The expectant mother accidentally took the medicine, can the baby stay?

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It is said that the monkey baby is smart and cute, but many women of childbearing age have not been prepared for pregnancy, or forgotten for contraceptive measures.When I found that my aunt was not late, I realized that the baby had come to report.As for why it is "frightened", it is to recall that in the days of winning the prize either taking medicine, or after taking X -rays in the hospital, or smoking cigarettes and drinking.So I am worried that this baby will definitely have a problem, can you still have it?

In view of the current worry -oriented doctor -patient relationship in China, when you encounter an irresponsible doctor, you will recommend killing your baby. Even a responsible doctor will help you check the drug manual and check whether it has an impact.However, Chinese medicine instructions are often labeled only "for pregnant women" or "use cautious", and there is no specific explanation reason.Therefore, doctors often have no reference.So it ’s really good to get rid of the baby so frankly?Not to mention that the baby is easily sentenced to death, that is, for the mother, it is tantamount to a physical punishment, and it will even affect the re -nurturing in the future.

How should I deal with this situation?

In fact, according to a large number of foreign clinical research evidence, the first 28 days of pregnancy, that is, the 28 days after the first day of the last menstruation started."" ".

It means that there are only two influence results:

Either all the influence, natural abortion;

Either it can grow naturally without any effect.

Because in the early pregnancy stage (that is, within 28 days), it is the process of combining sperm and eggs to form fertilized eggs, and exercise in the uterus to bed.During this period, the fertilized eggs were only for simple cell division, and the tissue and organs have not yet been differentiated. Therefore, the external influence is not enough to cause deformity at this stage.At this stage, the embryo has a self -error correction function. If there is a problem with the division process, it will naturally stop and eliminate it, which is often a natural abortion.

This is a protective mechanism given by the Law of the Sports of Nature.The embryo that is not affected will continue to develop healthily and smoothly.

Of course, it should be explained here that this "full or no" theory is applicable to the expectant mothers who accidentally take drugs or illuminate X -rays within 28 days of the first 4 weeks of the accidental pregnancy.For couples with long -term medication, or couples with smoking and drinking habits, or couples who are planned to get pregnant, in order to avoid the natural abortion generated by drugs or X -rayFor drug adjustments, avoid X -ray, and quit smoking and alcohol, this includes both men and women need to adjust.

Because there are many drugs that have clear fetal teratogenic deaths, these adverse factors should be eliminated in advance before pregnancy.

Can taking emergency contraceptives avoid "accidental pregnancy"?

Some people always use it as a half -knowledge of emergency contraceptives, and always use it as a multi -use magic weapon, so it is necessary to explain it specially.The ingredient of emergency contraceptives is Zuo Nuo Gactone. It is a progesterone. Usually take it within 72 hours after the intercourse. It can inhibit ovulation and prevent the combination of sperm eggs.Essence

The success rate of emergency contraceptives is about 80%, so the chance of 20%may still be pregnant, so according to the theory of "all or no", if there is no natural miscarriage in this case, then it can be left to leave it.This "tenacious" baby may be a gift from heaven.

Even if there is no pregnancy, do not take emergency contraceptives often to avoid risks, because high doses of progesterone will affect the normal menstrual cycle, which will cause endocrine disorders over time, which will cause unnecessary damage to the body. Therefore, it is usually recommended to be within one year of yearNo more than 2 times.At other times, please choose a safe and regular contraceptive measure.

In summary, if it is not taken to determine the taboos during pregnancy, such as chemotherapy, large dose of estrogen, etc., then do not easily determine the death penalty of the fetus.Even if you are worried about the adverse effects, the means of modern production inspections are constantly mature, you can also detect the development of the fetus through B -ultrasound, amniotic fluid puncture and other methods. If there is really a problem, it is too late to terminate the pregnancy.

If you can, please give a chance to survive "accidental baby".

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