The doctor tells you how to become beautiful during pregnancy!Recommended makeup skin care and beauty method

During pregnancy, the basic skin care cleaning, moisturizing, hydrating, and sunscreen must not be less.Specifically

1) Product selection: If conditions are allowed, you can choose a special product for pregnant women, or without adding products, but in fact, the basic skin care products you usually use can continue to be used during pregnancy.

2) Cleaning: Choose a mild facial cleanser, the number of times the face is washed every day cannot be more than twice, avoid excessive cleaning

3) Moisturizing: Moisturizing trilogy-water, lotion, cream; at the same time, you can apply the mask 1-2 times a week

4) Sunscreen: You can use sunscreen or cooperate with sunshade, parasol

5) Diet: high -quality protein, fruits such as lemon, kiwi, vegetables such as tomatoes, and western blue flowers have a good maintenance effect on the skin

6) Is makeup?——It can light makeup, do not make heavy makeup, try not to choose makeup with particularly bright colors

1) Do not use whitening drugs or freckle products, such as more popular whitening pills, whitening needles, freckle cream

2) Try not to hot your hair.

3) Do not choose bright makeup in color, because the more bright the color, the higher the content of heavy metals.

4) Big and beautiful eyelashes: Try not to do it during early pregnancy, and occasionally do it during the middle and evening pregnancy, but in order to avoid the contact of chemical products such as glue and formaldehyde, do not do it frequently.

The more common ones are the following situations 比较️ ——————

1) Eyebrows: Do not do as much as possible during pregnancy, because acupuncture tattooing process is creative operation, involving whether the utensils are strict, the risk of infection, and the risk of chemical contact.

2) Botox: It is not recommended to apply during pregnancy, but if you do not know that you are pregnant, you should not be too tangled, because botulinum toxin itself acts on the part, which can be metabolized in 2-3 days. At presentEvidence proves that botulinum toxin has a clear teratogenic effect, and you can choose strict production inspection and observe.

3) Hyaluronic acid: In fact, hyaluronic acid is widespread in human skin, which has no theoretical effect on embryos or fetuses.However, considering the safety of injection, it is not recommended to apply during pregnancy.

However, if you do n’t know if you do n’t know, you do n’t have to worry too much even if you use it

If there are recent fertility plans, or if there are no strict contraceptive measures, that is to say, if there is a possible pregnancy, it is best not to take weight loss pills

because!️‼️ ️

First, most of the ingredients of weight loss pills are not clear, and it cannot be clear whether there is a potential impact on the embryo

The second is that eating weight loss is mostly a long -term process, and it may affect the embryo due to the accumulation effect of the drug.

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