The baby is suitable for everyone?No!Pregnant women and children must be careful

For the cold air these days,

How many people are desperate?

Since it is cold, of course, find a way to warm up.

Many mothers claim to have antifreeze artifacts

Warm baby!


How to use "warm baby" is safe?

Who are not suitable for using the "warm baby"? 1 What is "warm baby"?

The fever of the warm baby attributed to an internal oxidation heat reaction.The heating trajectory is shown below:

Some experts pointed out that the feeding material formula of the warm baby is basically high -purity iron powder, activated carbon, inorganic salt, a small amount of water, and vermiculite.Its principle is to oxidize reactions after contact with air or air through the air, and release heat.The temperature of the warm baby is related to the amount of formula, the reaction activity of the raw material, and the permeability of oxygen permeability.Pay attention to safety issues when using.

The only hidden danger in the raw material is iron powder.In order to reduce costs, some small workshops produced may use industrial waste iron powder, which may bring risks such as radiation.

2 From "sending warmth" to "send burns"

Recently, Shenyang Seventh People’s Hospital took a young female patient in her 20s. Her waist had clear lines of erythema, with burning sensation and blisters.

After understanding, the injured part has previously posted a warm baby, and the girl had symptoms of burns after 8 hours of posting that day.After inspection, the symptoms of girls are contact dermatitis and are caused by external stimuli.

Female patients use warm babies to warm the baby in order to wear less clothes or during menstruation. They did not notice that they should beolate the skin when sticking to the baby. Check it regularly. The body response did not suspend it in time, especially when using warm babies in the delicate part of the skin can easily cause burns symptoms.

Baby Nuan wants to post like this!3 How can I warm it safely?

The burns caused by warm baby are not inevitable. The following 5 points should be achieved when used:

1. When buying, pay attention to see whether the outer packaging is prepared for production date, factory name, contact information, execution standards, validity period and other related information;

2. Take out the stocks of previous years, you need to see if it is within the validity period;

3. Avoid warm baby to directly contact the skin when warming, and avoid warm baby to contact the same part for a long time;

4. Before going to bed, be sure to take off your baby;

5. Do not use warm baby in front of the heater and electric blanket.4 Which groups need to pay special attention?

The following 5 types of people should be careful when using warm babies:

1. Infant

Infants and young children have poor ability to resist cold and need heating items, but their expression ability is not good. If parents fail to take care of them carefully, they can easily lead to low temperature burns.

Children under 12 years old

Children under the age of 12 are not suitable for use. Children under the age of 12 are not capable of self -care, and it is easy to ignore the temperature produced by the baby when playing.Toys play.

3. Elderly

The elderly have a slow skin due to age, and they are not sensitive to temperature stimulus. They are easily burned under low temperature continuous action.

4. Pregnant women

For those pregnant women with low skin sensitivity, please be careful when using.Because the nerve endings of pregnant women feel slow, it is not suitable for heating with warm stickers.

5. Copyworm people

Diabetic people, maternal delivery and cesarean section need to consult medical staff before using warm babies.

Xiao Er said a few words:

After all, the warm baby is a foreign object. Through the heat heating generated by the warm baby, the thermal production function of the human body will be reduced. Long -term use of warm baby will reduce the human body’s own thermal balance regulation ability, leading to the decline in human immune capacity.Dependence on heating artifacts such as warm babies.

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