The 40 -year -old woman in Shanghai thought she was pregnant and had a child who had not had a child for 4 years. What was the truth?

A female reporter, holding small items in her hand, asked to ask a pregnant woman who was about to produce.

What’s even more amazing is that the pregnant woman has been pregnant for more than four years, and the child in the stomach is still moving. There is no plan to come out at all. Is it addicted to living in the mother’s belly?

Nezha is already a classic anime image that almost Chinese people know. One of the most deepest things is that it stayed in the mother’s belly for three years before coming out.

And pregnant women in the real world will be ten months of pregnancy. If someone can be born for four years, this fetus can talk to people in the stomach, I am afraid no one will believe it.

What is this child going on?Is there really a reincarnation in the world?Why can he communicate with the outside world?

The protagonist of the story, named Zhang Yonghua, lives in Shanghai, is an ordinary woman, in her forties, and raises a daughter with her husband.

The family has always lived a very plain life, and it is fun. If it is unusual to say, Zhang Yonghua, who is already over 40 years old, still wants a boy.

Zhang Yonghua is a person who has received feudal education since childhood. He believes that there is a son in the family that is very important. It can even be said to be a woman’s natural mission.I was abandoned by my mother -in -law for a long time.

On the contrary, her husband Wu Zhengquan did not have much obsession about this. He believed that children and daughters had to be reluctant. They never blame their wives because they had no son, but Zhang Yonghua always felt that neighbors and people around them would watch their jokes.

Who knows, suddenly one morning, Zhang Yonghua, who has always been an excellent appetite, couldn’t eat anything, and even started to retider. Because she had given birth to a child once when she was young, she was familiar with this feeling and couldn’t help but excite.

Wu Zhengquan was also very excited. He did not expect that he could have a child at the age of 40. He quickly took his wife to find a familiar old Chinese medicine medicine. Old Chinese medicine told them that they were really pregnant.

The couple were very excited. After returning home, Wu Zhengquan couldn’t wait to supply his wife. He didn’t need to do anything to do anything. He had to raise his fetus with peace of mind every day.If you do n’t eat, you will vomit when you drink water in severe cases.

But Zhang Yonghua wanted his son for so long, and was too happy to be pregnant. What was this pregnancy vomiting?The husband and wife count the time of his son, looking forward to his arrival.

However, seeing that it was getting closer to the due date, Zhang Yonghua’s stomach had no response at all. The two people who couldn’t bear to go to the hospital to consult the doctor. After examination, the doctor said that Zhang Yonghua was not pregnant at all.

Zhang Yonghua, who refused to believe the hospital diagnosed, went to the old Chinese medicine medicine at the beginning. After the old Chinese medicine gave Zhang Yonghua, he told them that it was normal for Zhang Yonghua to be pregnant with pregnancy.

Zhang Yonghua and Wu Zhengquan were at ease after listening. They felt that their children were just slow and slow, but they would always come out. Just wait.

As a result, I did n’t expect that it had been two years. The child still had no plans to come out. Is it really reincarnation?The two went to find the old Chinese medicine again.

Old Chinese medicine said to them: "I can hear the child’s heartbeat, but it sounds like the child is only seven months old and there is no full month."

The couple laughed as soon as they heard it. This child was really born. At this speed, it should always come out in a year.

Who knows that this waiting for another two years, the child not only did not come out, but even Zhang Yonghua also found his "specific function", and the child could actually identify items across the stomach!

Put a item outside the stomach. If the thing is consistent with it, the belly will have obvious fetal movements. If it is not consistent, the belly will not respond.

Sometimes, the child can talk to the outside world. If someone asks him how years old, the stomach will move around. If someone says it is right, the belly will have obvious fetal movements.

Even the neighbors had already conceived Zhang Yonghua’s children for four years, and the children could be seen in the air. The couple of Zhang Yonghua could not bear it immediately. As a result, the child actually responded.

The child’s fetal movement has been very frequent recently, and every time is very violent, as if it is giving birth, it is excited to be excited, and finally you can see where the Nezha in his stomach is sacred.

Wu Zhengquan even contacted the reporter to record this epic -level scene. What amazing things did he do better than Nazha?

When the reporter came to the house, it seemed that they couldn’t believe what they said, but the villagers confirmed that this is really a prodigy!So the reporter took out different things to test, and each time confirmed that the family did not lie.

