The anal abnormal itching four methods teach you to relieve quickly

Red Net Moment November 10th (Correspondent Zhou Yu) Many patients with anorectal diseases have abnormal itching of "chrysanthemums", especially in public, suddenly feeling "chrysanthemum" itching, scratching and not scratching.Essence

Many anal itching patients will scratch with their hands when itching, but this approach is actually wrong. Zhang Shuhong, a physician of Changsha Dong Emperor Intestine Hospital, reminded you that you must not scratch the itching area with your hands.Scratching with your hands, although it can temporarily relieve itching, it will cause rough and thickening of the perianal skin for a long time, increase the risk of infection, and may become more and more itchy …

So, what should I do if "chrysanthemum" feel itchy and unbearable?Zhang Shuhong, a physician of Changsha Eastern Anorectal Hospital below, will explain to you how to reduce the symptoms of "chrysanthemum" itching.

1. Don’t scratch repeatedly

It is best not to scratch it repeatedly when itching symptoms, because the skin around the anus is fragile, it is easy to be scratched and caused by infection, and neurodermatitis may be induced by multiple stimuli.

2. Change underwear

Once the anus itching symptoms occur, be sure to change the underwear, choose a cotton panties with good breathability, the pants should be loose and breathable, wash and change diligently, do not wear tight, excessive pants, and do not sit for a long time.

3. Keep the anus cleaning

When anal itching occurs, the "chrysanthemum" is cleaned. Due to the stimulation of stool residues, secretions, and panties around the anus, it can cause itching of the anus.It can be cleaned with warm water to prevent perianal bacteria from breeding.

4, take medical treatment in time

If the conditioning in life does not effectively alleviate the symptoms of anal itching, then it is necessary to seek professional treatment in time.Many anorectal diseases are accompanied by the symptoms of anal itching. Then only by receiving professional treatment in time can we prevent more serious problems.

Changsha Dongda Anorectal Hospital reminds you that there must be a problem of itching in the "Julu" area. Do not scratch it with your hands. Usually life should pay attention to the hygiene of the anus. When the problem is serious, you must seek medical treatment in time.

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