The belly of the plant people suddenly became larger. After the doctor’s examination, the doctor said that she was pregnant, and her husband felt incredible!

"According to our examination, your wife is pregnant before the accident, but the car accident does not allow the children in the belly to flow, so now you have to make a choice to decide the child’s stay." In the hospital’s consultation roomThe doctor told the amazing news in front of the man.

How can vegetable people get pregnant?If the child is born, will there be any problems?A series of problems appear in the man’s mind!A woman named Zhang Rongxiang became a plant man due to an accident, but after a few months, the doctor found that Zhang Rongxiang’s belly was slightly bulging. After checking her, she found that she was pregnant. What surprised was that the child was still born!This is a medical miracle.

Zhang Rongxiang had an accident. Although he kept his life, he became a vegetative person. This bad news made the atmosphere of the entire family very dignified.The family of laughter became extremely quiet, and silent in every corner.Families full of vitality and happiness are now shrouded in irreversible fate.Sadness, helplessness and despair are intertwined in everyone’s mind, and each breathing seems to be heavy and difficult.

Life passed day by day, and Gaodejin slowly accepted the reality of his wife into a vegetative.After working every day, he will come to the hospital to scrub his body lying on the bed. In the quiet ward, Gaodejin and his wife shared the recent interesting things.Although his wife couldn’t respond, Gao Demin believed that these warm words could penetrate deep into her heart.

This day is like usual, but when he wipes his wife’s abdomen, the husband feels not right. The wife’s abdomen should have no fat, but it can be clearly seen that the wife’s abdomen is raised, and there is a kind of way when touching it with his hands.The hard touch, which scares Gaodejin, is worried that if the condition worsens, he quickly finds the doctor. After seeing this situation, the first reaction occurred whether the urine was left, so he immediately checked Zhang Rongxiang.

But the result was incredible, because Zhang Rongxiang’s situation was not caused by urine retention, but because she was pregnant!The doctor told Gaodejin this amazing news, and Gaodejin almost softened after hearing it, and his face was incredible.He couldn’t believe that his wife was a vegetative, how could he get pregnant?The doctor looked at Gaodekin’s reaction and explained that the fetus had developed for four months.This means that Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant during a car accident.Gao Degin was in contemplation and his thoughts became chaotic.

Originally, the wife used a lot of drugs because of this car accident. Not to mention what these drugs have any impact on the fetus in the abdomen. Now the wife is a plant person. Whether the children in the belly can absorb enough nutrition are a big problem.So hesitating and hesitating again and again decided to give up the child.When Gaodejin and doctors expressed their thoughts, the doctor of obstetrics and gynecology said, "The physical condition of plant people and women has suffered a serious blow. If induction of labor at this time, it may lead to extremely dangerous consequences, and may even cause both maternal and infants to die.","

The mother’s body could not take the initiative to participate in the delivery process, and could not force the fetus to pass the birth canal.This means that the medical team needs to take additional measures to ensure that the fetus is born safely.However, in this case, the risk is extremely high, because the body of the vegetative may not be able to withstand the stress and pressure during childbirth.

After listening to the doctor’s words, Gaodejin was silent for a long time.He is full of complicated thoughts and contradictions.He began to weigh and tangle, as if on a swaying balance.His heart is full of concerns and anxiety, because he knows the risks and consequences that the induction of labor may bring.He was afraid of losing his wife and a child who was about to be born. The family had endured such a huge blow and faced greater pain again. He didn’t know if he could afford it.

A few months ago, Gaodejin and Zhang Rongxiang’s family were very happy and happy. A flying disaster caused the family to fall into trouble.

Zhang Rongxiang is a primary school Chinese teacher. She is loved by students in teaching.She always greets every child with a bright smile and warm attitude.She teaches Chinese knowledge very lively and interesting, and always use interesting stories and instances to arouse students’ interest.Her patience and concern made the students feel attention, they all enjoyed the time she was studying in her class.There is something in career, and Zhang Rongxiang also has a happy family in life.She has a husband who loves her very much, and the love between them is full of warmth and support.They spent many good times together to share each other’s joy and sorrow.

Moreover, Zhang Rongxiang is the mother of two cute daughters.She takes care of her children as her most important mission, and take care of their growth with endless love and care.The tacit understanding and interaction between her and her daughters always make people feel warm and happy.Zhang Rongxiang’s life is simply a picture of happiness.She was loved by students in school and was caring for her husband and daughter in her family.She glows and heats in education, and also creates a warm harbor for her family.Her life is so fulfilling and beautiful, this kind of happiness is full of people around her.This is such a woman who transmits happiness to everyone but an accident happened on the way to school.

