The ball of the ball was sweet and sweet, and the live broadcast was suddenly reported by her boyfriend. The woman responded like this

Recently, the ball shared a video of dancing.At the small blue river in the night, the ball showed the dancing posture, and the movement was awkward, but he was happy.

That night, the ball was combed with dirty braids, fashionable and avant -garde. She was wearing a simple T -shirt and a jeans on her lower body, exposing most of her legs, and it looked very trendy.

Later, the ball took a couple photo again. She and her boyfriend took a photo with a couple, and even the photo posture was exactly the same.

On the 25th of last month, the ball agreed to the boyfriend’s proposal in a blessing.The boyfriend of the ball is 7 years older than her. She is currently studying in the University of Sydney. It is said that she will study in the future. It seems that the young man is a proper school hegemony.Netizens are very interested in the background of the ball boyfriend. The ball claims that her boyfriend is not a rich second generation, but he has his own career, economical independence, two or three houses at home, and he has time to accompany himself.After listening to the description of the ball, she felt that her boyfriend was very good.

Earlier, the ball was disclosed to the society through the live broadcast. Later, they met their current boyfriend. The two only used each other to get involved in just three months.

After the relationship is stable, the ball and her boyfriend often show off and affection, sprinkle dog food. When taking a group photo, you will kiss, like paint.

A few days ago, the ball pulled the boyfriend to do live with himself. Netizens seized this opportunity and asked many questions about the ball boyfriend.

The boyfriend of the ball admitted that he and the ball were introduced through acquaintances, and it can also be said that he met a blind date.Immediately afterwards, he suddenly broke the news that the ball was pregnant.The ball behind him was in a hurry. He responded on the spot and shouted, "It’s time for gossip again tomorrow, you just talk nonsense."

Before that, the ball was suspected of being pregnant many times. She went to vacation for live broadcast, wearing an orange skirt, and the lower abdomen was obviously slightly confused. It was really similar to pregnancy. Some people said that it was likely to get fat.Looking at the shape of this dancing, it is not like pregnancy, it may really be too happy and fat.

Many people are curious when the ball and boyfriend get married?The ball said that Dad has not agreed to get married. When she was unanimously recognized by both parents, she would announce the good news as soon as possible!Bless in advance!

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