The British Frog King of Sun Yang was angrily exposed to his girlfriend’s pregnancy in September

"Ecstasy, no one can destroy this moment (even though they tried to do so.)" On April 19th, 25-year-old British Frog King, Rio Olympic Men’s 100m breaststroke champion Adam PeatySocial media announced that he will become his parents in September with his girlfriend Elianer Monro.

The reason why Pitty said was because the British newspaper "Sun" published on the same day with the long -known gossip news of celebrities and gossip news published his and his girlfriend’s false reports on the same day.

This made the parties angry: "The Suns decided to publish something this morning, but they never tried to contact me or my team. This is a very personal thing. They are doing this, and they are trying to destroy a truly special in my life.Time. I won’t let this happen. "

"I am very happy to announce that Eri is pregnant, and we look forward to the arrival of children in September. Originally, I wanted to release this news after scanning next week to see if it was a boy or a girl, but things have completely exceeded our control.Please don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper, because it is far less accurate. I have felt my love of children, and nothing can take away my love. I can’t wait to be a father.Challenge and joy! "Pitty said.

The 2012 London Olympic Men’s 100-meter breaststroke champion Vanderberg, the three Olympic medals winners, Swedish celebrities, Salle, and Petty’s teammate James Gay, etc., all congratulated.

The reputation of the British frog king in China is more important because he has repeatedly taunt Sun Yang, the swimming Olympic champion.Before Sun Yang’s violent anti -inspection lawsuit was pronounced, Petty said in an interview with the media: "If you ask athletes in each country, ‘In the current circumstances, will you support Sun Yang?Or 99%of people will say ‘absolutely impossible’. Why do you break it? For me, you will never do that. "

(He Xia)

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