The drug flow is much smaller than the flow of people, but unfortunately there is such a sequelae, it is troublesome to encounter

The mother of a mother’s old friend was going to get married, and they came to inform him specifically. It is understood that this daughter was not her biological, but she held it.He sighed and said that this aunt was pregnant once, because after taking medicine at that time, the doctor did not recommend that she had a flow of people. Since then, I never conceived again.Numerous uterus.

My mother also lamented, if it was time to choose a drug abortion at the time, wouldn’t it be so that the drug and the abortion of the drug was really smaller than the abortion?Just look at these two ways of people.

Negative pressure suction

The so -called negative pressure suction is to use the principle of negative pressure to attract the embryo and pregnancy tissue from the uterus. The damage of this way of abortion is that the uterus of different people’s uterus is different. IfThe rotation speed of the straw is not well adjusted. If the negative pressure is too large, it will cause certain damage to the endometrium and the base layer of the uterine, which directly leads to the consequences of the next time it is not easy to get pregnant or miscarriage.


This kind of abortion technology is to make the cervix soft with mechanical or drugs, and then pinch the fetus and the placenta with an oval pliers. The damage to the uterus is great. Generally, it can only be done.The means will allow the fetus to continue to grow. After four months of pregnancy, the induction of labor is performed instead of clamp scraping.

Mild drug abortion

Relatively speaking, the abortion of the drug is closer to natural abortion. After pregnancy, if you do not want a child, you can take the drug to fight the progesterone in the body to let the embryo die.It can promote uterine contraction, and embryos are naturally discharged out of the palace, but the process will be very painful, similar to severe dysmenorrhea, and some women will vomit and diarrhea. This is best to conduct in the hospital to allow doctors to check the integrity of the embryo.

Sequelat of drug abortion

According to statistics, the success rate of drug abortion is around 90%. When there are still about 7%of the case, it is incomplete. There is also a possible pharmaceutical flow failure. Continue pregnancy.The damage to the uterus is undoubtedly a deeper layer. Many women buy aborted drugs at home for various reasons. As a result, the embryo is eliminated cleanly., Resulting in uterine inflammation, it is more likely to affect the next pregnancy.

Therefore, no matter what kind of miscarriage, it will cause harm to the uterus, and the drug flow cannot be avoided. Therefore, taking contraceptive measures is the best protection for the uterus. What do you say?

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