The birth of the pregnant mother found that the fetal position was not correct, and the doctor rotated the fetus’s abdomen in one hand and corrected the abdomen. Netizens: Magic

The expectant mothers must be very looking forward to the birth of their children during pregnancy.

When the expectant mothers expect their children to be born happily, the most worrying and worrying thing is that the child’s fetal position is not right and cannot be born smoothly.

Especially for pregnant mothers who want to give birth, the most fearful thing is that the fetal position is not right. The pregnant mother will be more laborious and hard when producing, and the child’s birth will be more difficult.

But in fact, expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much about worrying, and there is still a way to prevent and correct the baby’s fetal position.

A video on the Internet is that a doctor helped a pregnant mother with a fetal position.In the video, the doctor checked the child’s fetal position by computer imaging.So the doctor started to help the pregnant mother to correct the fetal position.Doctors first apply essential oil to the abdomen of the pregnant mother to play a lubricating role.

The doctor used both hands to determine the position of the fetus in the abdomen, and then gently pressed it, and moved the fetus gently along the counterclockwise direction.About a minute later, the doctor finally successfully turned the fetal fetal position.At this time, the pregnant mother also showed a surprise and excitement, and thanked the doctor.The doctor took out the inspection equipment to check.Unexpectedly, the position of the fetus in computer imaging has returned to normal and can be delivered smoothly.

Netizens were obviously stunned by this operation. They commented: "It’s so awesome", "Like the technology of a doctor", and some netizens’ comments make people laugh.Hard. "

How much this operation of the doctor can rest assured that the expectant mothers can rest assured.But expectant mothers are inevitable: What should I do if the fetal position is not right?Can it prevent fetal position incorrect?Will it have a bad impact on the child?All these problems have troubled the expectant mothers and worried them.So expectant mothers need to understand these issues.

This problem is actually not necessarily.Not all fetal positions cannot be given birth.This is due to the diversity and reasons of abnormal fetal position.The fetal position of the fetus is the position of the position of its position in the mother’s body and the posture of the pelvic bone.

The fetal position is generally divided into three types, namely the first exposure, the hip exposure, and the shoulder first.Among them, the first exposure of the hips and shoulders will make the fetus stuck in the pelvic position of the mother.So in general, these two situations cannot be delivered.The first dew is special.If it is a pillow, it is very suitable for delivery.After the pillow position or the horizontal position, the production process will also lengthen the production process.Maybe they may turn around.

There are many reasons for children’s fetal position.If it is a pregnant mother’s own problem, it is more difficult to find and solve.For example, pregnant mothers have too many amniotic fluid, too narrow pelvic bone, or relaxation of the palace wall.Therefore, at present, the fetal position is still unable to prevent it in advance.

Select a good time for fetal correction.It is generally the best period of fetal position correction at 30 to 34 weeks of pregnancy.Because in about 30 weeks, the baby’s body development is more suitable for correction.For some time after 34, the child’s position and posture are almost fixed. It is more difficult to change it.So the effect of correction is not very good.

If the pregnant mother is in 30 to 34 weeks of pregnancy, then you can try to use the knee and chest position to correct the fetal position.However, the premise of this method is to check that there are no risk factors such as mathematics during pregnancy, umbilical neck, and front placenta.

The knee and chest lying position is a kind of action correction.First of all, pregnant mothers empty the bladder, and then release the belt to keep the abdomen relaxing.Then kneel on the bed with both knees, hold the hips high, the thighs and bed vertically, the chest is as close to the bed as much as possible, and the face side is aside to keep this posture for 15 minutes.Just 2 to 3 times a day. After a week, remember to go to the hospital for review.

Although the fetal position cannot be prevented in advance, the tire position correction can be achieved very good afterwards.But there are still a few more attention to fetal correction.

First of all, pregnant mothers should let their abdomen in a relaxed state when they are lying on the knee and chest.Therefore, it is best not to eat too much at this time, and relax the shackles of the belt.

And at this time, forget to be nervous and anxious, relax and slow down.However, pregnant mothers should always pay attention to the fetal condition. If the fetal movement is too frequent at this time, or abdominal pain and discomfort, they should stop immediately.

On the other hand, in order to ensure that the movement of pregnant mothers is standardized, it is best to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. At least, they must be accompanied by family members to avoid accidents when they are alone.

It is not uncommon for abnormal fetal positions.Pregnant mothers will worry and worry are very normal.But pregnant mothers don’t have to be too nervous, because the fetal position is not correct.As long as pregnant mothers understand and pay attention to these points and precautions in these aspects, and actively cooperate with the doctor’s guidance and treatment, I believe that pregnant mothers will meet her baby smoothly.””””

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