The baby dream is a dragon as a boy. Dreaming of Phoenix is a girl?The rumors of judging men and women are not reliable

For most marriages, almost all the problems of having children will be considered within a few years of marriage.From preparing to child, let a family look forward to the child.Asked the other person like a boy or a girl, although he didn’t say anything, he would have hope in his heart.

In life, some people will use folk rumors to judge boys and women, but some are more outrageous than one.

The sour girl’s saying is unreliable?

After Xiaoxiang was pregnant, her mother -in -law had been asking her "I like sour food or spicy food?" She also had a sour girl in the folk. In fact, this statement is not reliable.

During pregnancy, each woman’s response is very different. Most pregnant women will have pregnancy vomiting, decreased appetite, and a few pregnant women will appetite.At this time, the sour or spicy taste is mainly related to the fluffy gonad hormone secreted by the placenta. It will inhibit the gastric digestive enzyme activity, causing pregnant women to have no appetite.

Suddenly, pregnant women want to eat hot and sour foods. One is because they can promote appetite, and the other is to reduce the pregnancy reaction to a certain extent. It has nothing to do with giving birth to a boy and having spicy girls.

The fetal dream is the dragon as a boy, and the baby dream is Feng as a girl. Is it reliable?

There is still a dream of fetal dreams in the folk. They believe that boys and women can be seen from the dream dream.If it is a boy, there will be dragons in the dream, and phoenix and butterflies will appear in the dream.

In fact, it is not as good as everyone thinks. After investigation, people dream every day.Dreams can last for 5 to 20 minutes, and more than 90 % of them will not remember the content of the dream after waking up the next day.

The content of people’s impression may be related to "the sun is thinking and dreaming at night". From the current research, dreams are beautiful, but it has nothing to do with people in the future. Don’t blindly believe it.

Most of the pregnancy vomiting is a girl, reliable?

Around the first week of 3 months of pregnancy, women have fluctuated in the blood of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the blood, and there will be a corresponding pregnancy reaction.According to relevant statistics, the choricular gonad hormone levels of pregnant women with girls have higher levels of coronges, but they do not fully indicate that they will have a daughter if they are more pregnant.

Severe pregnancy during pregnancy is related to various factors, such as the amount of hormone secretion during pregnancy, slow gastrointestinal motility, thyroid disease, urinary tract infection, psychological factors, environmental factors, and so on.For those who vomit, they need to go to the hospital for examination.

If the symptoms are relatively mild, you can eat less meals; ensure sufficient sleep time; avoid the intake of high -fat and low dietary fiber; eat some hot and sour food to promote appetite; avoid strong odor;Make women’s pregnancy symptoms better.

Mom, have you ever "judged" the gender of the baby’s baby?What is the method?Welcome to leave a message to share your breeding experience ~

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