The bride’s sister -in -law who refused to get pregnant for 5 months attended the wedding, because she couldn’t wear a bridesmaid dress

According to the British "Daily Star" report, a bride from the United States invited a sister -in -law who was 5 months pregnant as a bridesmaid. As a result, she rejected her to attend the wedding because her sister -in -law could not put on her bridesmaid dress, and was then attacked online.

As the bride’s wedding was approaching, the bride wanted to let her sister -in -law be a bridesmaid and gave her a bridesmaid dress. Her sister -in -law was 5 months pregnant.When the sister -in -law received the dress, she told the bride that she might not be able to put on the dress. She did not expect that the bride was very angry and hinted that she might not be able to attend her wedding. Xunzi felt that she was a little unreasonable.

So she began to consult her friends online, and was it appropriate to wear this dress for 5 months of pregnancy.After learning that this skirt is relatively tight, there will be a sense of restraint, they suggest her to watch the pregnant woman series.Some people say that if she must wear this dress, she can try to increase the size, but this does not guarantee comfort.

After learning about everyone’s suggestion, she called the bride and told the bride, but the bride said she didn’t know what to do.After the call, she sent a long text message to the sister -in -law, saying that she was only 5 months pregnant, and she should not have much raised belly … She hopes that everyone can feel comfortable and sayThe sister -in -law only needs to wear 6 hours of dresses, so she should not be uncomfortable … If she is uncomfortable, she can not wear high heels. After all, there is no time to re -order a "" "Pregnant women’s skirt "…

Therefore, the sister -in -law sent another picture of the bride suitable for her clothes. The bride made it clear that she did not want her to "stand out" among other bridesmaids, which means that she does not want to be a sister -in -law as a bridesmaid.Mowing

In this regard, Xunzi felt embarrassed and shared her dilemma online.At this time, many people stood up to comfort her and said she was not wrong.

Some people say, "Don’t go to her wedding! If you put on this restrained dress, you don’t know what will happen at the wedding, you may feel good, but you will definitely be exhausted.Children are much more important than the bride’s vision. "

Others also agree with this view, so that she does not want to attend the wedding, and suggested that if she really wants to participate, she can be improper bridesmaids, so she is a guest. After all, it may not be appropriate to wear this dress after 5 months of pregnancy.You and your children should be placed first.

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