The best time to grasp the flow of people is harmful too early and late

Because of various reasons, many people need to have abortion surgery. In fact, abortion surgery needs to master the right time. The abortion is currently a relatively common method for terminating female pregnancy. Generally, unmarried women who are pregnant.However, the flow of people must seize the opportunity, and premature or late abortion will bring a harm to women.

After accidental pregnancy, whether it is choosing a drug or abortion, it will cause physical discomfort to a certain extent.And when women are pregnant, most of them will choose people flow. Because their safety is relatively high than the drug flow, it is generally favored by unexpected pregnancy women.However, there are many women who fail to go to the hospital for people in time for various reasons in real life after pregnancy. When they go to the hospital to do the flow of people, they miss the best time for people to flow. They can only end their pregnancy to end pregnancy.Therefore, I hope that women can grasp the best time for people after accidents. So what harm will people flow early or evening?

The harm of flowing too early and late

1. The pregnancy time is too short, and the changes in the uterus are not obvious. Using an immunosaic anticoagulant method to test the urine or B -ultrasound diagnosis is whether it is pregnant, but also the positive rate after 35 days of menopause.Unless there is an environmental detection of internal velvetic gonadotropin, it can be diagnosed with early pregnancy.

2. Many women’s menstrual periods are not very regular during menstruation. It is easy to be affected by mood, seasonal changes or physical health.It’s not already conceived.

3. Premature flow of people (within 35 days of pregnancy): Before 35 days of menopause, the embryo had just developed, and it was very small.Larger.

4. Too late abortion (after 70 days): For more than 8 weeks of pregnancy, fetal bones have formed, abortion has a large chance of harm to the uterine, the uterine volume becomes thinner, the uterine wall becomes thinner, and the surgery is difficult.The recovery is slow; it can only be induced for more than 3 months. This surgery is difficult, risks, bleeding, and physical damage to the body. The postoperative recovery is also slower and the cost of surgery is also higher.

1. The size of the gestational capsule is moderate and the bleeding is small: at this time, the size of the gestational sac is moderate, and the uterine wall is also thicker. The gestational sac is easy to remove, and the surgical damage is less and less bleeding.

2. The uterine injury is very small and the risk is low: at this time, the abortion surgery is difficult, and the minimum of the uterine injury is also the lowest, and the risk is low.

3. Fast recovery after surgery, no hospitalization: Due to small trauma, there is no need to be hospitalized after surgery. After surgery, fast recovery will not affect work and learning progress, let alone affect future sexual life and fertility.

Therefore, female friends in pregnancy should go out of misunderstandings, grasp the surgery time, and prevent unnecessary pain.

Cardiac inspection and postoperative treatment are essential

Affected by various advertisements, many women think that the flow of abortion can be completed for a few minutes. Without a good preparation of various preparations, they are required to start surgery, or they hurriedly leave after surgery, and then they do not raise their bodies.In fact, the examination and postoperative recuperation before abortion are essential.Professor Zhang Jiong pointed out that the gynecological examinations and postoperative anti -inflammatory observations before abortion can eliminate the potential diseases that can cause postoperative infection. Postoperative reconstruction is directly related to the recovery of women’s bodies.

The examination before abortion can be found in time that potential diseases that can cause postoperative infection, such as vaginitis, cervicitis, etc. If there is inflammation, the inflammation must be cured before surgery. OtherwiseComplications may cause infertility.At the same time, the B -ultrasound examination before surgery can eliminate ectopic pregnancy, because patients with ectopic pregnancy cannot undergo abortion surgery.The doctor checked the specific situation in the palace before surgery, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of excessive suction or curettage during surgery.

After abortion, anti -inflammatory treatment is needed. After the doctor confirms that there is no abnormal situation before leaving.Two weeks after surgery is an important period for women’s physical recovery. Women must pay attention to rest and have to condition for diet.If you do n’t rest and nutrition, or you should invest in heavy work immediately, it is easy to cause weakness, leaving “small confinement disease” such as low back pain and leg pain.

Women who are pregnant by accident should be optimistic about time, do not drag back. The abortion surgery is more than 90 days. The pregnancy sac is already large, and the relatively bleeding will be more.If the pregnancy month is large, the fetal bones have been formed, the uterine volume becomes larger, the uterine wall becomes thin, and the operation will be difficult to operate.The pain is also relatively large, and the serious situation may lead to infertility.Therefore, finding a problem should go to a regular hospital for examination surgery in time.

Conditioning nutrition recipes after abortion

1. Egg Jujube soup: 2 eggs, 10 red dates, and a moderate amount of brown sugar.Put the water in the pot and boil the eggs and cook, boil red dates and brown sugar in the water, and cook for 20 minutes.It has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood. It is suitable for the conditioning of lack of qi and blood after nastness and illness.

2. Ginseng hen: 1 old hen, 50 grams of Codonopsis, 50 grams of astragalus, 50 grams of Huai yam, 50 grams of jujube, right amount of rice wine.The hens with slaughtering hair and internal organs are flooded with rice wine. The other four flavors are placed around the chicken, steamed in the water, and take them in a score.It has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and is suitable for the replenishment after abortion.

3. Soymilk rice porridge: 2 bowls of soy milk, 50 grams of rice, moderate sugar.Wash the rice, cook rice milk as porridge with soy milk, and add sugar after cooked.Take the morning on an empty stomach every day.It has the effect of reconciled the spleen and stomach, clearing heat and moisturizing.Suitable for manual care after abortion.

4. Brown sugar glutinous rice yam porridge: Mash the yam, cook with glutinous rice into porridge, and add brown sugar after steaming.

5. Ejiao egg soup: 10 grams of Ejiao, add a bowl of water to a bowl of water. After the eggs are mixed, add the Ejiao to cook into egg flowers and season with salt.

6. Litchi jujube soup: 7 dry lychee and dried jujube each.Add water to decoction, 1 dose daily.It has the effect of nourishing blood and replenishing.Suitable for women’s anemia and post -abortion.

7, pigeon wolfberry soup: ingredients: 1 pigeon, 30 grams of wolfberry, a little salt.Method: Remove the pigeon hair and internal organs, wash it, add water to the pot and simmer with wolfberry, and add a little salt when cooked.Method: Eat meat and soup, 2 times a day.It has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing blood, and body deficiency. It is suitable for post -flowing body deficiency and qi deficiency after illness, fatigue and fatigue, and self -sweating.

8. Sugar and red dates: raw materials: 50 grams of dry red dates, 100 grams of peanut rice, 50 grams of brown sugar.Method: Wash the dry red dates and soak it with warm water. Cook the peanut rice slightly and peel the shoulders.Taber and peanut skin are incorporated into the small iron pot, add water with peanut rice, add an appropriate amount of water, cook on fire for 30 minutes, remove the peanut rice skin, add brown sugar, and the brown sugar melted juice.Method: Eat jujube drinking soup, twice a day.It has the effect of nourishing blood and regulating deficiency, and is suitable for post -abortion anemia or low blood.

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