The boyfriend is the character of "God -like", but Ningbo called a call, and she collapsed …

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"Comrade of the police, I came to the police, I was deceived, and the person who lied to me was my boyfriend." On April 21, 2019, Shanshan, who lived in Tongxiang City, came to the Fengming Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Tongxiang City to report the case.He said he was cheated by his boyfriend more than 1.1 million yuan.At this time, she was pregnant with more than 3 months, and originally planned to get married in May 2019.

Prior to this, Shanshan’s boyfriend was a "god -like" character in her eyes. He claimed to be a director of a Shanghai investment company. He had companies and real estate in Shanghai and Hangzhou.Mercedes -Benz, BMW and other luxury cars.Until April last year, Ningbo called a phone call to let Shan Shan like a thunderbolt. The other party told Shanshan that they had a "same boyfriend", and she was also pregnant. Her boyfriend also borrowed a lot of money from her.

The same acquaintance routine, the same "borrowing money" excuses, the same sweet words … Shanshan realized that she was deceived, and accompanied by her family, she walked into the police station to report the case.With the continuous deepening of the investigation of the case, the Tongxiang police discovered that the boyfriend of Shanshan was dyed with 8 women before and after, and 3 of them gave him a child. 7 of the 8 women were not lent to him.The money was lent to him, and he also had the dream of "one day he would come to marry me".He cheated from these women with no less than 2 million yuan in money. In addition to his own splurge, there were 50,000 to 600,000 yuan on a online female anchor.

What charm can this 38 -year -old man who has a good look can make these women giving him money and even giving him a child?

The "leftover girl" encountered the "big model" and fainted my mind and the pension of her parents into his pocket

In August 2018, Shan Shan, who worked in Hangzhou, met a man named Li Lu through the wedding and love forum section on a website of a website in Hangzhou. He claimed to be single and Hangzhou.Large companies have cooperation.Li Lu often drives various luxury cars next to Shanshan. Sometimes Maserati, sometimes Land Rover and Mercedes.Marriage, upset, the appearance of Li Lu made her think that God finally opened her eyes.On August 17 of the same year, the two confirmed their love relationship, and Shanshan’s family was also very satisfied with the "quasi -son -in -law" of the hundreds of millions of projects in this minute.

After more than a month of delivery, in the early morning of October 2018, Li Lu called Shan Shan and said that he borrowed 10 million yuan from a financial platform. At present, this platform is identified as P2P fraud by the police.10,000 yuan is stolen money and needs to be returned to those victims."I have already made more than 9 million yuan now, can you help me get 200,000 yuan?" Shan Shan transferred 200,000 yuan to Li Lu’s mother’s bank card the next day.Speaking of the return on December 31 of that year.

"We have always been in contact, and I haven’t urged him to pay back the money." Shan Shan believes that the man who wants to marry himself will not lie to himself. In November 2018, Shan Shan lent it to Li Lu 5410,000 yuan.Although Shanshan was a little puzzled during the period, Li Lu always borrowed this little money with herself so rich, but she was quickly persuaded by Li Lu again, "I have a big business, and it will inevitably be a little episode.It will be solved soon. "Especially in March 2019, the two held an engagement ceremony in the hometown of Shanshan’s hometown.It was held on May 20, 2019.

Later, Shanshan returned to work in Tongxiang.He usually drove his luxury car at night. "My dear, the business is too busy, I can only come to see you at night." Shan Shan not only did not doubt Li Lu, but felt that Li Lu was so busyI still remember that I am very happy.Gift Golden Shan Shan received at the engagement ceremony was also handed over to Li Lu.

When Shanshan was busy happily for her wedding, a phone call from Ningbo in early April that year completely disrupted her life. The other party told Shan Shan that Li Lu was a liar and cheated her money. NowI have been pregnant for more than 4 months …

Shanshan calculated that she had lent a total of about 1.1 million yuan in Li Lu before and after, of which 500,000 yuan was the elderly’s pension money. She was anxious and began to ask Li Lu and let him pay back money.Li Lu told her that the other party slandered him maliciously because of debt disputes, and money would be resolved as soon as possible, but then he began to hide from Shanshan.

