The famous doctor was aborted 3 times and has not been pregnant in the past 6 years!At the age of 36, she finally conceived …

"Dr. Zhang, I checked it, as if I was pregnant!" Early in the morning, in the clinic of Zhang Qin, the chief physician of the Chinese Medicine and Gynecology Department of Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Ms. Wang was handed over to Zhang with a "two bar" pregnancy test strip.Doctors see that they are nervous and excited, and they can’t believe their eyes.After getting a positive answer from Dr. Zhang, Ms. Wang’s husband was so nervous that "good, good, Dr. Zhang, you want to give us a good baby, it’s really difficult to be pregnant."

Three abortion, not pregnant in the past 6 years

She finally ushered in her baby

Compared to the conventional process of getting married-pregnancy-birth child, Ms. Wang’s road to asking for children is indeed "too difficult."At the age of 36, she had a history of abortion surgery 3 times because of her planning external pregnancy. She has not been contraceptive and no longer pregnancy in the past 6 years. She has tried to assist reproductive failures.It is too thin to perform embryo transplantation, and then help Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine.During the first diagnosis in the first half of 2020, she had three hysteroscopy surgery in the field of outer hospitals because of the "uterine adhesion", but the menstrual flow was still not significantly improved.The postoperative review of the ultrasound still shows "thin endometrium and adhesion of the uterine cavity."After comprehensive consideration, Dr. Zhang formulated a personalized treatment plan for her, and a hysteroscope surgery was performed. In the first month of the operation, Chinese medicine was used orally and retained enema, and the estrogen treatment of western medicine was used.Use Chinese medicine orally to cooperate with the treatment of suitable technical fire dragon moxibustion in traditional Chinese medicine.

"Like the condition of this patient, my clinic is quite a lot. Some intended to be a test tube. The fertilized eggs are equipped because the ‘soil’ is too thin, and the transplantation is canceled first.MM, only half of the normal is not enough, it is really thin. It depends on whether the embryo develops in the B -ultrasound in the back of the ultrasound. "Dr. Zhang said frankly.At present, good news came from before. After active fetal protection, Ms. Wang has successfully passed the early and March of the early pregnancy, and ultrasound reminds the fetus to develop normally."Before, we had many successful cases of luteal endometrial double -layer thickness less than 0.5cm. Therefore, as long as we solve the problem of uterine cavity adhesion, we can use kidney to promote blood circulation and improve endometrial blood supply.You can try your pregnancy boldly! "Dr. Zhang said," Patients like Ms. Wang, Chinese medicines that our fetus will be kept early after pregnancy, and patients are recommended to be hospitalized and actively treat comprehensive treatment of Chinese and Western medicine. "

When the endometrium thickness <7mm, the pregnancy rate decreases significantly

The "soil" in Dr. Zhang’s mouth is the endometrium.High -quality fertilized eggs need to be planted on the endometrium that is appropriate thickness and good tolerance, and it can develop into embryo after nourishing by "hormones".The "thin uterine endometrium" is like saline -alkali land. It is difficult to grow forests. It is often necessary to use exogenous drugs to "fertilize". The minimally invasive surgery "plow field" can eventually be successful.

Figure with: Fertilization eggs in bed process

The endometrium is one of the most differentiated tissues in the human body. It is a "fertile soil" that is transformed into embryonic growth and development during pregnancy.The endometrium has gone through three different stages of menstrual period, hyperplasia, and secretion periods that go through the whole process of falling off, hyperplasia, fertile, and then falling off.The thickness of the entire menstrual period is about 0.5mm in the clean menstrual period, and about 14mm before the menstrual period again, it will be dynamic like a tidal dynamic change.Figures: The thickness of the endometrium changes with the menstrual cycle of the menstrual period

The endometrium thickness <7mm has a significant decline in pregnancy. At present, it is usually defined as a thin uterine endometrium in the luteal endometrial thickness <7mm.Studies have found that if the thickness of the endometrium is <6mm, the power of pregnancy gradually decreases, and it is easy to repeated abortion after pregnancy.

What causes the endometrium so thin?

The most common cause of endometrium is the direct damage caused by abortion and curettage surgery to the endometrium. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is "the cell palace is injured by a golden blade.""Many of these patients clinically did not want to get pregnant for the first time. We did abortion, the endometrium was damaged, and the uterine cavity was adhesive. The second pregnancy wanted, because the environmental environment was not good, it caused it to inevitably.Sexual miscarriage, the curettage, the endometrium is getting thinner, and finally it becomes a vicious circle. "Dr. Zhang said.

