The 37 -year -old woman is still pregnant after "Shang Ring".

Jiangsu News WeChat public account reported on August 7 that Ms. Huang, a 37 -year -old citizen of Changzhou, found that her physiological cycle has been abnormal since February.One day in June, her stomach hurt to the toilet and even gave out a baby!

The pregnancy was mistaken for irregular menstruation. The accident this time was because Ms. Huang had done the in -palace’s in -palace, which is commonly known as the "upper ring".Because of the cross -ring, Ms. Huang herself did not realize that menstruation was delayed because of pregnancy.When she went to the hospital for examination, she informed the doctor that she had no pregnancy test.But but this is not irregular menstruation, but really pregnant.

Many women on the upper ring will have the same idea as Ms. Huang, thinking that the upper ring will not be pregnant.In fact, this idea is inaccurate.According to Liu Wei, the attending physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Shanghai International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital, introduced that the birthplace is a contraceptive device placed in the uterine cavity. Because the initial use of the initial use is circular, it is called the birthplace.

How to contraception in a birthplace?The mechanism of human pregnancy is that women’s ovaries are excreted from eggs, the eggs are fertilized in the belly of the fallopian tube, and then developed into embryos in the fallopian tube, and then the embryo is expelled in the uterus to grow in bed.Then, contraception is to block any steps in it.The role of the in -palace is to interfere with the embryo to grow smoothly in bed and play a purpose of contraception.

In theory, as long as the appropriate birthpool is selected, the contraceptive effect can reach more than 90%.But this does not mean that if you go to the ring, you will not get pregnant.There are still some situations that make the nursery fail.Among them, it is not common for the descendant to fall off and the placement position of the birthplace is not allowed.

Liu Wei pointed out that there are large and small sizes in a large and small model. If the size you choose is not matched with the size of the women’s uterus, it will easily fall off.When the birthplace is not replaced for a long time, the endometrium is falling off every month. After the menstrual bumper brushing, it is also easy to cause the birthplace to fall off or decline.Usually, the in-palace can be placed for 5-10 years, and it should be replaced in a timely manner.

If the birthpool falls off, many times women themselves will not notice it.Since contraceptive measures have failed, naturally there may be pregnancy.Therefore, no matter what kind of contraceptive method is used, once the menstruation is delayed, you must first consider whether you are pregnant.Today, pregnancy testing is already very convenient. Even if you do n’t go to the hospital, you can check it at home. The key is how long it takes.

Now that I have mentioned the upper ring, I have to mention the issues that everyone is more concerned about:

Will the upper ring increase the incidence of ectopic pregnancy?

The statement about the internal aduaer caused the ectopic pregnancy to this day, however, it is not the case.

Liu Wei explained that if the internal internal internal adurator contraceptive fails, the proportion of ectopic pregnancy will be higher than that of infertility.If you consider women who use all the internal palaces, in fact, the chance of ectopic pregnancy is lower than that of women with infertility.In 1994, the incidence survey of ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy) in Beijing showed that the occurrence rate of ectopic pregnancy is 0.65/1000 women a year.Essence

It can be said that the use of internal internal adustctors contraception not only reduces the incidence of intrauterine pregnancy, but also reduces the incidence of ectopic pregnancy.Instead of rumors, the internal palace breds increased the chance of extraterritical pregnancy.

If you are pregnant after on the board, you can’t ask for your child?

There are also many questions about this question on the Internet.Many answers mentioned that children who are pregnant after going on the ring cannot be required, because they are prone to infection and miscarriage.Liu Wei bluntly stated that if you are pregnant and abortion after going on the ring, it is not the child’s "whether you can ask", but to "can’t ask" at all.

But if everything is normal, the baby is healthy and develops healthy on time, and naturally can also have birth.In this uncertain situation, instead of thinking about it at home, consulting the Internet to waste time, it is better to go to the hospital and find a professional doctor to help.

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