The daughter -in -law who hadn’t passed the door was pregnant, but was unwilling to give birth!After the mother -in -law begged for no success, can this marriage be done?

Author: five layers

There is a saying that it is good to say that it is difficult for the Qing officials to break the housework.In fact, for a long time, I can’t understand.Because behind the contradictions of each family, there must be people who are picky.

But since I heard the affairs of Aunt Zhou’s house next door, I found that what I have encountered before is a trivial matter without pain.In the face of real contradictions, it is really difficult for you to say, who is right.

A few days ago, I heard my mother said by chance that the wedding of Aunt Zhou next door seemed to be postponed.

Why?Because of the epidemic?But we seem to have not been diagnosed recently?

Of course not, it has nothing to do with that.I heard that there is a problem with feelings. Can you get married now?

Later, I learned from my mother’s mouth that it turned out that it could happen around myself. This story is a general plot.

About a month ago, Aunt Zhou’s future daughter -in -law dream suddenly found that she was pregnant.This is a good thing, which can be described as double joy.But Mengmeng said that he didn’t want this child.

Just when he heard his son’s reciprocity, Aunt Zhou thought that it was their little couple in concerns, fearing that they felt ashamed before they felt unmarried.Or, is the daughter -in -law who is afraid of being pregnant and will be looked down upon by her in -laws.

Therefore, she immediately called Mengmeng and let her not worry about those gossip.It is a good thing to have a child, and you must be born.They will also support the elderly. In short, don’t worry.

I did n’t know, Mengmeng said on the phone on the phone that he was not afraid of this.Instead, it is not the best time to raise children.When they just bought a house, the loan monthly loans were tens of thousands.If there is a child now, her work will definitely not be able to keep it, and your son is not earned enough.Then, who will have the cost of living and mortgage?

Aunt Zhou wanted to say that he came, but the pension of their elderly mouth was also very meager, and it supported 2,000 a month.But is this enough?

Of course not enough, but the grandson who is coming, how can you let go easily?Aunt Zhou proposed that we would sell our two houses and return the loan first.After that, our family lived together, so we wouldn’t solve it.

Mengmeng did not agree with death, and she should not live with her in -laws, and did not want to let her in -laws sell her only house to pay them loans.Because she couldn’t bear such a heavy pressure, and she didn’t want to change her life trajectory for a few months for a few months.

If you really say what your mother -in -law said in the future, he only lost his job at this stage.But from a long -term perspective, if you have unemployment for more than a year, can you find a good job in the future?Moreover, she did not have income at home, would she be looked down on her mother -in -law.How could she not be willing to see this endless and frustrated ending.

In this way, Mengmeng still killed the child.Although, her boyfriend can understand.But in the future, the in -laws cannot accept it. Aunt Zhou thinks that dream dream is too ruthless. Such a girl entered the house and did not know what moths would be made in the future.As a result, the two sides even stopped their sons, and the two sides even quarreled to delay the wedding.

Although, in my opinion, Aunt Zhou can understand the grandson, and Mengmeng considers her own status quo.It is not time to blame the children to blame the children, and fail to take care of the needs of adults.

However, I really think that in real life, no matter whether my daughter -in -law or son makes any decision, as long as it is normal, the old man will control it.Or, you can support everything from all aspects.Either, let them make themselves!

After all, life is herself. Since she does not regret it, you are just everything, you are all over -eye.

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