The fetus kicks in the uterus to solve the mystery

Source: Science and Technology Daily

The reason why the fetus kicked in the uterus was finally unlocked by scientists.A research team at the University of Tokyo, Japan stated that this self -motion helps them to feel the development of the sports system, including sensory organs, nervous systems, and motion control, such as human and eye coordination.The study was recently published in the National Academy of Sciences.

From this world, even during pregnancy, the fetus began to kick, twist and move, and it seemed that they had no goals or external stimuli.The power of one kick can exceed 10 pounds (about 9 catties), which has confused scientists for centuries.Now, the model shows that it helps the fetus to learn to control its body.

The research team recorded the joint movements of 12 newborns and 10 big babies less than 10 days, and combined it with detailed movement with muscle skeletal computer models.This allows them to analyze the communication between muscles and the feeling of the entire body.

Scientists found that when babies found that they felt moving interaction, their movements had deviations in spontaneous movement.The team named this phenomenon "feeling sports wandering".

It is generally believed that the development of the motion system usually depends on the occurrence of duplicate feeling movement interactions, which means that the more the same actions, the more likely it is to learn and remember it.However, the research results show that babies have developed their own sensory movement system based on exploring behaviors or curiosity, so they are not just repeating the same actions, but repeating various actions.In addition, the results of the research provided the conceptual connection between early spontaneous exercise and spontaneous neurons.

Studies have found that the model of muscle interaction is developed based on the random exploration behavior of the fetus.Later, these behaviors helped them perform continuous movements.The neurons in each muscle will produce muscle contraction that activates the "sensor".To better understand the development of sensory sports systems may help earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment.

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