The 44 -year -old woman did not get pregnant but did not come to the holiday.

Modern medicine can discover whether women have bred life by doing B -ultrasound.In fact, some reactions in women can also confirm whether they are pregnant.

For example, the breasts have physiological phenomena such as tingling, itching, loss of appetite, and often symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

It can be judged whether a woman can get pregnant to see if menstruation is observed, and women will not have menstruation during pregnancy.But there are also special cases. Do not come to menstruation can not represent pregnancy?

Ms. Wang, who lives in Zhejiang Hangzhou, has been worried about physical problems recently.Ms. Wang is 44 years old. In the past, her body was always healthy and normal menstruation.

Until the last six months, Ms. Wang’s menstrual period suddenly became abnormal.

Ms. Wang has not been in menstruation for more than half a year, but at the same time, she has not experienced other phenomena such as nausea and vomiting, itching of breast itching.

Ms. Wang also knew that she should not be pregnant.Ms. Wang, who was just an endocrine disorder, went to the hospital for treatment.

After doing the B -ultrasound, the doctor found that there was a block at Ms. Wang’s pelvic cavity, and there was a ovarian cyst with a size of about 3.5 cm on the right.

Ovarian cysts have always been one of the common diseases of gynecology.It refers to a cystic structure containing a liquid or solid matter inside or surface formed inside or surface.

Its causes are mostly endocrine disorders, or inflammation of the reproductive system.When a woman feels discomfort in the lower abdomen and irregular menstruation, it may have suffered from ovarian cysts.

This is a disease that says big and small. Most women’s ovarian cysts can disappear by themselves, which has no effect on the body.

When the diameter of the cyst is less than 5 cm, doctors will recommend conservative treatment.

However, a small number of people may break the ovarian cysts and cause complications such as infection.When the cysts are greater than 5 cm, the treatment policy taken out of surgery is often required.

However, Ms. Wang’s ovarian cysts should be more special.On the test form, the doctor carefully marked: "Consider the teratoma."

To this day, the medical community still has no way to fully explore the cause of the disease of teratoma. It is roughly estimated that it may have a greater relationship with the abnormal differentiation of germ cells.

The teratoma refers to the tissue of tissue from the differentiation of the three germs and the unlimited cells that have been differentiated together.

As excess substances in the body, teratoma also has benign and malignant.

In fact, teratoma is a germ cell tumor, so it is divided into benign tumors and malignant tumors like all tumors.

Even benign teratomas are still a little scary for humans.

Because benign teratoma contains many unshakable babies, such as skin, teeth, hair, oil, oil, nerve tissue, and even bones.

It seems to be a cell that should have grown into a baby, but stops growing at a certain moment, and eventually only leaves the body of the mother’s body.

The malignant tumor is not so standardized, and its tissue and structure in the tumor are confusing.

In the early days of the body, there is no obvious uncomfortable reaction in the body of the body, so it is often difficult to detect.

Just like Ms. Wang, she noticed the strangeness of her body after half a year of menstrual abnormalities.

As a result, the doctor found that the teratoma grew from her body, and she had tissues such as hair, teeth, and oil.

As a common mature cell tumor, mature teratoma can occur in women of any age.Between 20 and forty years old is the high incidence of this disease.

The immature malignant tumors, that is, malignant malignant tumors occur on young female patients between the 11 years and 19 years old.

Both benign teratoma or malignant teratoma should be immediately visited and remove the tumor through surgical.

However, most of the benign teratoma does not need to cut the uterus and ovaries, and there are no other risks after the operation.

Malignant malignant tumors must be much more troublesome. After the tumor is divided and removed through surgery, it is also necessary to completely cure the chemotherapy according to the condition.

Ms. Wang eventually underwent the hospital’s surgery. On her, the doctor performed an attachment resection under the right laparoscopy and the intestinal adhesion.

The surgery took a tumor with tissue such as teeth and hair from Ms. Wang.

After surgery, Ms. Wang returned well and was discharged.

It is certain that the teratoma belongs to some abandoned germ cells in the human body.

Under the influence of some factors of the day after tomorrow, it is abnormally differentiated, and eventually grows up to teeth, hair and other tissues that seem to belong to embryos.

However, teratoma will never become embryos, so it belongs to the category of tumors.

Therefore, the patient does not need to feel affordable, lost, and sad when suffering from teratoma.It is not a terminate life, but just a variable abandoned tumor.

It belongs to a substance that is harmful to the body and will never have the opportunity to develop into a new life.

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