The end of the big scam: Cordyceps sinensis was kicked out of the health circle by food and drug supervision

What is everyone impressed by Cordyceps sinensis?

The easiest to think of is -Guihe Bu.

How expensive is Cordyceps sinensis?10 grams can be sold to 6,000 yuan, which is more expensive than gold.

How much is Cordyceps sinensis?Search, the introduction of its efficacy is "enhanced immunity and anti -cancer" words, and it sounds "nourishing".

However, all this is just a "Chinese -style" scam.

The price of Cordyceps sinensis all the way

In 1974, in Qinghai in the origin of Cordyceps sinensis, the price of Cordyceps sinensis was about 28 yuan/kg.At that time, the gold price was about 11 yuan/gram, which was more than 390 times the Cordyceps sinensis.

The first breakthrough in the price of Cordyceps sinensis is after the reform and opening up.

Around 1990, the average price of Cordyceps sinensis rose to 1,000 yuan/kg.

If the exchange rate of gold prices and the US dollar against the US dollar is not considered, the price ratio of gold at this time has been reduced from 390 times in the 1970s to 70 times.

If the price growth of Cordyceps sinensis in the 1980s is only the natural demand of the market, then the "Ma Jiajun" subsequent "Ma Jiajun" gave this growth "stimulant".

In the early 1990s, a group of women’s middle and long -term athletes led by Ma Junren suddenly emerged. In 1993, the "Ma Jiajun" even broke 66 national and even world long -distance running records.

At that time, Ma Junren said that the reason why the "Ma Family Army" could achieve such good results was that his daily diet added health care foods such as 鳖 essence and cordyceps.

Affected by this, a wave of fighting for supplementary food has been set off across the country.

But soon the Ma Jiajun fell into a ban on medicine and disappeared.At this time, people knew that it was not a unique traditional nourishing product that helped the Ma family to win the championship, but the stimulator developed by modern scientific science.

However, this can no longer stop the prices of various types of health nourishing products soaring.

In just 3 years, the price of Cordyceps sinensis has doubled from 1,000 yuan/kg of 90 years to 2000 yuan/kg.

In 1995, the state liberalized the restrictions on privately operating Cordyceps sinensis. Since then, the invisible hand of the market has begun to promote the price of Cordyceps sinensis steadily year by year.

The "SARS" outbreak in 2003, the price of Cordyceps sinensis ushered in the first "quality" leap.

This panic covering the whole people has made the people unrealistic about their health. All health products that promote all publicity can "enhance immunity" have become life -saving straws.

After the SARS, Cordyceps sinensis rose from thousands of yuan/kg to 16,000 yuan/kg by this wave of panic and "rare and expensive", and officially entered the ranks of "luxury goods".

After boarding the altar, the experience of Cordyceps sinensis is similar to many "artificial luxury goods" we know. It is not only a supplement that can be eaten, but also a symbol of identity.

By around 2010, affected by natural disasters such as ecological damage and earthquakes, many Cordyceps Summer grass production areas reduced production, and the reduction of the supply of Cordyceps sinensis has risen again.

At this time, the price of Cordyceps sinensis has reached 21,000 yuan/kg, which is 210 yuan/gram.The gold price of that year was about 280 yuan/gram, and the price of Cordyceps sinensis was almost the same as the gold price.

It has only been used for more than 30 years, and the hype of Cordyceps sinensis is as expensive as gold.

You should know that a 1 kg of 1 kg of BRICS can buy half -ton Cordyceps in 1974. By 2010, the same BRICS may not even be able to buy Cordyceps.

△ Comparison of world gold prices and Cordyceps sinensis price trend comparison

Note: The vertical axis unit is Yuan/G

What exactly is Cordyceps sinensis?

Use zombies to describe Cordyceps sinensis.

Zombies are inexplicable living dead people. Cordyceps sinensis is a "living dead insect" controlled by Cordyceps bacteria.

The whole life of Cordyceps has been spent like this:

In summer, the larvae larvae lay on the ground. After about one month of incubation, it becomes larvae and drilled into the humid and soft soil layer.Cordyceps in the soil parasites in larvae, growing in the larvae, and constantly eating larvae until its death.

After a winter, by the time of the next spring, the fungus’s mycelium began to grow. By the time of summer, Cordyceps can be opened to spread the leaves to breed more "worm zombies".

In fact, it is not uncommon for this kind of strange creature formed by this kind of fungus. At present, humans have found more than 1,500 Cordyceps.

△ Cordyceps (Silkworm)

△ Cicada Cordyceps (Golden Cicada)

△ Ant Cordyceps

Cordyceps sinensis is just a very ordinary member.

Is Cordyceps sinensis really amazing?

Unlike many people’s imagination, in the history of the development of food supplements for thousands of years, there is no place for Cordyceps sinensis, and even the traditional Chinese herbal masterpiece "Compendium of Materia Medica" has not recorded Cordyceps sinensis.

Until more than 1757 more than 200 years ago, Wu Yiluo, a folk doctor in the Qing Dynasty, added Cordyceps sinensis in his personal book "Compendium of Materia Medica" in his comments "Compendium of Materia Medica", which opened the door of Cordyceps sinensis into the room.After entering the new century, as the price of Cordyceps sinensis rises, the study of the academic circles for Cordyceps sinensis has gradually deepened.However, for so many years, almost all studies have been proven that Cordyceps sinensis contains any special and beneficial ingredients to the human body.

Initially, Cordycele acid was considered to be the most star logo in Cordyceps sinensis and was vigorously promoted by merchants.But soon the academic community discovered that Cordycele acid was a common mannitol, a very common chemical raw material.

Glitol is widely used in various foods and drugs, and it has it to treat constipation.

A large bottle of glycol, just a few dollars.

Later, Cordyceps sinensis was promoted that containing cordypes, a rare adenosine active substance, may have the effect of anti -cancer.

However, since 2010, many professional scientific research institutions have published research results, which proves that Cordycepsonin cannot be detected in Cordyceps sinensis.

What is more representative is that Wang Chengshu’s research team of the Shanghai Institute of Botanical Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in October 2017 published the latest research results in the sub -magazine "Cell Chemical Biology" of the famous international magazine "Cell" in October 2017.The so -called anticancer ingredients -cordype.

Eat Cordyceps for a long time, maybe arsenic poisoning

National food and drug regulatory agencies have also paid close attention to Cordyceps boom, mainly for safety considerations.

In 2001, in the purpose of environmental protection, the Ministry of Health ordered that national secondary protection species such as Cordyceps Cordyceps were used as health food raw materials.

In 2009, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine also said after the organization of experts discussed that the security data of Cordyceps sinensis as a long -term food for food is not clear. "It is not recommended to use it as a food raw material."

In 2010, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine joined in, and officially issued the "Notice on Cordyceps Sandye".

The end of a "Chinese -style" big scam: Cordyceps sinensis is kicked out of the health care circle by food and drug supervision!

Due to the huge risk of arsenic poisoning in Cordyceps, in 2016, the State Food and Drug Administration removed Cordyceps sinensis from health products.Cordyceps sinensis can’t even mix the health products circle.

On the one hand, it is the price and market that is strongly fry, and on the other hand, it is the attitude of scientific research and official caution and even negative. For more than 30 years, the "artificial nourishing sacred product" Cordyceps sinensis that has been held in the altar has now become a walking around food, medicine and drugs and medicines."Black House" on the edge of health products.

Born is very ordinary, no reason, if there is nothing or more, it is harmful.

So before buying, please think twice.

Source: Chinese Blue Sky

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