The baby is here

The baby is here ~~~~

The baby is here, we are surprised and panicked. In order to reduce the worry and fatigue of expectant mothers, we must pay attention to the following points:

(1) Confirm that it is best to choose a three -way hospital with a good reputation nearby during pregnancy for examinations, otherwise some doctors may encounter some data that scares scare people and deceive you for premature B -ultrasound and medication;

(2) After confirming that after pregnancy, you must prepare the materials as soon as possible to make an appointment for archives. Many hospitals have a scarcity. Generally, you can make an appointment to build a file in 6 weeks.

(3) Avoid running around in the process of preparation materials. You must first call for working hours and preparation materials, mainly including archives and community hospitals;

Here are the detailed steps for archives. You can successfully build files in step by step ~

1. Consultation of the obstetric clinic to confirm which materials are required; the attached picture is based on the materials of the three hospitals in the northern medical hospital as an example;

The mother and child health manual and place of work/residence in the third hospital of the North Medical Hospital belong to Haidian District

Materials required for the establishment of files in the Third Hospital of Bei Medical

2. According to the requirements of the archives, consult the relevant departments by telephone, prepare materials;

Mother and child health manual: Generally, you can handle it in your own community hospital. Generally, you bring pregnancy certificates (HCG/B -ultrasound), residence permit/household registration book, ID card, and house book.

Be sure to consult first to confirm the working hours of community hospitals and need to carry materials (to confirm the local account, work residence permit or soldiers, etc. These community hospitals are different)

Proof of work place/residential place: The company’s start -working proof

Instructions for the health archives of the mother and child of Huilongguan Community Hospital

3. Carry the file construction materials, go to relevant hospitals to register, make an appointment for archives, and open 8-9 test forms;

The three hospitals in the North Medical require the expert number. It is more difficult to grab. You can find an oxen, or you can try to find an expert to add the number at 7-8 in the morning;

Avoid running the hospital many times, it is best to go on an empty stomach, and there will be related inspections such as blood drawing;

4. After the test results come out, register again; the attached picture is still based on the third hospital of the north as an example;

Bei Medical No. 3 Hospital requested the expert number to complete the formal archive step by step according to the requirements of the nurse of the dependency desk.

The process after the establishment of the third hospital of the North Medical Hospital

I wish you all a smooth establishment file ~~~

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