The elderly man finally married his wife, and thought he was happy. I did not expect that the bride had the child of the bride with her ex -husband’s child.

Zhang Nian was 34 years old. With more than a month of pregnancy, she was only beaten by her in -laws for more than a month.

What has actually happened?What kind of family will treat her daughter -in -law like this?

Zhang Nian combed his short hair, with a mask, and only exposed a pair of eyes, and his eyes were indifferent. Zhang Nian said that during the New Year, the third day of the year, she was beaten by her mother -in -law.

Husband, mother -in -law, and the husband’s brother’s brother hit her out of the house. After that, Zhang Nian, who was helpless, could only wander around and live in a simple room.

There was nothing in the house. There was only one bed and bedding, which was directly paved on the ground. It looked undoubtedly the tramps on the street. At this time, Zhang Nian was pregnant with body.

Zhang Nian said that before being kicked out, she told her husband that she was pregnant, but her husband Li Bei didn’t believe it. Zhang Nian wanted to go to the hospital for examination, and Li Bei did not agree.

What kind of person will treat his wife like this?

Zhang Nian had no way to return to Li Bei’s house and wanted to solve things clearly.Zhang Nianang walked in front of Li Bei’s house and was banned by the Li family.

The mother -in -law still rushed to Zhang Nian away. Zhang Nian was very scared and did not dare to step forward, but saw that she didn’t leave. The Li family even picked up a stick and wanted to drive away Zhang Nian with force.

Although Zhang Nian looked scared, he didn’t give up at all. He kept questioning Li Bei, did he hit her?Why not admit it?Zhang Nianyue said that the more angry the Li family, the more angry became nervous.

Later, Li Bei’s mother, who was unbearable, took out a bunch of documents. She said that Zhang Nian was a liar. When she was lied, she had a child in their stomach when she married them, or the Li family took her to the hospital.

Hearing these, Zhang Nian didn’t speak, and she continued to blame the Li family to hit her.

Li Bei’s younger brother said angrily, what’s wrong with you, shouldn’t you fight?

It turned out that Zhang Nian and Li Bei were introduced to each other. They met for three months and married for more than a month, but in more than a month after receiving the certificate, Zhang Nian and Li Bei quarreled six or seventy times.

He even reported to the police twice in the 30th year. The daughter -in -law who made such a daughter -in -law couldn’t stand it, and then he drove Zhang Nian out of the house.

What has actually happened?Is it really Zhang Nian too?Or is Li Bei a scumbag?

Zhang Nian and Li Bei met with each other. When the first side, Li Bei actually didn’t see Zhang Nian at all, because Zhang Nian at that time was particularly worn out and had white hair on his head.

But because Li Bei was older, when he was married, his family’s economic conditions were not very good. His parents were anxious to get him to get married, so he persuaded Li Bei to accept Zhang Nian.

On the first day of knowing Zhang Nian, Zhang Nian followed Li Bei home, and it didn’t take long for the two to get a certificate of marriage.

The Li family thought that they really married a daughter -in -law, and they did not know that Zhang Nian hid a lot of secrets.

First of all, after the marriage, the Li family found that Zhang Nian’s belly actually had more than three months of children. Zhang Nian said that the child was his ex -husband. He cried and asked the Li family to forgive her. He would live with Li Bei in the future.

Now that he was married, the honest Li family did not have too much with Zhang Nian, so he took Zhang Nian to the hospital and knocked off the children in his stomach.

Li Beiyuan thought this was over. He and Zhang Nian could live well. Who knew that the bizarre things followed one after another.

It turned out that before Li Bei, Zhang Nian had three marriages and two children. These Li Bei didn’t know.

Moreover, Zhang Nian’s personality is irritable, delicious and lazy, do not say anything, but also likes to play cards, like to drink beer to chew betel nut. On the day of the New Year, he quarreled because Zhang Nian played cards.

Zhang Nian lost money that day, and her face was not very good when she returned home. After returning home, she fell directly to the house into the house. She asked Li Bei for money. Li Bei transferred her 100 red envelopes.

