The 43 -year -old farmer and their daughter college entrance examination together, and become a university counselor

In 2013, 43 -year -old Su Yibin

Take the college entrance examination with daughter Su Xiaomei

At the same time was at the School of Engineering Science and Technology of Wuhan

(Former China University of Geosciences Jiangcheng College) Admission

After graduating from college

He successfully promoted to continue reading

After graduating from undergraduate in 2018

Join Yunnan Urban Construction Vocational College

Become a counselor

It is called "Male Edition Meng Mu" by netizens

On the evening of July 9, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily saw Su Yibin, who had just got off the train at the Wuchang Railway Station. He did not change much compared with the media report in 2013.

Su Yibin carried a bulging backpack, carried a suitcase, and took a 24 -hour hard -seated train.The reporter asked him that he was not working hard all the way. Su Yibin waved his hand, "Compared with the hardships he had eaten before, what was hard." Su Yibin also told the reporter that he was boring by train and he also learned English.

Su Yibin and his daughter Su Xiaomei took a group photo at the entrance of Wuhan Engineering Science and Technology College.Su Yibin’s picture

Su Yibin was born in Hengdizi Village, Lionkou Town, Gong’an County, Hubei Province in 1970.At the age of 16, his father died of illness, and he and his mother reluctantly lived on Bo Tian.

In 1989, Su Yibin participated in the college entrance examination for the first time. The results of the college entrance examination were more than 10 points from the minimum admission score line in Hubei.

After the college entrance examination lost, he came to Wuhan to learn cooking, and later opened a restaurant.After her daughter Su Xiaomei was born, Su Yibin pinned the hope of Yuanmeng University on her daughter.

In the 12 years from her daughter to elementary school to middle school, Su Yibin accompanied the whole process and moved three times.In the end, he studied, college entrance examination, and college with his daughter, and was called "Men’s Mother Mother" by netizens.

"On the way to get off work, I held English back. When I went to work, I put the English book next to me, and remembering the words while preparing vegetables." On the evening of July 9, Su Yibin recalled the scene when he was preparing for the college entrance examination.

In 2013, her daughter was in Wuhan’s college entrance examination. Su Yibin was in the college entrance examination of her hometown as a social personnel. At the same time, she was admitted to the three -year specialized accounting major of Wuhan Institute of Engineering and Technology.

"Xueba" in the eyes of classmates

On the evening of July 9, her daughter Su Xiaomei proposed to disappear together after receiving her father Su Yibin at the train station.Facing the father who worked all the way, Su Xiaomei helped his father into a bowl in the bowl.

Su Yibin couldn’t take care of the food and recalled his accompanying experience and college life to reporters."I can’t forget one thing." Su Yibin said that like dreaming, one thing that uncontrolled willow has changed his destiny.

Su Yibin and his daughter Su Xiaomei walked on the campus of Wuhan Institute of Technology.Su Yibin’s picture

He was originally just studying with his daughter. Who knew that he was admitted to college with his daughter.Su Yibin, who returned to the classroom at the age of 43, did not read the same major as her daughter, but went to marketing and planning major."At the beginning, I couldn’t remember words at all." English was Su Yibin’s weaknesses. He almost couldn’t understand what the teacher was talking about.

"As long as I sit in the classroom, I am listening to the class." Su Yibin listened to the English class of three English teachers and printed a curriculum of an English teacher. When I had time, I went to the class.

In the semester, Su Yibin’s English scores made rapidly, from 67 points in the first semester of the freshman to 89 points.

In the last semester, Su Yibin’s calculus also tested the first place in the grade.In the semester, his linear algebra and probability are full. The two doors of English and accounting are also the first in the whole profession.Middle -aged uncle Su Yibin became the "learning hege" in the eyes of his classmates.

"Su Yibin has a kind of refuse to lose, diligent, confident, and responsible." Yi Rongwei, the party general branch secretary of the School of Economics and Management of the School of Economics and Management of Wuhan University of Engineering, remembers that every eve of the exam, there will always be classmates surround Su YibinExplore mathematical issues.

"Old mother is also with me to study in college"

"Many people say that I am studying with my daughter to go to college. In fact, my old mother is also with me to study in college." For 3 years, the college is promoted for 2 years.Bringing around, the two lived together in the single dormitory provided by Wuhan Engineering and Technology College.

Wuhan Institute of Technology has provided Su Yibin with a working opportunity for the instructor assistant, with an income of 1,800 yuan per month."My mother and I save flowers. I cook three meals a day." After the summer vacation, Su Yibin sent his mother to his sister’s house and went to work on the construction site to earn tuition.In 2019, Su Yibin’s mother died.

During his studies at the Wuhan Institute of Technology, Su Yibin used the summer vacation to work at the construction site.Su Yibin’s picture

In the summer vacation of 2014, Su Yibin worked at the construction site on the outskirts of Jingzhou. He built a brick "big worker" mastermaster and a master of the brick.He was doing small workers for almost two months.

After graduating from his college graduation, Su Xiaomei has given takeaway for more than half a year.Su Yibin heard that sending takeaway to make money, and used the weekend time to send takeaway with her daughter.He did 3 days before and after and earned 405 yuan. As a result, he was deducted for 400 yuan for two complaints.

When paying salary, the head of the takeaway station said to Su Xiaomei: "Your dad only made 5 yuan, how can I pay him?" Su Xiaomei secretly stuffed 100 yuan to the webmaster, "I said he made 105 yuan." Until nowThis incident was still hidden from Su Yibin.

"You are even more possibilities"

After Su Yibin graduated from undergraduate in 2018, under the recommendation of the Wuhan Institute of Technology, he went to the Yunnan City Vocational College of Construction and became a counselor.

Su Yibin and students of the Vocational College of Yunnan City Construction are together.Su Yibin’s picture

Jia Rui, executive vice president of Yunnan Urban Construction Vocational College, told reporters that the school’s academic qualifications for recruiting counselors are master’s degree and are willing to admit Su Yibin because of his efforts, persistence, and valuable lifelong learning spirit.

"I am a peasant, a chef. I am a 43 -year -old college, 46 years old. I have changed my fate with knowledge. You are even more possibly possibly." As a counselor, Su Yibin did not avoid talking about his past.He often encourages students with his experience, as long as he wants to learn when it is not too late.

Bian Rongqing, who is currently studying in Yunnan Urban Construction Vocational College, is a junior college after graduating from technical secondary school.He said: "Mr. Su only took the college entrance examination in his 40s. I was only 20 years old. As long as I want to study, I must have a chance."

Su Yibin was awarded the advanced personal honor of employment in Yunnan City Construction in 2021.Su Yibin’s picture

After graduating from Su Xiaomei, Su Xiaomei has done financial work in an enterprise and has also served as a manager in a chain coffee shop. He is currently a bank manager of a bank."I realized the importance of education and knowledge after work." Su Xiaomei, who was going to continue his studies, saw from his father, as long as he was willing to learn when it was not too late.

Su Yibin told the Yangtze River Daily that the villagers had joked with him because he went to the college entrance examination because he was in his 40s, but now "everyone admires me because I have changed my fate with knowledge."

Want to study

It’s not too late!

Source: Changjiang Daily

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