The beautiful woman in Chengdu was violently violently violent during pregnancy, the intestine was interrupted, and the dung bag was hung for life

The woman had been violently violent by her husband’s house for two years, and she needed to hang up dung bags for a lifetime. When she arrived at the hospital, the doctor said that she had no pulse, and she could not save it in 20 minutes at night!Don’t take a shield anymore, this is intentional injury!

On June 24, Ms. Xie in Chengdu, Sichuan, said that she had been violently married by her husband 16 times for two years. She said that when she first met her husband, she felt very good and would take care of people.After pregnancy in the next two months, the husband began to have domestic violence, big and small, and he added it fifteen or six times. So why not mention divorce?

Ms. Xie said that she had also mentioned divorce during the period, but her husband did not agree.The recent domestic violence was found to go to the court to apply for a divorce and a personal protection order, and was dragged into the hotel and was seriously injured by her husband.

At present, Ms. Xie has been hospitalized for two months, rib fractures, duodenal intestines are contaminated, small intestine obstruction, and internal organs such as septic bags, kidneys, pancreas, and lungs are damaged to varying degrees.In the video, Ms. Xie said that when she arrived at the hospital this time, the doctor said that she had no pulse, and she would not be able to save it for 20 minutes later.

At present, Ms. Xie’s husband has been criminally detained. This is really a creepy case. Beautiful marriage and love have been completely crushed by domestic violence. Ms. Xie should not have thought that the marriage hall where she entered was actually a purgatory on earth.Ms. Xie’s husband was vicious, and the vicious human nature beyond imagination.

This malignant incident can no longer be described as users. This is simply a naked personal injury. Not only is he beaten during his wife’s pregnancy, but he almost killed his wife.Everyone shouted.

Of course, such a tragedy has taken place. You can’t just blame Ms. Xie’s eyes. Society should reflect on. A lady has been violently violently in the house in just two years. Why can’t relevant departments and organizations involve earlier?

What is even more ironic is that she was found to be found by her husband for the last time she was beaten to the court’s personal protection order. Is this the lack of protection of her in the process?

Ms. Xie, the passage of escape from the cage must be available. There are only zero and countless times for domestic violence. Let us bravely pick up the legal weapons to tell domestic violence!

The occurrence of this violent case sounded again, reminding the existence and urgency of our domestic violence.We must work together to strengthen the protection of legal protection, improve the aid mechanism, strengthen publicity, education and social actions, and work together to end the haze of domestic violence, and create a harmonious and safe social environment for everyone.Only in this way can we truly realize the beautiful vision of family harmony and everyone with dignity and peace.

The most important thing is that everyone has the responsibility to stand up and make a sound against domestic violence.Regardless of family members, friends, or neighbors, we should pay attention to the problem of domestic violence around us, provide help and support, and no longer see the domestic violence.In addition, the victims should be encouraged to be brave to help and alarm, so that they know that they are not alone, and the whole society is standing with them.

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