But she doubted that this was the response made by Zhang Yonghua’s control of the stomach. After all, the child was still on her for the time being, so the reporter found something to block Zhang Yonghua’s eyes and took out a comb experiment, but the result was recognized by the child.The reporter was shocked.

Finally, they came to the hospital to prepare for delivery.This has attracted many people’s attention, and I want to watch the realistic version of Nezha how to make trouble.

The doctor first asked Zhang Yonghua some basic questions, such as diet, sleep, etc., and then asked Zhang Yonghua to lie on the bed and touch her belly, but her fat was too much and couldn’t touch anything.

The doctor checked Zhang Yonghua again with a machine, but no matter what, there was only a layer of white flowers in the stomach, and there was no trace of a child.

At this point, the doctor has already understood what the matter is probably.To Zhang Yonghua, there was also a woman before, looking forward to her pregnancy every day, and she was too deep. She couldn’t even have a holiday.It’s right.

Zhang Yonghua heard the doctor’s words began to become angry. Every time he came to the hospital, he was the same. You can obviously become pregnant, and even talk to him. How can he not have?

Since the hospital does not believe her, go home to give birth, anyway, the first child is born at home.What’s the big deal!After speaking, get up and go home.

Her husband quickly persuaded her and told her that she had waited for four years. There must be a head of things. If you don’t worry, you will go home immediately after checking the inspection.

Zhang Yonghua was persuaded and went to the B -ultrasound with the doctor. Under the detection of the machine, her belly was empty, and even the uterus was particularly small.

This result made Zhang Yonghua, who was convinced that he was pregnant, was all stunned. How could this be possible?How can her belly grow bigger?What is the movement in the stomach?

The doctor quickly checked Zhang Yonghua. It turned out that Zhang Yonghua had fatty liver, because he ate too much and grew too fat.And I misunderstood that I do nothing after pregnancy, fat becomes more and more, and there is a farce that becomes bigger and bigger.

After hearing the results of the inspection, Zhang Yonghua and Wu Zhengquan couldn’t believe it at all, as if their world collapsed, the two were dull and walked in the hospital corridor.

At the same time, Zhang Yonghua was still murmuring to himself: "Impossible, how could my child be gone, it was impossible!" Saying Zhang Yonghua shed tears "We also said, he asked me not to tell others that he came,Otherwise, he will go. It must be my fault, get away! "

Zhang Yonghua’s emotions are getting more and more excited. Her husband knows that she can’t accept this fact. It is too late. Let’s settle the emotions of his wife first, but have a four -year dream, how can he calm down easily?

The reporters and doctors on the side are becoming more and more confusing. What exactly makes them determine that they are pregnant, and why is Zhang Yonghua really had a pregnancy reaction?

They found a psychologist and Zhang Yonghua. Under the guidance of a psychologist, Zhang Yonghua gradually calmed down and said everything before and after pregnancy.

It turned out that Zhang Yonghua has been eager to have a son for many years, feeling that she has not completed the task of passing the generation. As a result, her mother -in -law has never given her a good look, and her neighbors look down on her, and even involved her husband and the grandson.

She wanted a son too much, and even reached almost crazy, so under the psychological effect, Zhang Yonghua had a false pregnancy situation, which made her very happy and was stunned by excitement, so that she was convinced.

As a result, her body seemed to be psychologically controlled, and she had a lot of pregnancy reactions. At the same time, Chinese medicine also made the couple more sure. She was indeed "pregnant".

It turned out that these four years were just Zhang Yonghua’s imagination. After coming out of the hospital, everything turned into an empty, and there was no "Nezha" and "prodigy".

At the end of the story, it was just a person’s deep obsession, which caused a farce.From a scientific perspective, even if you really think you are pregnant, after ten months, you should always react.

But Zhang Yonghua would rather believe that there is metaphysics in the world, and he must be immersed in his own fantasy. It is better to believe that there is no standard old Chinese medicine in the village, and he does not believe the test of professional machines in the hospital.

Zhang Yonghua was tortured in the feudal thought. On the contrary, Wu Zhengquan quarreled for his wife and mother, only to prevent his mother putting pressure on his wife. He didn’t care about giving birth to his son, but only cares about his wife’s feelings.

Psychological effects will cause people to make paranoia, and even bring physiological changes, cause butterfly effects. Do not blindly force themselves to cause too much mental pressure to themselves.

Believe in science, believe and follow people’s natural laws, and do not become ignorant, superstition, prejudice, and even losing basic judgments on common sense due to feudal thoughts.

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