The 43 -year -old woman was aborted in 8 weeks and could no longer be pregnant.

Recently, the 43 -year -old woman was aborted in 8 weeks of pregnancy, resulting in the inability to regenerate in the future, and her power of being a mother forever was rushed into a hot search.What exactly is this matter about?Let’s look down.

The party’s surname Zhang, we called her Ms. Zhang. Ms. Zhang was 43 years old when she had an accident, and Zhang Nu at the time was 8 weeks of pregnancy.Ms. Zhang does not have a child. It can be seen how valuable this child with Ms. Zhang’s family is.

"There is an unexpected situation, and people are blessed by people." What does not want to happen still happens.One night, Ms. Zhang walked normally on the side of the road. Li drove a car and hit it suddenly.After the accident, the traffic police quickly arrived at the scene. After being determined by the traffic police department, Li who drove the car was fully responsible.After Ms. Zhang was hit by a car, she was seriously injured and her body was in many fractures.

Ms. Zhang was still pregnant for 8 weeks at the time, and what did not want to happen still happened.6 days after the accident, Ms. Zhang went to the ultrasound. The test results showed that the embryo had stopped developing for 5 days. In desperation, Ms. Zhang had to have a drug abortion.

After Ms. Zhang learned that she was unable to regenerate, she also filed a lawsuit with the court, asking for compensation for her mental loss.

The court believes that Ms. Zhang was forced to terminate a causal relationship with traffic accidents. She deprived Ms. Zhang as a prospective mother to protect the normal development of the fetus and production. The insurance company has compensated Ms. Zhang more than 37,000 yuan within the scope of underwriting.

After understanding this incident, the old man personally believes that Ms. Zhang’s compensation is relatively small. An unborn baby is also a life, only worth 37,000 yuan, and Ms. Zhang does not belong to her own child.It is impossible to have anymore in the future. I lose the right to be a mother, which brings Ms. Zhang’s huge mental injury, and also brings great mental injuries to Ms. Zhang’s family.It’s still a bit unreasonable.

What do you think of Ms. Zhang’s miscarriage caused by a car that can no longer be pregnant and compensated by more than 37,000 yuan?Let’s see the comment area.

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