The eldest daughter of "Yuanzai", the eldest daughter of the Great Panda and "Yuanyuan" in the mainland, 10 years old

The birthday activities are colorful and colorful

Special "cakes", release of birthday songs … Taipei City Zoo has carefully prepared a wealth of programs for "Yuanzai" on the 6th.More than a hundred tourists and media reporters rushed to the zoo early in the morning. There were also enthusiastic "fans" self -made "Happy Birthday of Yuanzi Princess" greeting card.

"Yuanzai" has attracted hundreds of tourists to celebrate his birthday, and even the public specially produced posters.(United News Network / Reporter Hong Zikai)

According to Taiwan media reports, at 9:30 am, the nursery of the Taipei Zoo sent the special birthday "cake" completed by the five -person team for 4 or 5 days for the "Yuanzai".Cat cable car, Panda Pavilion and other decorations.

"Yuanzi" enjoy the special "cake" prepared by the caregiver, and welcomes her 10th birthday.(Zoo provided / Zhongshi News Network)

In the face of "cake", "Yuanzai" didn’t know how to start at first, and inspected a circle. First, he smelled it, and then overturned to the ground, causing a while of exclaiming at the scene.Looking at the "cake" that cracked in half, "Yuanzai" confirmed that he was familiar with the food. After taste a few mouthfuls, he returned to the habitat to rest.

After the conservation officer was sent to the "cake", the "Yuanzai" didn’t know how to start at first, but then simply overturned the cake.(United News Network / Reporter Hu Jingzhou)

Along with the happy birthday song at the scene, tourists and "fans" sing, and happily shouted "‘ Yuanzi ’I love you.”

According to the garden party, "Yuanzai" is recently false during the fake pregnancy. Usually female pandas will be burnout during this period, and their appetite and activity volume will be reduced, but "Yuanzai" is unexpected today.Poor appetite during the fake pregnancy, the cake that can’t be eaten will share with the sister "Yuanbao" and the mother "Yuanyuan", and will also invite the chimpanzees and white -necked fox monkeys in the same year as "Yuanzai", without waste any ingredients.

The garden also edited the film on the same day and shared the growth of "Yuanzai" with fans.There is also a wish wall for tourists to leave blessings. At the same time, there is also a panda -themed cultural and creative shop market. The theme restaurant also prepared 100 limited small cakes to give it to tourists who consume NT $ 200.Share the memories of "Yuanzai" under the designated post of Zoo Social Media, and there is also a chance to get a limited panda blessing bag.

"Marriage and Love" attracted attention

According to Taiwan media reports, there are couples from Tokyo, Japan, saying that they come to Taiwan to visit their relatives to visit the zoo by the way. Japan is relatively rare to celebrate their birthdays, and I feel that the activities are very novel.There are also "senior fans" Mr. Zhang deliberately produced as a poster for "Yuanzai" celebration.He said that starting from the 5th birthday of the "group", he will come every year every panda’s birthday.

Indeed, when the "Yuanzi" who has been suitable for marriage is successful, it is a topic that the "fans" on both sides of the strait are promoted to the mother.

Taiwan media have previously reported that the panda is suitable for breeding at the age of 6 to 15, and giant panda experts around the world participate in the breeding conference in November each year."Yuanzai" is 10 years old. To help the "Yuanzai" breeding pairing, Taipei City Zoo will participate in the giant panda seminar on cross -strait and Hong Kong and Macau in September this year.Exchange discussions.

"Yuanzai" and "Marriage" hope that cross -strait cooperation

As for the situation of "Yuanzai" marriage objects to fight for the situation?Zoo spokesman Cao Xianshao said in an interview with the media that the panda wedding partner was comprehensively judged by the international giant panda expert group.It is ranked behind, but the "Yuanzai" family has a cute appearance and good health. There may be a chance to go forward. The garden will continue to fight at the November Expert Group Meeting.

Cao Xianshao also pointed out that whether "Yuanzai" can win the marriage partner also involves the competent authority of the two sides of the strait. It is hoped that relevant units can work hard for the "Yuanzai" family together.

Zoo Yicong said that the giant panda breeding technology often faces three major problems: "difficulty in estrus, difficulty in breeding and conception, and difficulty in breeding of young".Since the giant panda "group" and "Yuanyuan" arrived in Taiwan in December 2008, they experienced many artificial insemination, so that "Yuanyuan" gave birth to 183.4 grams of "Yuanzai" on July 6, 2013.

Xun Yicong said that it was unexpectedly injured on the day of "Yuanzai". After 34 days of artificial nurturing, she successfully took care of her mother. This story moved many people and let "Yuanzai" carry it in Taiwan.Emphasized the endorsement of the conservation of endangered species.

The garden also said that as the first giant panda born in Taiwan, the lively and cute "Yuanzai" not only brought spiritual companionship to the people on both sides of the strait, but also promoted the development of animal conservation in Taiwan.It is hoped that the protection and breeding of big pandas with the mainland can make the "Yuanzai" family live healthy and happy.

On June 28 this year, the sister "Yuanbao" was carefully prepared by the garden and celebrated her 3rd birthday.This is also the first time that "Yuanbao" started her birthday alone after she started living independently. Previously, her mother "Yuanyuan" was accompanied by the 1 -year -old and 2 -year -old birthday.

The giant panda "Yuanbao" in Taipei Zoo celebrates his 3rd birthday.(Zoo Provide / Union News Network)

The mainland gifted the "group" and "Yuanyuan" to Taiwan in December 2008. The first year of the lunar calendar was the first time in the lunar calendar.On June 28, the younger daughter "Yuanbao" was born.On November 19, 2022, the "group" died of illness.(China News Agency WeChat public account reporter Shu Yi)

Source: China News Agency WeChat public account

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