In addition, more common reasons are endocrine disorders and decline in ovarian function.The work and life pressure of women in modern society, especially patients with infertility and recurrence of abortion, are even more expected and stressful of the whole family.Long -term tension and anxiety will affect women’s reproductive endocrine dysfunction, also affect the endometrium, and increase the speed of ovarian dysfunction."Thirty -year -old woman, 40 -year -old ovarian."There are other congenital reasons, such as the inherent developmental deformity of the uterus, endometrial dysplasia; and endometrial inflammation and endometrial tuberculosis.

What about the endometrium of thin uterine?

Experts come to support

How to treat thin uterine endometrium?How’s the effect?This is a thin endometrium caused by the uterine cavity adhesion. We recommend that minimally invasive surgery and then traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, let the patient perform a hysteroscopic surgery, and trim the places with special micro -scissors in the uterine cavity.Some patients with severe adhesion often do not have enough surgery. After surgery, it is necessary to cooperate with hormone replenishment therapy to promote endometrial growth.TB treatment.

Is it useful to eat Chinese medicine?Traditional Chinese medicine has its advantages in the endometrium of thin uterine, and the clinical effect is quite good.There are also many classic Chinese medicine prescriptions in He’s gynecology to help improve the thin endometrium.Commonly used drugs include astragalus, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Angelica, Baiji, Silk, Raspberry, Mulberry Parasitic, Huang Jing, Pueraria, Cistanche, etc.

In addition to taking Chinese medicine, is there any way?Acupuncture and moxibustion these Chinese medicine appropriate technologies can indeed improve endometrium tolerance, increase endometrial thickness, and increase pregnancy rate.For example, He’s Gynecology now has fire dragon moxibustion for patients with thin uterine endometrial patients. More and more patients with thin endometrium intended to be transplanted will ask to do it, and the clinical effect is also good.

What do I need to pay attention to in diet life?

Patients with thin endometrium in a reasonable diet usually eat more foods containing plant -based estrogen on the basis of balanced diet, such as big beans, black beans, and nuts rich in vitamin E like sunflower seeds and walnuts.In addition, you can eat more jujube, longan, etc., and you can also eat more appropriately.Other "flesh and blood" that can be eaten by Chinese medicine, such as snow clams, mutton, black chicken, bird’s nest, Ejiao, etc.It is better to eat less spicy and irritating things, thick and greasy, and it is also recommended to eat less food.

Tuocan love Chinese medicine "women are based on blood."From the first menstrual period to giving birth to children and breastfeeding, they are actually consuming women’s own qi and blood.And "the liver master hides blood", liver blood is deficient, liver qi is abolished, and people are prone to "emotional diseases", and tension, irritability, anxiety, depression, and harsh emotions will eventually affect endocrine, causing irregular menstruation, causing irregular menstruation, Uterine fibroids, dysmenorrhea, breast nodules, infertility and other gynecological diseases.Therefore, to maintain a good mentality and learn to decompress yourself.The liver qi is comfortable, and the liver and blood are not false.

Director Zhang Qin of TCM

Deputy Dean of Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, chief Chinese doctor, famous Chinese medicine medicine in Zhejiang Province, doctoral supervisor.The fifth -generation representative inheritor of He’s Gynecology, the sixth batch of old Chinese medicine expert academic experience instructor in the country.Deputy Chairman of the Gynecology Branch of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine, executive member of the Reproductive Branch.It is the academic heir of Mr. He Shaoshan, the second batch of old Chinese medicine experts in the country, and has a source of learning. At the same time, the masters of Chinese Medical Medicine Xia Guicheng and Zhu Nansun and other Chinese medicine masters, who are incense.He is good at diagnosis and treatment of infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, recurrent abortion, and gynecological endocrine diseases.

For more than 30 years of medicine, we have accumulated rich clinical experience, respecting "integrating Chinese and Western, harvesting together", and advocating to continuously update modern medical knowledge on the basis of inheriting traditional classics; secondlyThe combination of diseases is used to use the experience medicine of He’s gynecological characteristics to diagnose and treat gynecological suspicion.For many years of clinical practice, she has given full play to the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in gynecological regulation, gynecological assistance, and tires. She has continuously served patients with superb medical skills and is loved by the majority of patients.

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