The days of grasping every month, the difficulty of pregnancy is greatly reduced!

Pregnancy is a very important thing for each family, so most of the pregnant couples have started to prepare for pregnancy early, but many of the just -married couples do not know which day is the easiest to pregnancy, so it just takes it.It’s more confused. In fact, it is easy to find the easiest time to get pregnant. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Women are the most likely to get pregnant, ovulation days, and about three or four days before and after.The ovulation day is generally the 14th day before the next menstruation.

Generally, three days before ovulation and 4 days after ovulation day are concerted during the ovulation day. At this time, if sexual life is performed, it may cause pregnancy. If this time is not pregnant, women will normal menstruation after 14 days.

If menstruation regulations can be calculated according to menstruation, you can measure the base temperature if the menstruation is irregular, or use ovulation disorders for detection.

1. Menstruation calculation algorithm

Generally, ovulation occurs 14 days before the next menstruation.

If the menstrual cycle is usually 28 days, then it is speculated that ovulation occurs on the 14th day of menstruation, and the 9th to 15th day of menstruation is the best time to conceive.You can arrange the same room the next day during this period, and have a chance to get pregnant.Menstruation is the first day from the day of menstruation as the first day.

2. Basic body temperature method

The basal temperature of the base temperature after menstruation and the follicle period is low. After ovulation, the ovaries are formed by luteal. The progesterone produced in the hypothalamus has a temperature adjustment center, which increases the body temperature by 0.3-0.5 ° C.On the first day, the body temperature fell to the original level.

Because human temperature will be affected by certain factors, when the measurement will be measured, there must be normal life rules. The daily sleep should be maintained for more than 6 hours, and the daily measurement time should be roughly the same.

3. Ovulation test strip calculation

The ovulation test strip can detect the level of luteum in the urine to determine whether it is in the ovulation period.Testing can be started after menstruation, and the color changes of the test paper are observed to calculate the ovulation period.

4. B ultrasound monitoring

Observe the development of follicles in the ovaries through B -ultrasound, and the ovulation period can be calculated according to the size of follicles.

The above is a few methods for finding the ovulation period. If you are not very accurate at home, you can go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound to observe your follicles. This will be more accurate when ovulation time.The same room is suitable, and the chance of pregnancy will be greater.

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