The female doctor is about to check the patient while the infusion

Wei Yajuan checked the patient while hanging a bit.Diagram of hospitals

On the 9th, a warm photo circulated in the WeChat circle of friends.The female doctor in the photo was holding a hanging needle with a big belly, while doing a B -ultrasound for the patient.Everyone praised this dedicated mother -in -law.The reporter learned that the female doctor was named Wei Yajuan, a doctor of the Ultrasound Department of the Second Academic University of Jiaotong University. She was about to correct the infusion due to the lack of amniotic

In the photo, the doctor was wearing a white coat with a big belly, sitting in front of the ultrasound instrument, his eyes staring at the screen, holding a needle with his left hand, and holding the instrument with his right hand to check the patient seriously.The photographer of the photo was Han Donggang, a doctor of the Ultrasound Department of the Second Academy of the Jiaotong University.Dr. Han recalled that on the morning of the 8th, she happened to pass the clinic where Wei Yajuan was located. Looking at the scene in front of her, she used her mobile phone to take this moment of dedicated mothers and sent it into the circle of friends.Unexpectedly, the photos were quickly liked and reposted.

"Things are big … I’m not so delicate, that is, there is a little infusion of amniotic fluid. This is a common thing for doctors." In the face of interviews, Wei Yajuan seemed to be particularly embarrassed.The 36 -year -old Wei Yajuan has been working in the hospital for 11 years. She has been pregnant for 35 weeks of pregnancy recently because of the lack of amniotic fluid and poor oral replenishment effect. It needs to be corrected for several days."I am responsible for the inspection of the color Doppler ultrasound of the heart and fetal heart. Many patients make an appointment for several days or even more than a month ago. Recently, there are many patients. If I take a vacation, dozens of patients who have made appointments will be.Facing the situation of white running. "Wei Yajuan said that in order not to delay the patient time, she took the liquid to the clinic to hang the needle to check for the patient. She did not expect to be seen by colleagues.

After the photos were spread, many netizens left a message saying that this is the warmest picture seen at the beginning of the New Year in 2019.Some netizens said that this is the best prenatal education.(Reporter Zhang Lina)

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