The daughter -in -law is pregnant, her husband and father -in -law smoke every day and do not dysen pregnant women. After the child is born, the family regrets

Zhao Yan has been married for many years and has no children. For a while, she has always felt uncomfortable. Her husband took her to the hospital to check it before he knew that she was pregnant.Knowing that the news was bad at home, the family waited for the child for a long time, and looked forward to the child’s birth. It was natural for the child to take care of Zhao Yan.

During this period of pregnancy, a little housework in the family did not let Zhao Yan do it. I took good care of her in all aspects, but there was always a problem in the family. Zhao Yan’s husband and father -in -law loved smoking, especially every day.When eating, both father and son have to smoke on the dining table. This is difficult for Zhao Yan, who eats slowly, and she has to bear it every time she has to bear it.

The family is about to have a child, and the family also prepared a lot of things for Zhao Yan, but after such a hard -working baby, the family made the family cry.Malformation.During this period of pregnancy, the smoke of his husband and father -in -law was surrounded by his husband and father -in -law.

It will affect the normal development of the fetus, which causes the baby that the baby may have malformations or congenital diseases. Occasionally, the inhalation of trace will not be affected, and it is not too nervous, but long -term inhalation is likely to have an impact.

When pregnant women are pregnant, they should tell their family to smoke the dangers and let the family quit smoking. If it is more difficult to quit smoking, it is necessary to avoid smoking for pregnant women.EssenceIf the pregnant woman goes out and meets the smokers, she must avoid some properly. If it is unable to avoid it, you can remind the other party.You can also place some green plants at home to allow plants to absorb some flue gas and fresh some air.

In addition to smoke, there are actually some harm to pregnant women.The first is radiation radiation. During pregnancy, pregnant women should play less mobile phones to avoid increasing the risk of deformity.Some medicines cannot be taken by pregnant women; and the physical condition of pregnant women should pay attention to any disease, such as infection or high -heat and high blood sugar, which will increase risks.Finally, there is a problem in diet. In some foods, folic acid can make the baby’s neural tube and cleft lip and palate risks.

On the other hand, genetic factors are also important. Parents’ chromosomal genes can cause fetal malformations, especially when close relatives are prone to this risk.Our country also prohibits this marriage, which is mostly considered for the next generation.

Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly during pregnancy, and whether the fetus can develop normally in the middle of the pregnancy.If the fetal development has obvious problems, it is necessary to consider flowing, but some can still be cured.

As long as pregnant women have no bad habits during pregnancy, pay more attention to rest, and pay attention to diet. Generally speaking, babies will be healthy and healthy.During this time, there will be a lot of meals. If there are pregnant women among the people present, you must avoid smoking. Do not let the meal a dangerous place.

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