The crying blood of hyperthyroidism pregnant mothers, hyperthyroidism is pregnant, and can also have healthy babies

I am a mother of hyperthyroidism. My baby has been 16 months old. I especially want to share with you the experience of my hyperthyroidism from pregnancy to caesarean section.

I found in April 2015 that I had hyperthyroidism. The specific symptoms were thin and thin. I lost more than ten pounds in two months, and then the heartbeat was fast, 130 times per minute, and the blood pressure was high.I went to the hospital and checked a lap, and the last diagnosis was hyperthyroidism.This is an endocrine disease, which has a lot to do with psychological pressure.At that time, I was sick mainly for more than a month in a row, and the result of high -intensity work and pressure after pressure.

At that time, I didn’t know what kind of disease this was. I thought it was the same as a cold. Just take some medicine.However, the long path of treatment began.I took medicine according to the doctor’s order, Sai Zhi (3 times/1 tablet/day), mainly treating hyperthyroidism; Li Kejun (1 tablet/2 times/day) took it in the morning and evening to raise the white blood cells; more than 0.5 tablets (0.5 tablets/tablets/tableTwo times/day), adjust the heart rate.

After persistence for more than a month, the indicator basically returned to normal, and the drug is reduced (hyperthyroidism should be reviewed in time to adjust the dose at any time).Wait until the T3 and T4 in June 2015 have returned to normal values, and only TSH is still lower than the normal value.But I had no patience at the medicine and took the medicine.Mainly I do n’t know about this disease. I think T3, T4 is normal, the illness is fine, and the wrong one is too outrageous.You really need to pay attention that treating hyperthyroidism is a long process. The medicine should be reduced a little bit. Even if it is 1/4 tablets/day, you must insist on eating. When will the TSAB (thyroid antibody) negative?

After half a year of stopping the medicine, I started a new wave of treatment. It was repeated and repeated in the middle. After taking the medicine for two years, I did not cure it.In fact, when I first found out, I insisted on taking good medicine, which may have been cured in about a year and a half.Blame yourself without knowing it, it is really fearless.

I got married in October 2016. At that time, TSH, T3, and T4 were all within the normal range, and I did not consider pregnancy. I just listened to the doctor’s suggestion to change it.EssenceI thought about this medicine for half a year before considering pregnancy.

Sadly, suddenly the medicine was changed, and hyperthyroidism was repeated again. In a routine review in March 2017, all my indicators were abnormal, and it was very discouraged and felt that all my efforts were lost again.At that time, I was in a bad mood. My husband also comforted me and took me out to travel.

However, on March 25, I found that I might get pregnant.Both of my husband and I did not have the slightest expression. I was in a complicated mood. I rushed to the hospital for the first time and confirmed that I was pregnant. At the same time, I also got the proposal to stop pregnancy.My mentality has really collapsed. You know, it is completely different if you can’t give birth and don’t want to give birth.My husband had always said that he did not want your baby to make me, and he carried all the pressure from the family.This time, I comforted me for the first time, saying that he wanted to be free for a few years. If I wanted a baby, he resigned and took me to Beijing to see the best doctor.

Thanks to him, let me calm down for the first time. I want to go to the doctor who usually see the endocrine and consult.I was the last number of the morning and waited for more than 3 hours, and it felt like waiting to be pronounced.I walked in, and the doctor smiled at me first. I said that I was pregnant. Unexpectedly, the doctor said with a smile to tell me congratulations. I said that the obstetrician and gynecologist asked me to terminate the pregnancy. He said angrily:"Why? It’s not easy to get pregnant with hyperthyroidism? Don’t listen to her. Children are fate, cherish, after three months, the fetus is stable, what should I do."I also experienced it for the first time.

Hyperthyroidism has a great impact on pregnancy. First of all, it is in the early stages of pregnancy and it is easy to have a miscarriage.I was very low in the early stage, only 8 large units, and the normal is more than 30, and one accidentally miscarriage.Playing progesterone for a month, progesterone rose to 15, it was still very low.But I saw an article. I forgot what I did, that is, it is said that the test of progesterone for a long time will cause the fetus bisexual.There is no research, but I am scared, I won’t hit it, I want to let it go.It was also stable.There has been a review of hyperthyroidism in the middle, and propyl oxyraine once a day, once at a time.

This disease is very nutritious, especially for pregnant women.The second trimester is also a period of rapid fetal growth.At 22 weeks of pregnancy, I was found to have severe malnutrition and severe calcium deficiency.I ca n’t eat well at work. At the end of July, I resigned and returned home under the pressure of the whole family.At my mother’s house, my dad took care of me full -time at home, and changed my way to me every day.The doctor gave Aleway comprehensive vitamins and calcium calcium tablets, and insisted on eating.

In the middle, I insisted on taking hyperthyroidism and a review once a month, but it was stable.By 37 weeks, consult the production method with the doctor,

I want to try to give birth by myself, but the doctor recommends that the cesarean section may be produced in advance.However, during the conventional examination in the later period, the electrocardiogram had a problem. The heart rate was too fast, and it was impossible to give birth at all.Not only can not be produced, but the cesarean section may be accidentally accidentally.I was scared to death at the time, and the whole pregnancy was trembling. It was over, and I might not be able to get off the operating table.In the panic, I called for the first time and gave my mother and let her come over to accompany me for a few days. I was afraid that I would have no time to tell her individuals.Then, let my sister come over. I hope that if I go wrong, she will help my husband to raise the child.

After arranging everything, I went to the operating table like a warrior. Fortunately, everything went well. When my son came to this world in advance in 38 weeks+1 day, weighing 3.5kg and 47cm tall, mainly because I was missing during pregnancy, I was missing during pregnancy.Calcium, he is not tall, and he has been chased back a month. 42 -day physical examination 58cm, the development level is normal, and the bottom hemorrhage detecting thyroid hormones is normal.The doctor announced that the baby was healthy, and I hung the heart of the whole pregnancy, and finally let go.

Formally start my daily life.

For pregnant women with hyperthyroidism, I summarize a few things to pay attention to. You can refer to:

1. If you have hyperthyroidism, you must wait for the cure for half a year before preparing for pregnancy;

2. If you are pregnant, you must hang the two departments of obstetrics and endocrine every time you check.

3. Be sure to follow the doctor’s advice, take the medicine on time, and review it on time;

4. Diet must avoid seafood, seaweed and other seafood;

5. Keep a pleasant mood and remember that your baby is working with you.

Finally, I wish all expectant mothers to enjoy during pregnancy, there is a healthy and beautiful baby.The next article will share my daily journey of bringing my baby and the recurrence of hyperthyroidism in the later period, so stay tuned.

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