That morning, the sun was shining, and Zhang Rongxiang rode a bicycle to school.On her familiar route, a car rushing out of the red light suddenly rushed out of the side and instantly hit her.The huge impact made her thrown into the air and then fell heavily on the ground.The people on the street were stunned by this sudden accident. The people who saw this scene were stunned and could not believe everything happened in front of them.The enthusiastic passersby immediately called the first aid call, and at the same time, some people quickly surrounded them to help.

Zhang Rongxiang was lying on the ground, her face was pale and bloody.Her bicycle was almost beyond recognition, and the people around were panicked around her.The ambulance screamed, and the medical staff immediately launched an emergency action.In the hospital’s emergency room, Zhang Rongxiang underwent emergency surgery.Doctors went all out to treat her injuries, hoping to save her life.The surgery performed for several hours, tense and difficult. In the end, doctors kept her life.

The doctor also contacted Zhang Rongxiang’s family and told them that Zhang Rongxiang’s situation was "Zhang Rongxiang suffered serious head trauma in a traffic accident, which caused her brain to be severely damaged. Hearing the news, the family members’ faces’ faces were on the face of the family members’ faces.The endless sadness and shock were exposed, and the eyes were full of tears. The doctor continued to explain: "According to our assessment, Zhang Rongxiang’s conscious state is in the state of the plant man.The doctor’s words like a sharp sword directly pierced Gaodejin’s heart. He fell to the ground in powerlessly, and the whole person collapsed completely. Tears kept pouring out and endless sadness drowned him. Gao Dejin felt a huge despair.It seems that his world has collapsed completely. How much he used to hope that his wife could recover and return to their lives again. But now, he is facing darkness and helplessness.

He slowly raised his head and looked at the doctor, his eyes were full of endless pain and sadness.He worked hard to suppress his inner collapse, but could not control his emotions.He felt that his strength was disappearing for a moment. In the face of this cruel reality, he couldn’t get started and could not accept this bad news.Time slowly passed, and Gaodejin finally calmed down.He wiped his tears and stood up slowly.Despite his heartache, he knew he couldn’t give up, and he needed to face all this for his wife and two daughters.

The car accident really made their family’s family, which was almost worse.Originally, they were an ordinary family, and their income was not high. Now the cost of the wife’s hospitalization has spent more than half of the savings of the family.They have borrowed money everywhere, and their relatives have been strolling, but they are still not enough for the hospital.They really desperately let the hospital save their wives, but the reality is cruel, and money is really fragile.

After that, he told the driver who caused the accident, hoping to get some compensation from him.He found a lawyer and told him the whole accident, including his wife’s injury and the pain suffered by the family.The lawyer looked at the relevant legal terms and decided to fight him.Under the fierce debate and the guidance of lawyers, he finally sentenced.The judge announced that Zhao Gang had obvious faults and judged that he paid Gaodejin a considerable compensation as a compensation for his damage.

Gao Dijin was hesitant, but the doctor needed to reply. The daughter cried and comforted her father. "Dad, if we leave this child, it is okay to suffer such a serious trauma child. This must be blessed by heaven. Mom saidIt is also such an idea, let’s bet it! Even if the child is born as a problematic child, we recognize it. Our sisters take care of him for a lifetime! "After hearing these words that his daughter said, Gaodejin decided to leave the child.Essence

In July, in a anxious atmosphere, Zhang Rongxiang was eventually promoted to the door of the operating room.Gaodekin was so nervous that he paced out and forth outside the operating room. The time seemed to be extended countless times, and it was as difficult as a year every minute.He didn’t know how long it took, and finally saw that the lights in the operating room went out.A happy nurse came out and handed a cute baby to Gaodejin’s arms: "Congratulations, mother and son are safe, your wife has just gave birth to a healthy little boy."

Gao Dejin finally couldn’t help crying.Tears burst out, with endless joy and gratitude.His heart was full of joy and gratitude. Thanks to God for giving him the baby son, and blessing his wife to spend this difficult operation in Ping An.The advent of this little life makes him feel extremely happy and satisfied. He knows that this is a new beginning of their family, a hopeful future.

The child’s arrival warm the family, and at the same time, Zhang Rongxiang’s body actually improved slowly.Various indicators gradually returned to normal. At the same time, in order to treat the treatment costs of their wife’s subsequent children, Gao Degin stepped on the court again, claiming a lawsuit against the car owner, asking him to pay the compensation required by his wife to have a child.However, after receiving the prosecution, the driver was unhappy, and he thought that the cost had nothing to do with himself.

