The darker the color of the soy sauce, the better?Three types of people should pay attention to soy sauce!

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1. Eating soy sauce will make the skin darkened

2. Wounds to eat soy sauce will leave scars

3. Taking soy sauce to grow moles or make moles larger again

4. The darker the color of the soy sauce, the better

There are so many rumors that the soy sauce that you eat every day in life. Which are these rumors that are really fake?Is eating soy sauce harmful to the body?See what the experts say ↓

Seven things open the door, Chai rice oil and salt sauce vinegar tea. The sauce referred to here is soy sauce, which is a must -have seasoning for our daily cooking.

Soy sauce is a dark brown liquid, which mainly comes from the pigment and the additives produced during the fermentation process of raw materials.In cooking, soy sauce can not only have the effect of adding fragrance, but also give food attractive color.

It is precisely because of the color of soy sauce that there is a little rumor on the Internet.

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01 Eating soy sauce will make the skin blackened?

Truth: fake

The soy sauce is not directly related to the skin.

One type of cells in the skin is called melanocytes that can synthesize and secrete melanin in the skin.When the melanin content in the skin increases, the skin color will deepen, and otherwise it will become lighter.Trone is a biological pigment derived from amino acid. It is a melanocyte using tyrosine as the raw material. Under the catalysis of tyrosinase, tyrosinic acid is converted into polyba pigment.Come.In addition to being regulated by genetic information, many factors will also affect the secretion process of melanin, such as ultraviolet rays, age, hormone levels, inflammation, etc.

The melanin is a natural pigment in soy sauce, which is not the same as melanin in the skin.When the melanin enters the digestive tract, it will be decomposed, so it will not deposit to the surface of the skin to affect the color of the skin, just like we eat green leafy vegetables, and the skin will not become green because of this.

Many foods such as soy sauce, milk, soy milk, etc. contain a certain amount of tyrosine. It is the condition of the human body that must be amino acids, and it has many uses in the body.Whether it is used for synthetic melanin needs to be regulated by the body and can only be completed with the catalysis of tyrosinase.

Therefore, soy sauce does not cause the skin color to deeper.

02 Wounds to eat soy sauce will leave scar?

Truth: fake

Whether scars will be left after wound healing are not directly related to soy sauce.

The scar tissue is due to external injuries, such as trauma, burns, and surgery, and the skin collagen is over -hyperplained, forming a bright red granulation tissue.Whether scars are formed, the size of the scar is affected by factors such as physical fitness, the position of the wound, the severity, and healing.The smaller the wound area, the lighter the depth, the obviously the scar is smaller.The larger the wound surface, the deeper or the infection, the larger the scar, the more obvious.In addition, factors such as poor nutritional conditions, slow healing speed, and scar constitutions will increase the risk of scar formation.

During the formation of scar tissue, there will be some changes in colors.The granulation tissue is red, and it can gradually become pale and lighter over time. The scars of a small number of people will show a slightly darker color, which is related to melanin.During the healing of wounds, the ingredients in soy sauce are not involved, and they will not have any impact on it, and pigments will not be deposited into the scar tissue.

Therefore, the saying that wounds to eat soy sauce will leave scarring at all.

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03 Eat soy sauce and grow moles or make moles larger again?

Truth: Rumors

Eating too much soy sauce will not grow moles, nor will it make moles bigger.

There are many types of moles. They are called moles every day. They mainly refer to melanocyte moles in medicine.It is the most common benign skin tumor, a skin expression caused by the increase in the increase of melanocytes in the skin.Depending on the position of mole cells in the skin, it can be divided into border moles, mixed moles and internal moles.Among them, the internal mole and mixed moles are manifested as papasus that protrudes black on the surface of the skin. The diameter is large and small, and the location distribution is different. As the age increases, some will gradually increase.

The emergence of moles is mainly related to congenital genetic or developmental defects. In addition, it is related to hormone levels, ultraviolet irradiation, drugs, trauma, immune suppression and other factors. It has nothing to do with dietary factors and has nothing to do with soy sauce.

04 The darker the color of the soy sauce, the better?

Truth: Not necessarily

The quality of soy sauce has nothing to do with factors such as color and umami.

On the one hand, the soy sauce will have a chemical reaction with amino acids or protein during fermentation and aggregate into melanin.The more melanin content, the darker the color of the soy sauce, and the more the amino acids and sugar are consumed, and the nutrients are excessively consumed.On the other hand, the soy sauce with caramel color waiting for the color will be added, and the color will be deeper.

In addition, the color of soy sauce of different uses is also different. The color of raw soy sauce is light, and it is mostly used to season. The color of the old soy sauce is mainly used for food coloring.Therefore, the color of the soy sauce is not the better.

In daily life, these people need to pay attention to soy sauce:

First, those who have cardiovascular disease should not eat more soy sauce, or they can choose low -salt soy sauce.The salt in ordinary soy sauce is relatively high, and eating too much may increase the condition.

The second is that the cardiovascular and organ development of infants and young children under one year old should not eat soy sauce.

Third, patients who are taking cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and anti -tuberculosis drugs should not eat more soy sauce.

So how to choose high -quality soy sauce?

Based on the price, publicity, packaging, and soy sauce color and umami flavor of soy sauce alone. It is unreliable. High -quality soy sauce should be liquid clarification, no precipitation, no float film, reddish brown, and sticky.There are sauces and ester.

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