The expectant mothers mistakenly use the fetal movement as gastrointestinal motility, climbing trees, no pressure, not noticed for 5 months of pregnancy

Most women have early pregnancy reactions in about 40 days of pregnancy.

Many pregnant mothers and small lives in their stomachs, as if they are mentally mindful, do not wait for a pregnancy reaction, they notice that they are pregnant.

There are also confused expectant mothers who don’t know if they are pregnant for a few months.She did what pregnant women can do and ca n’t do casually, and think about it.

A prospective mother in Jiangsu shared her pregnancy experience on the Internet, and everyone expressed that they did not believe it.

It is reported that she went to the hospital for this inspection that she had a tide, because her mother -in -law reminded her that the daughter -in -law of the next house has been pregnant for more than 3 months.

Ms. Lai just wanted to go to the hospital to check it casually. After all, she had no feeling of pregnancy, and she was surprised after learning that she was pregnant for 5 months.

There are fetal movements in 5 months of pregnancy, and many unswatable girls in this common sense understand.The baby moved in Ms. Lai’s stomach, but she was always perfected by her gastrointestinal motility and did not take it in heart.

Generally speaking, the old man is very sensitive to the performance of pregnancy, but even Ms. Lai’s mother lives with her for half a year, and she did not find that her daughter was pregnant.

What is scared is that many activities that women have done before are very dangerous for pregnant women.It is magical that the fetal treasure was not affected by any, and finally waited for the mother to find her existence.

Ms. Lai said that she jumped up and down during pregnancy. Not only did she often follow Liu Genghong, but she also climbed trees and climb walls. There was no pressure to do these actions, and she had no pregnant women at all.

As can be seen from the photos of Ms. Lai, she is already a little pregnant.After putting on pants, it seemed like we got fat.

There are two main things for Ms. Lai’s unknown pregnancy, which is indeed different from most expectant mothers.

First of all, Ms. Lai has never had nausea and pregnancy since her 5 months of pregnancy, which led her to never think that she would be pregnant.

The second is the most puzzled issue. Didn’t you come to the holiday for 5 months and didn’t you find something wrong?This has to depend on the special features of the lady’s body.

Before she was pregnant, she had a regular holiday for 3 to 4 months, so she felt normal for 5 months without a aunt.

Ms. Lai only found out that she was not exaggerated for 5 months.The sugar mother has seen some women, and she knows that she is pregnant and even gives her child in the bathroom.

However, the baby who is pregnant in this case may not be left.Or because of some small accidents, it flows away.

Ms. Lai and her baby are lucky. She just did some dangerous exercises during pregnancy and did not cause harm to the fetal treasure.

Many expectant mothers did not find pregnancy, drinking, garbage foods, or taking needle because they were sick.In this case, they often dare not leave their children.

If this happens, you must not blame women completely.Everyone feels different after pregnancy, and sometimes it is really difficult to detect.

However, for the sake of yourself and your baby, so that you can stay healthy for the accidental life, and you must pay more attention to your body.

In addition to pregnancy vomiting and not coming for a holiday, there are other feelings, and it is also a signal of pregnancy. Take a small book and write it down.

Sugar mom was not pregnant at all during pregnancy, but I had a lot of different places as the people around me, proved that I was pregnant.

Combining the pregnancy experience with my expectant mothers, the sugar mother sorted out the following "hidden signals" of the following pregnancy.

I am particularly afraid of cold or hot

When the sugar mother did not know that when she was pregnant, Fu Tian and her family watched TV in the living room, and a breeze blew it. Everyone felt cool, but I was too cold, and it was the same as to cover the quilt.

My mother found that my condition was wrong, so I reminded me to test whether it was pregnant, the result was really "two bars."

In the same way, in the same environment, it is obvious that he is particularly afraid of heat and cold. It is different from the past physical fitness. It is likely to be pregnant.

Emotional state and energy change

It is one of the manifestations of pregnancy.But everyone has a different constitution. After some expectant mothers become pregnant, they become very energetic, and they can’t always want to move.

Emotional irritability fluctuates, not occasional phenomena, but continuous feelings.This kind of energy, emotions, and past changes in the past are also one of the manifestations of pregnancy.

Mother Candy Mom said in my heart:

Not all expectant mothers will be nauseous and pregnant, and sometimes they have appetite, or they want to eat a certain food.

Sugar mom wants to say that if the couple are not in the plan to prepare for pregnancy, they must take protection measures to avoid accidentally conceiving their baby and face difficult choices.

Couples who are preparing for pregnancy or do not take protection measures, usually pay attention to the above physical changes.You don’t have to wait until you have obvious performance to test whether you are pregnant. You can usually take a test at the toilet and find pregnancy as soon as possible.

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