The black and white pepper is only the difference, and the effect is completely different. Many people don’t know. No wonder the taste of vegetables is wrong.

“”, Still better than Yuan to carry 800 pepper.Pepper, also known as Magic Performance, was introduced into our country when Zhang Jian was made when Zhang Jian was made in the Western Han Dynasty.As we all know, pepper is one of the spices commonly used in daily life, and its use is very wide.

As we all know, buying pepper now, whether it is a small sale or a large business super or a vegetable market, can be seen everywhere!But it is not an exaggeration to say: In ancient times, pepper was "hard currency", and it could even be comparable to gold.Just like the poem that is old at the beginning!

When the prime minister of the Tang Dynasty was copied, the officials who copied the family in order to emphasize his luxury and corruption, not to list how much gold and silver in the family, but only listed the eight hundred stones in the family.It can be seen how valuable and precious the pepper in ancient times!However, no matter how good the pepper is, there are many friends who say: Why do I season with pepper every time, I always feel strange?

In fact, pepper is divided into black pepper and white pepper. Do n’t look at the pepper, but there is only a word difference, but the role of the two is completely different.Many people are unclear, which causes the dishes to make the dish. Let ’s take a look at the specific differences together!

First of all, or black pepper or white pepper, it is the fruit of the same pepper tree.The reason for the difference is that when the black pepper pepper is pepper, it starts to pick it up. After sun exposure or fire roasting, the peel folds and blackened, and it becomes black pepper.

White pepper refers to processing pepper after maturity, and is processed by soaking, washing, peeling, and drying.Generally, the mature pepper is soaked and washed, the pepper pepper and flesh are removed, and then the clean pepper is dry or baked. This is white pepper!

Tips: Everyone said, our Chinese food is extensive and profound, and it is amazing here!It is just a small pepper. Picking and picking during life, you can get different functions of spices!So, let’s talk about it in detail below, what are the differences between the two!

Friends who like to eat steak know that black pepper is its "soul partner".Its rich aroma, a slightly spicy taste can highlight the flavor of steak.But although the scent of black pepper is rich, it is not lasting!Therefore, if you cook dishes with black pepper, it should not be too long, otherwise it will lose its unique aroma!

Friends who like to drink sheep soup, hot and sour soup and other dishes know that adding white pepper can be the best flavor to taste.Although the spicy taste of white pepper is not as strong as black pepper, its aroma is more durable. When cooking soup, adding a little bit can play a good role in removing fishy and fragrant.

Generally speaking, black pepper is more suitable for adding before the pan, so as to maximize the aroma of pepper.Secondly, black pepper is most suitable for juice in cooking or cooking meat.For white pepper, it is more suitable for cooking methods such as fishy, cooking, stewing, and stuffing.

Many friends think that they are all things, and the attributes should be the same!Actually, it’s not right!Although the pepper is hot and hot, it is stronger to drive cold and warm the stomach.But the nature of white pepper is relatively mild, so it is more suitable for long -term consumption than black pepper.

Tips: There are still many friends who think that pepper and pepper are very similar. Here, the two are different.Secondly, the following points should be paid attention to in the specific cooking application.

1. Both black pepper or white pepper are not suitable for fried for a long time at high temperatures, otherwise you will lose the aroma of pepper.

2. Black pepper is suitable for adding it before the pan, and it is not advisable to cook for a long time; white pepper is mild in nature, and the fragrance is lasting, so it is suitable for cooking dishes such as soup.

3. The thermal properties of black and white pepper are relatively high, so you should not eat too much per meal. Generally, try not to exceed about 1 gram.

Some people always ask: Why, the same ingredients, the same seasoning, the same kitchen utensils, but some people make food is delicious, and some people make meals.In fact, the answer is hidden in some small details.Just like the pepper today, it seems the same, but it is different.Ask your friends, do you usually like to eat white pepper?Or black pepper?I am pouting, thank you for watching, thank you!

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