auxiliary reproductive technology has been promoted to the country.From solving the problem of "unable to give birth" to the trouble of resolving "bad life", my country’s modern auxiliary reproductive technology has been continuously upgraded.

The first photo of mainland China was selected as "Great Change -a large -scale exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up"

At present, there are more than 450 medical institutions that have qualifications to carry out human-aided reproductive technology services in the country. Among them, 350 medical institutions that can carry out fertilized-embryo transplantation, and medical institutions that can carry out pre-gene diagnosis of embryos have exceeded 40, Human auxiliary reproductive technology has reached tens of thousands.The clinical pregnancy rate of Chinese auxiliary reproductive technology is about 40%, and the childbirth rate of living infants reaches 30%to 35%.

Data show that the number of IVF each year in my country has become the world’s largest country for the treatment of reproductive technology in the world.

Today, the auxiliary reproductive technology is further.With the help of new genetic testing technology, bad genes can be eliminated, eliminating parents’ genetic genes to the next generation.Parents have genetic diseases and can also have healthy baby.

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