The difference between the flow of drugs, flow, and induction of labor is so big. Grasp the time and minimize the damage to the minimum

Most young people now use contraceptives through condoms, but the success rate of condoms is not absolute. There are always people who accidentally "step on the mine".For those young people who have not yet prepared for children, when the accidental pregnancy, it is the first choice to flow off the child, but what is the method?

After accidental pregnancy, if you decide not to leave the child for the time being, the flow of people, the flow or induction of labor becomes a choice of means, but these three are not possible to choose from, but choose according to the conditions!

For drug flow:

Generally speaking, the time conditions of the drug flow are stricter, and pregnant women with more than 49 days of pregnancy are not suitable for the method of drug flow.This is mainly because the longer the pregnancy time, the larger the embryo head. After taking the drug, the larger embryo block in the palace cannot be discharged independently, and it may also be stuck in the cervical mouth, which will easily cause major bleeding.

The medication process of the drug flow is generally 3 days. During the process, the two drugs are used for meterone and macool.To make a simple metaphor, we can regard embryos as the seeds that are planted in the uterus. In the first two days, the doctor asked the drug to take the drug is Mepatone. Its role note is to help suppress progesterone.

Because "seed" does not get the nourishment of "nutrition", it will naturally not grow and gradually apoptosis.So until the third day, under the influence of macolymirol, the uterus began to shrink strongly, and "seeds" would be excreted from the body.

It should be noted that once the drug flow is selected for more than 49 days, the failure rate will increase greatly.You know, the original failure rate of the drug flow is about 7%to 10%. Once the drug flow fails, it will make up for the Qing Dynasty surgery again like Xiao Zhou.

Of course, not all pregnant women are suitable for drug abortion. Before the drug flow, systemic examinations and gynecological examinations need to be performed. Only the eligible conditions will arrange the drug flow.

For people flow:

Pregnant mothers can adopt people flowing 10 to 12 weeks before pregnancy, and artificially remove the embryos and placenta in the uterus, but not all women are suitable for people. Those pregnant women with inflammation or pregnancy complications are best.Don’t use abortion surgery.

If the flow of people is relatively late, relatively speaking, the postoperative recovery time will be longer, and the time spent during the operation will be long.

At the same time, it should be noted that the fetus for 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy has almost formed the placenta, and the fetus is slowly growing up. At this time, it is better to adopt a minimally invasive painless method, which is relatively safer.

For induction of labor:

The best time for induction of labor is within 12 weeks to 24 weeks, and the induction of labor at this stage is also called mid -term induction.The reason for the induction of labor is because the fetus develops a lot during this period, and the bones are harder. It is difficult to lead the fetus from the cervix!

If forcibly operates, it is likely to hurt pregnant women.Therefore, you need to expand the cervix first, and then remove the fetus.Of course, the operation process is more difficult and difficult, and there are many complications that may cause complications.

In general, doctors will not ask pregnant women to induce labor. If they miss the best period of people, they still decide not to want their children, or pregnant women have diabetes, fetus will have symptoms in the palace, etc.Method of the palace.

It must be acknowledged that the difference between drug flow, abortion, and induction of labor is still very large.The main thing is that after deciding that you do n’t want your child, you must go to the hospital to check your body. Doctors can comprehensively judge which method is more guaranteed through your pregnancy time and physical conditions!

Finally, you need to remind that before you plan, you must take protection measures, which is the greatest responsibility for yourself!

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