Although all signs showed that Li Lu was a liar, Shanshan was still lucky. He found Li Lu’s home in Hangzhou and wanted to ask.Li Lu’s house lived in his ex -wife and two daughters. It turned out that he was not single at all. After the divorce in 2010, his ex -wife and child lived with him, and Shan Shan died.

Shan Shan, who was awake, found information about Li Lu on the Internet. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison for cheating in 2012. It seems that he did a "old business" after being released from prison.

After applying the 4 credit card to the "Master", after giving him a child, the other party was missing

"This person is too lacking. I hope that the law can punish him severely." Fangfang hugged her and Li Lu’s child when he went to Fengming’s police station to make a transcript.

The relationship between Fangfang and Li Lu began in the elevator room.In September 2015, 31 -year -old Fangfang went to an interview with a company in Hangzhou and met Li Lu in the elevator room downstairs. "How many floors do you work here? I haven’t seen you before."The company opened the building interviewed by Fangfang, and he began to talk to Fangfang.

"He told me that he and his cousin joined the company here, and people looked quite easy -going, so I went to the coffee shop downstairs with him to drink a cup of coffee." During the chat, Li Lu told FangfangTo do projects, business is doing a lot.

Because both sides were single, Li Lu launched a "offensive" against Fangfang, and soon the two began to talk about marriage.

In 2016, Li Lu told Fangfang that he would invest in a plastic factory in Lin’an, but he had no capital turnover at hand, so that Fangfang took a little bit, and bought her car and buy a house when he made money.Fangfang identified Li Lu as his own "true life son", and immediately went to the bank to issue 4 credit cards, borrowing about 200,000 yuan to Li Lu.Li Lu’s phrase "business fails", Fangfang can only rely on his own salary to pay credit cards.In 2017, Li Lu said that his mother had no money for surgery. Fangfang gave him 70,000 yuan. In 2018, Li Lu said that he had done a comprehensive shopping mall project, and he could get more than 10 million yuan.He also took Fangfang to a Shanghai company, and the other party took out a contract with Fangfang’s name to show her, stating that all the income returned to Fangfang.Thinking of it was a family anyway, Li Lu had to give himself so many income, and Fangfang gave him 70,000 yuan.Later, Fangfang spent more than 100,000 yuan to buy a second -hand car. Li Lu took a few months and sold it. He didn’t give her a penny.

These money have been gone, but Fangfang, who marries the heart, did not realize that Li Lu was lied to herself. After she thought she had given birth to his child, she could stay with him, but Li Lu found that Fangfang found FangfangWhen there is no oil and water on his body, when the child needs him to afford it, he disappears from Fangfang’s world.

In addition to spending "borrowing", he also "raised" a online female anchor

In addition to Fangfang, two women in Beijing and Ningbo also gave him a child. "I don’t know what the surname in Beijing is, I just remember that it was the outside world of the central media." Li Lu did not deceive the Beijing woman toThere are not many contacted, pregnancy and birth children are told by women in Beijing via WeChat.

"The BMW X5 I often drive is a divorced woman in Hangzhou. She is more cautious. I haven’t got the money to borrow her car." It was found from Li Lu’s explanation.4 women.

Li Lu’s home was on the side of the four seasons of Hangzhou, and the family had been considered rich, but he was defeated by him later.Li Lu’s family has succeeded in business. Seeing that the people around him are richer than himself, Li Lu, who is unwilling to fall on, embarked on the road of "cheating marriage".

Li Lu’s target is an older woman around 30 years old and divorced women. One is closer to them and has a common topic. Secondly, these women are eager to find the marriage objects, which is easier to cheat.Sure enough, in recent years, he has repeatedly succeeded with the rented luxury cars and the loopholes in fabricated, and even these women chose to be silent even if they knew that they were cheated and cheated.

"I spent a lot of money. I watched a female anchor in Jiangxi and spent 50,000 to 600,000 yuan on her." I don’t know how to know the truth for the women who releasing credit cards for Li Reuters and giving birth to him.What do you think?

To put it bluntly, Li Lu’s scam is not clever, but there are many highly educated among these deceived women. Why do you still get in step by step?In addition to the "hate marry" and "urging marriage" they said, it is also a reason for vanity and blame. I thought that the "high -quality man" refused to let go and even deceived himself. In the end, he found that it was a "scum man".(The characters in the text are pseudonym)

This kind of scumbag

Must be severely punished!↓↓↓

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