Gao Degin heard the news, and was angry and disappointed.He couldn’t understand why the driver was unwilling to take responsibility, and it was obviously his fault that caused it all.Their family has paid so much price, but the driver is indifferent and is unwilling to be responsible for their actions.However, because Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant before the accident, the accident caused her to be unable to give birth smoothly.Therefore, the court finally ruled that the driver compensated more than 400,000 yuan in Gaodejin.

In fact, Gaodejin went to the hospital many times to consult the doctor, but the doctor could not give an exact answer.After all, the state of plants is a very special existence in medicine.Some plants may gradually wake up after their condition is improved, but some people cannot restore their consciousness for a lifetime.What kind of Zhang Rongxiang belongs to, no one can give an exact answer.However, Gaodejin has always hoped.He often whispered in Zhang Rongxiang’s ear, and taught the children to call his mother’s name.He believes that as long as he persists, he will always wake up Zhang Rongxiang and let her return to their lives.

Gao Degin knew that this road would be long and difficult, but he did not give up his plan.He believes that the power of love is powerful and magical. It can cross time and space and wake up the sleeping soul.He was willing to use his persistence and love to guide his wife out of the predicament and return to their happy life.Every day, Gaodejin is waiting for the coming of miracles. He will not give up, nor will he stop praying for his wife’s rehabilitation.He believes that as long as they maintain confidence and hope, they will definitely bring their long -awaited beautiful moments in the future.

Perhaps God was moved by this endless love and couldn’t bear to let the family suffer more pain.It is incredible that Zhang Rongxiang has really begun to improve.One day, her son was sitting next to her mother to feed her to eat, but Gaodejin suddenly noticed that Zhang Rongxiang’s mouth was moving slightly.There was a shock in his heart, and he quickly heard it.Surprisingly, his wife really spoke.Gaodejin’s tears couldn’t help flowing, and he couldn’t restrain his inner joy and gratitude.How many day and night care and companionship finally got this miracle.He grabbed his wife’s hand tightly and couldn’t speak excitedly.

"Good son, son is so good"

In the following days, Zhang Rongxiang conducted hard rehabilitation training. Every day Gaodejin massaged her shrinking muscles for her, and the family worked unremittingly.Over time, Zhang Rongxiang’s words are increasing, and he can even sit up.The news of this miracle quickly spread throughout the country, and people heard the incredible "vegetatives can speak".The reporters rushed to Zhang Rongxiang’s home, hoping to witness this medical miracle.The caring people in the society also began to pay attention to this small family, and they have extended their hands. I believe their days will get better and better!Reporters have recorded this warm and touching story, spreading it into more people.People were moved by the persistence and love of Gaodejin and Zhang Rongxiang’s family, and they expressed their support and blessings for them.

The family in the story has experienced many difficulties and challenges, but always adheres to the power of love and hope.Their stories let us deeply understand that no matter what kind of tests of our lives bring to us, as long as we have a firm belief and we do not give up the courage to pursue happiness, we can overcome difficulties and create miracles.In this story, Gaodejin showed a strong and courageous side.He always accompanied Zhang Rongxiang and gave her endless love and care.He not only paid selfless efforts for his wife’s rehabilitation, but also rose up to protect the rights of the family.He is indomitable and proves that the power of love is infinite with his own actions. It can inspire us to overcome difficulties and welcome new hope.

And Zhang Rongxiang is a brave and strong woman.Although fate gave her a heavy blow, she never gave up hope for life.She gradually restored her language ability and physical function through firm will and hard rehabilitation training.Her persistence and efforts show the infinite potential and miracles of human beings.

This story also shows us the best side of human nature.When the concern of society and the help of caring people together, they provided endless support and assistance to the Gaodejin family.This unity and kindness has made this little family feel endless warmth, and also proves that the power of love and kindness is infinite.We have learned many valuable experiences and lessons from this story.It reminds us to cherish the people around us. Whether it is family or friends, we must take care and care for them.At the same time, it also tells us that we must firmly believe in the existence of our strength and miracle no matter what difficulties encounter.

There are often unpredictable changes in life, and we will experience frustration, pain and disappointment.However, these challenges have created our character that makes us stronger and growing.No matter what difficulties we encounter, we must face each other bravely and persist in pursuing our dreams and happiness.Finally, let us give a lofty respect and blessing to the family of Gaodejin and Zhang Rongxiang.Their stories will always inspire us to give courage and hope when we encounter difficulties.May their lives be full of happiness and peace. May everyone find their own strength and courage from this story, and create their own miracles.

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