The dream interprets dreams and dreams, let us reveal the mysterious veil of "Dream"

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Dreams we have entered the subconscious world and talked about the depths of the soul.The more you understand the dream, the more you know, the world of the soul is extremely huge, and there are countless mysteries hidden. Your mind is not just your poor thought. In your heart, you have infinite wisdom and infinite potential.

Understanding dreams is to understand yourself, that is, to make yourself the deepest wisdom.In addition to the role mentioned earlier, I also have a more important role: understanding that your dream can completely change yourself, make your heart richer, make your wisdom deeper, make yourself more understandableObserve and life and death.Demonstration is a psychological means to perfect personality.

Tonight, close your eyes, and you will return to the world again.After experiencing its fantasy, you might as well try to solve the secrets of dreams according to the method mentioned below. No.Let us reveal the mysterious veil of dreams

Section first explanation of dreams

Abandoned -dreaming what he was abandoned will be obtained; for example, the husband abandoned his wife, indicating that their love will be deeper.Young men and women who were engaged in the marriage dreamed that they had abandoned their beloved people. This was a sign of their good relationship.

Dreaming of being abandoned by a friend, life will encounter some trouble.

The belly -dreaming of the bloating of the stomach is a good sign of getting rich.A married woman dreams.The child swollen and had a child soon. The unmarried woman dreamed of swelling her belly, which means that she would marry a wealthy family. Widow dreamed of swelling her belly.

Elopement -dreaming is not to be with his wife, but to elope with other women, it will cause trouble.Dreaming of elopeing with a lover, traveling out of the country will fall into the magic of the bad guy.Dreaming of a voter who killed a factory voter in the campaign and was killed

Abortion -Dreaming of hearing about miscarriage will be affected, but in the end, they will definitely pass the difficulties.

Valuoma -dreaming of pus, and sores broke the pus, will be good for good luck, good health.Dreaming of cancer on his head, you will leave the world soon.

Abstract -dreaming that a family member or friend is gone, and the absence of the attendant will be bad. Dreaming that he is not in the office, but walks in the park and other places, or watching movies in the cinema, which indicates that friends who are not upright will cause themselves to make them difficult for themselvesThe losses to endure, but when the person who hadn’t met for a long time, the person would return soon.

Calculation -dreaming that the accounting is auspicious.Two types of accounts are divided into two types; one is clear accounts, and the other is unclear accounts. Dreaming of the former is a fierce sign, which means that life will be poor, and dreaming of the latter will be good.

Crime — dreaming someone framed himself for crime. This is a good sign, and there will be happy events.But dreaming that it is ominous.

Acquaintances -dreaming with acquaintances will be damaged.Dreaming of making a new friend is a sign. In the near future, the reputation of dreams will be a great reputation and a great increase in wealth.

Get — dreaming that you have got something and your good days are coming.

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