The expectant mother eats ice cream in the summer, will the fetal treasure feel cold?Eat less after understanding the influence

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The old saying said, "The pregnant woman has three volts and a stove in the belly." But before the Sanfu Tian, the prospective mother couldn’t stand it. She always felt that she was hot than the people around her, and seemed to be "fever."

Many expectant mothers admit that they have secretly ate ice cream in the summer. Although there is no serious consequences, she is still afraid of it.

Maybe outsiders don’t understand, can’t you bear it after pregnancy?Why do I have to eat ice cream?In fact, expectant mothers are also suffering.

The foundation metabolism of expectant mothers is higher than before pregnancy, and the temperature will increase by 0.2 ~ 0.5 degrees during pregnancy.In addition, if you are heavy, you feel hot and sweaty.

When women were just pregnant, because of their basis of changes in their body, some expectant mothers may be more afraid of cold, but when they enter the second and after pregnancy, most expectant mothers are more afraid of heat. ThereforeResolve the heat.

In addition, sweets can make people feel happy. Sometimes expectant moms to eat ice cream have an anxiety effect. They are not very happy after eating.

Some people say that pregnant women will tremble with ice cream fetus, but they have not reached this extent.After the melting of the pregnant woman’s mouth and stomach, ice cream is no longer cold.

The intestinal tract and belly of the expectant mother have temperature, and there are amniotic fluid surrounded by amniotic fluid around the fetus, and the temperature of the ice cream will not be passed directly to the fetus.

But having said that, there is a reason for pregnant women to eat ice cream.Because ice cream does have an adverse effect on the prospective mother and fetal treasure.

● The "sweet" of ice cream, delicious and dangerous

The expectant mothers who have eaten ice cream during pregnancy will find that the fetal treasure will be very good at that moment, and they think that the fetus is too cold to shake.

In fact, after the excessive sugar in ice cream was absorbed by the pregnant woman, the "sweet" spread in the amniotic fluid. The reaction made after the fetus tasted it, and it might feel very happy.

However, this is not a good thing. There are too many sugar in ice cream. If you eat too much, the expectant mothers will cause you and the fetal treasure to gain weight, bring a burden on the body, and there are great risks during pregnancy and childbirth.

● The "coolness" of ice cream will produce bad stimuli

Although the ice cream has a strong summer heat, and the expectant mother feels comfortable after eating, this coolness will produce bad stimuli.

Specific mothers eat food in the refrigerator, including refrigerated fruits and beverages, etc., which will slightly stimulate uterine contraction.For expectant mothers in the early and in the early pregnancy, there is risk of abortion and premature birth.

● The substance added to ice cream is not conducive to fetal treasure development

Although ice cream is delicious and relieves the heat, there will be some additives such as flavor pigments.The expectant mother who eats into the belly will follow a part of absorption.

If you think about it, you will absorb various additives if the fetus is still in the mother’s belly, which will inevitably have an adverse effect on development.

Women are relatively fragile after pregnancy. Even if they don’t eat ice cream and eat other cooler foods, they can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Occasionally eating a few mouthfuls to relieve your depression, but you must eat slowly and eat less.If it is cool, expectant mothers can also use other ways to cool down the heat.

You can turn on the air conditioner to 26 ~ 28 degrees. Be careful not to let the wind blow yourself.Ensure that the air conditioner filter is cleaned, avoid blowing bacteria and dust in the filter into the air, causing the quasi -mother to be allergic.

It is worth noting that every time you blow the air conditioner, do n’t have a completely closed space. You have to breathe fresh air in about 1 hour. You can pause it before you feel comfortable.

Try to use the air conditioning time every day for expectant mothers, not to sleep for more than 4 hours, let alone go to bed with the air conditioner.You can also use visual feelings to achieve the purpose of cooling upstream, and replace the sheets and quilts in the home into a light -colored and cool style, which can also ease the hot heart.

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