Zhang Nian quickly received the red envelope, but she was still dissatisfied. She asked Li Bei directly for five hundred. Li Bei asked her what to do. She said that she went to see the children, but in fact she wanted to return the money to lose money.

That day, Zhang Nian lost more than 400 cards. This was not count. Zhang Nian started to do it. He even hit Li Bei’s father, fanned his father’s four mouths, and bit his brother Li Bei’s hand.Essence

The Li family reported the police, and the police found the kitchen knife hidden by Zhang Nian.

It stands to reason that the Li family has forgiven Zhang Nian to marry his children into his house. It is also good for Zhang Nian. Why did Zhang Nian act like this?What are the reasons behind the failed marriage?

When Zhang Nian died of illness when he was two years old, Zhang Nian lived with his grandparents for a long time. When Zhang Nian was a teenager, his father remarried and became a son -in -law for others.An unreliable person.

Therefore, even if he is pregnant and flows on the street, Zhang Nian has never thought about going home to find his father for help.

Zhang Nian’s father said that Zhang Nian hadn’t contacted him for a long time. He returned briefly four years ago, but left for an hour.

Zhang Nian’s old house collapsed, and Zhang Nian’s father lived in other people’s house, and he was old. He said that he didn’t want his daughter’s contact information now because Zhang Nian was not obedient.

When she learned that her daughter was pregnant and went to the streets, the father was calm and said that she was old and couldn’t control it. She didn’t want to contact Zhang Nian.

Zhang Nian could only solve the current dilemma. Zhang Nian bought some eggs and Sha Qima. She asked others to help her cook the eggs. Eat an egg every day and told it day by day.

When no one is, she also reflects her life. She knows that sometimes she is really bad. In her opinion, marriage is to find rely on, and the contribution she can make to marriage is to have children.

Zhang Nian had two children before, staying at the ex -husband’s house. Zhang Nian’s ex -husband said that the previous divorce was also because Zhang Nian was irritable, and he didn’t do anything. He also drank and played cards.

The two children left, coupled with the child who had been killed before, and the children in the current belly, Zhang Nian did contribute to the marriage as she said, as she had a child.

How sad, how poor.

After turning over the entire package, Zhang Nian’s banknote with only five -corner money and some scattered coins, and those eggs can’t support much. Thinking about it, Zhang Nian decided to apologize to Li Bei, hoping that Li Bei could give her againChance.

Zhang Nian came to Li Bei’s house. Li Bei found the secretary of the village committee. Li Bei said that the staff and police of the village committee had witnessed and wrote a divorce agreement. Everything Zhang Nian later did.Significant entanglement.

Zhang Nian was sitting there, holding Erlang’s legs, and was silent. Later, she finally spoke. She apologized to the Li family, saying that it was her own fault. I hope Li Bei can give her a chance.

When she heard her say this, Li Bei’s mother shook her head again and again. Li Bei also said that there was no emotional foundation, and Zhang Nian had no such trouble.

Li Bei proposed to go to divorce in a few days. Zhang Nian said that he had no money to go. Li Bei’s mother took out 200 yuan and gave Zhang Nian. At this point, Zhang Nian could only accept this result.

Zhang Nian said that he will not be able to get married in the future. He finds a way to make money, take care of himself, and then look at the child.

Life is really not easy, but I have to say that some people are indeed done by themselves. Just like Zhang Nian, the Li family can forgive her to marry her children to marry the house. It is usually very good to her.Knowing that she had a child before, her mother -in -law also prepared a gift for her children.

However, Zhang Nian himself did not cherish it well, and he could only face the failure of marriage again.

Regarding marriage, Mo Yan once said: love will disappear, men at the bottom men continue the incense, middle -level men look for helpers, high -level men challenging friends, scum men and other poverty alleviation, marriage is a transaction, you don’t have to make love.

For many men, marriage is indeed just looking for someone to help him have children. It is not important to like it or not.

Fortunately, what Zhang Nian said at the end was sober, no longer married, made money, and took good care of the children.

I hope she can get up from the trough, and hopes that the tolerant Li family can also find a virtuous daughter -in -law, and life always continue.


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