The best time for caesarean section is not 38 weeks or 40 weeks. This time pregnant women must know

Although we know that there are all kinds of benefits to the delivery, and it is more beneficial to the recovery of the mother’s body and the birth of the fetus, some pregnant mothers still need to have cesarean section for various reasons.Some pregnant mothers are due to the absence of fetal position, umbilical cord around the neck, and too little amniotic fluid. For safety reasons, they can only choose a cesarean section; some pregnant mothers are elderly women.It is to relieve anxiety; there are also pregnant mothers who are not elders. They have to choose a good time to let the child born … No matter what kind of reason, once the cesarean section is determined, it is recommended that pregnant mothers still learn more about the cesarean section about cesarean section.The small knowledge of production makes you feel more in your heart and help yourself to recover postpartum.

So when is the best time for caesarean section?

Doctors suggest: It is best to choose a cesarean section in the 39th week of pregnancy, because during this period, the organs of the baby are basically mature, and there are fewer opportunities for emergency caesarean section such as pain and water breaking.Babies born in a caesarean section on the week or 38 weeks are even less risky to suffer from various diseases.

Studies have found that most of the fetus has matured after 37 weeks, and the normal pregnancy is about 40 weeks. Therefore, the timing is just right at 39 weeks.Of course, there are indeed some pregnant mothers who have some special circumstances to have to have a caesarean section in advance, but time must not be earlier than the 36th week of pregnancy.

Why wait until 39 weeks?

Usually, babies born after 37 weeks are counted for full moon, and they are called expired pregnancy after childbirth.After 37 weeks, many pregnant mothers will consider choosing a good day to perform caesarean section. Although theoretically, the baby is relatively mature, but this time is not perfect.In fact, 37 to 39 weeks is also a critical period for fetal development. Especially in terms of brain development, babies born after 39 weeks have better intelligence, healthy body, and not easy to get sick.

Many pregnant women find someone to calculate a good day before giving birth. If the fetus can be born at this time, it will be rich and expensive in the future.In fact, in Tao Ma’s view, it is the best that conforms to nature.When the fetus is born, it still follows the laws of nature.Of course, if you really want to have a cesarean section in advance, don’t be as early as 39 weeks.

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