The belly jumping during pregnancy is that the fetus is revealing these signals to you, a little cute

After four months of pregnancy, expectant mothers can feel obvious fetal movements. The fetus turns over, peristals, and even "punch and kick" in her mother’s belly, which is very lively.Sometimes expectant mothers can still feel the belly jump, which is different from the usual fetal movement, just like the heartbeat of the fetus.So what is the fetus when the mother’s belly jumps and jumps?

This may be the fetus snoring!Do you think it is novel?As early as the mother’s belly, the baby started to snoring.But at this time, the fetal hiccups were not because they were too full of eating, but the result of the continuous development of the body.

At about 28 weeks, the fetal swallowing and sucking function began to develop. When the fetus needs to exercise the lung function, he will continue to use the swallowing amniotic fluid to achieve the purpose of practicing lung breathing.During the closure, the phenomenon of fetal hiccups will occur.

Life is really wonderful. Although the fetus does not need to breathe autonomously when the mother’s belly is, the oxygen and nutrition required for growth and development are obtained from the mother through the umbilicus.But the fetus will be "dangerous" when you are young. You know early to exercise your breathing ability. Fortunately, you can breathe fresh air smoothly after birth.

The fetal snoring not only sounds cute, but also has a great effect.The benefits of it are the following:

1. The fetus starts to prepare for postpartum breathing

In the third trimester, the fetus will have snoring. This is because of other organs, the lungs begin to develop late. The fetus must grasp the time, try to exercise the breathing function, and prepare for the smooth breathing after birth.

2. Help expectant mothers distinguish the fetal location

Although the movement of the fetus hiccups is relatively weak, it can still be distinguished by the positioning of it, which is conducive to the mothers know about the about the fetal position and determine whether the fetal position is normal.If it is an abnormal fetal position, it is necessary to correct it in time under the advice of a doctor, otherwise it will affect the delivery.

When the fetus is in the mother’s belly, whether it is fetal movement or snoring is an important way for him to communicate with his mother. Be careful to observe!

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