The effect of "nourishing blood and promoting blood and promoting blood" in red dates is good. Can you eat it?Yes, but don’t eat these three types of women!

Jujube has a series of effects such as blood supplementation, blood circulation, stomach nourishing, and spleen, and it contains a lot of vitamins. For female people, eating some red dates appropriately can play immune function and whitening, enhancing skin elasticity of the skin, etc.A series of effects.

In addition, many women also choose to eat some red dates when they have menstruation, hoping to improve their panic, dizziness, and pale.However, many women are worried that eating red dates during menstruation will increase the amount of menstruation.So, during menstruation, can you eat red dates?

Can I eat red dates during menstruation?

Women can eat red dates when they have menstruation.During menstruation, due to the large amount of uterus bleeding, women are prone to a series of anemia, such as drowsiness, dizziness, cold hands and feet, and headache, and panic.

This is because when the menstrual blood flows out, it will take away a lot of iron in the body, which is a kind of iron deficiency anemia.Women can eat some red dates appropriately to play a role in improving the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia.

In addition, for women with anemia, during menstruation, the blood circulation will slow down due to lack of qi and blood in the body.Menstrual blood will not be discharged in time in the uterine cavity, which can easily cause dysmenorrhea.

The red dates have the effect of promoting blood circulation. Eating properly can promote the rapid discharge of menstrual blood and achieve the effect of reducing the phenomenon of dysmenorrhea.

In addition, when women come to menstruation, they will have abdominal pain and chills in the body. Then they can use red dates with longan and brown sugar soup to drink, which has very good blood circulation and cold effects.

Therefore, women can eat red dates during menstruation.But not all women are suitable for eating red dates during menstruation.

Which women cannot eat red dates during menstruation?

1. Women with too many menstruation

Jujube has a very good blood circulation effect, which can play a role in promoting the rapid circulation of blood in the body.It has a very strong promotion effect on the discharge of menstrual blood.If there are too many menstruation women consumed red dates during menstruation, the menstrual blood will increase a lot, which will cause a relatively obvious anemia.

Second, easy to get angry with women

Red dates are hot foods. For women with cold body, eating some red dates appropriately can play a role in driving cold in the body.However, for women who are easy to get angry, eating red dates during menstruation can easily cause obvious fire phenomenon, which occurs, thereby having problems such as constipation, oral ulcers, and facial acne.

Third, poor digestive ability women

For women with poor digestive abilities, try not to eat red dates during menstruation.In particular, the skin of red dates is difficult to digest. If women with poor digestive ability eat red dates, it is easy to cause abdominal distension and indigestion.

All in all, red dates are a kind of food that has a health effect on women’s health.When women come to menstruation, eating some red dates appropriately can play a series of effects such as promoting blood circulation, nourishing blood, nourishing qi, warming, and cold.

However, it is worth noting that women should choose whether to use red dates based on their own body quality when menstruation.It should not be used in large quantities at one time, otherwise grace can easily cause some abdominal discomfort, which is not good for health.

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