The baby eats cakes in kindergartens, and the mother "crazy" in the class group in the class group was angry at her parents.

Children’s diet health is greater than heaven, so many responsible parents will pay great attention to this aspect to make a reasonable control of the child’s diet, thereby reducing the child’s chance of conscience of unhealthy foods, ensuring the child’s physical health and life safety, Let children grow up healthy.

However, each parent’s understanding of a healthy diet is different. Some parents will be more relaxed in this regard, but some parents are very strict.

Eat cakes in the kindergarten in the child, the mother is angry in the class group

On the birthday of children, many parents will prepare birthday cakes for their children, as are the parents of Xiaoyu.

However, the kindergarten did not take a holiday on the birthday of Xiaoyu, so the parents prepared the cake and discussed it with the teacher and sent it to Xiaoyu’s class.Live a happy time.

I believe that many parents have had such practices or experiences. When many children are in their birthdays, they will actually do so, and the kindergarten teachers are more cooperative.

Because this approach is to give children a good birthday memory, the other is to make children know how to share, and the third is to create a warm atmosphere for kindergarten.

Therefore, from the perspective of which perspective, this behavior is supported by parents and teachers.

However, kindergarten teachers also need to check the content of the diet. After all, kindergartens are generally not allowed to bring foreign food to the garden to avoid dietary hygiene and diet safety.

If the teacher considers not to be regarded and the control is not strict, there may be some incidents. No, Xiao Yan’s parents and teachers are embarrassed because of their consideration.

Xiaoyu’s birthday cake is an ordinary fat -planting cake. This kind of cake is actually a mainstream cake, but there is a big health problem, which is the problem of "trans fatty acid".

During the production process, fat planting will produce more trans fatty acids, and this substance is a typical "healthy killer". After the human body’s intake, it is not only very slow in metabolism, but it takes nearly two months to be metabolized.

It may also cause diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and thrombosis. For children in the development stage, the harm is more harmful, or it may cause children to become stupid and develop.

Xiaoyu’s classmate Xiaoguo naturally ate Xiaoyu’s birthday cake. He also gave Xiaoshi’s birthday happily at school.

However, when Xiaoguo’s mother knew this, she made amazing moves, forcing Xiaoguo to drink 50 ml of olive oil, coconut oil, and linen seed oil in order to promote vomiting and detoxification.Xiao Guo spit out the cake that eaten in.

After that, Xiaoguo’s mother was still angry in the class group, and even expressed the saying of "my son was poisoned", thinking that the parents of Xiaoyu were extremely irresponsible, so that their children to eat fat -planting cakes were likePoisoning his son.

The reason why Xiaoguo’s mother is so "lost" is actually because she is very strict for her children’s dietary control.

Normally, you will never let your child touch any food that may contain trans fatty acids, and even worry about the unhealthy diet of the Toban and give up the Tuo class.

Netizens have different comments. Is it right or wrong?

For this behavior of Xiaoguo’s mother, most netizens expressed two words: unfortunately.

Netizens think that Xiaoguo has such a mother.

Xiaoguo’s mother performed too much excitement. The child just ate a cake that might contain trans fatty acids. As a parent, he should not be so excited. After all, the child is not eaten too much, the third is the children who often eat, and the third is the children’s of the children.Collective activity behavior.

Compared to a piece of lipid cake, it is vomiting and anger in the class group, which brings huge psychological damage to the child. Eating a piece of cake that may contain trans fatty acids is not a matter.

Because children eat a piece of cake containing trans fatty acids, they have metabolized in less than two months, but this kind of experience that is forced to vomit, the quarrel between her mother and other parents in the class has caused the psychological impact of the child, etc.It may follow the child for a lifetime and become the child’s childhood shadow.

Therefore, the mother’s behavior is irrational and incorrect. The purpose is not for the child, but a self -righteous "deliberate movement", so that I feel that I have paid everything for the child, but I never thought about myself.The behavior is really good for children.

However, another part of the netizens understand Xiao Guo’s mother.

The growth of children is basically an irreversible phenomenon, including children’s physical development, intellectual development, behavioral habits, cognitive concepts, etc.From what kind of education for children to receive, the child will continue to develop forward.

If errors occur during this period, then this error is basically irreversible, because the time you use to recover the error is actually the time for children to grow in other aspects, which will make children lose more growth opportunities, resulting in moreMore mistakes.

Xiaoguo’s mother realized this, so he was very angry about this behavior.In addition, the child is carefully raised by himself, but others are "feeding", which is a serious and irresponsible behavior.

Maybe the starting point of others is good, but on the dietary problem, you still need to pay attention, because you do n’t know if other children have a history of allergies. Based on good intentions, it is often not good.Life safety causes threats.

At the end

Regarding this, I personally think that the mother’s approach is indeed a bit exciting, but the starting point is not wrong, but the specific behavior reflects that it violates her original intention.

So, what do you think of this?What would you do if your child was feeded by others?

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