The baby heart of the baby in the sixth week of pregnancy

In the sixth week of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s early pregnancy response was even stronger. At the same time, it was accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting, headache, and indigestion.

The hard time is here. For the health of the baby, pregnant mothers should work hard to regulate their physical discomfort.

1. The change of the body of the pregnant mother

After pregnancy, the speed of food entering the internal organs slows down, and the uterus will increase the stomach. Foods of the stomach and duodenal intestines will flow to the esophagus.

As a result, pregnant mothers are anxious and indigestion.This phenomenon will become more and more serious.

Some pregnant mothers have the symptoms of headache, and some are exactly the opposite. The symptoms of headache can relieve or disappear.

The more pregnant mothers who do n’t have headaches, the more they will make headaches.

The phenomenon of headaches will disappear within three months.

There will be vomiting in the morning, and there will be at other times. If you ca n’t eat or drink water, you should go to the hospital to test urine to test urine to see if there is a positive urine ketone.

2. The baby’s fetal heart

At this stage of embryonic, the main organs such as kidney and liver have begun to grow in this week, and neural tube connecting brain and spinal cords also start working.

We can see a large swelling, which is the baby’s heart, and his heart has begun to divide the ventricle.

And conduct regular beating and starting blood supply.

This week, the heart can be beaten to 150 times/minute.

It is equivalent to twice the heartbeat of adults. Unfortunately, you can’t feel the baby’s heartbeat. Don’t worry about twelve weeks. With the help of the Doppler steenper, you can clearly hear the baby’s heartbeat.

3. Diet nutrition guidance

(1) Active amount of carbohydrate -rice, noodles, bread

(2) Meal pay attention to skills -eat less meals

(3) Eat properly before getting up

(4) Sour food foods can alleviate pregnancy reactions

(5) Supplement of moisture

(6) Far away from foods that are easy to cause vomiting

4. Pay attention to pregnancy care

(1) Stay away from the dangers of the radiation of the mobile phone

Let the mobile phone farther away from yourself and avoid hanging your mobile phone on your chest, the radiation of the charger is very powerful.

5. Preventing abnormal changes in leucorrhea

(1) Prepare special towels

(2) Clean vulva with warm water every day

(3) Pay attention to anal cleaning and hygiene

(4) Select loose and pure cotton soft underwear

(5) Supplement sufficient moisture

6. Be wary of constipation

7. The first checkup

8. Prevent accidents

(1) Far away from sexual life

(2) Avoid logistics damage

(3) Avoid toxic substances

(4) Get rid of negative emotions (learn to talk to, warn yourself not angry, and transfer attention)

9. Quarantine Dad Notice

(1) convey gentle love to his wife

(2) Create a good living environment for his wife

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