The 35 -year -old unmarried girl, today I checked the accidental pregnancy decision, and my mood was calm and complicated!

I, in 1988, although there are 10 months of birthday, it is 35 years old.

The holiday has been postponed for seven days to this day. I feel bad, so I bought a pregnancy test stick. Two bars measured this morning.

This afternoon went to the hospital to draw blood and checked it to confirm that I was really pregnant, and now I need to keep the fetus. The two values of blood testing are very low.

These two items are progesterone measurement and HCG measurement, respectively, more than nine o’clock and more than 297 points, respectively.

At this moment, I still feel like a dream. I have no way to get married.The mood at this moment is really calm and embarrassed.

The reason why it is calm is because I have been urged to be stressed in the past few years. Of course, my age is also here, so sometimes I am really anxious and very anxious.

Seeing that all year after year, the students, relatives, and friends around me were married one after another, but I have been unable to enter the "siege" of marriage.

The reason for this is that one is indeed not met for the right, and the other is that I feel that my mother is not looking at it.

Just like my boyfriend now, I have known each other for more than two years, and it is also introduced by me. This matter has also been agreed by my mother. After seeing the first side, I feel that he looks too mature, and it is fat.Essence

Go back directly to my mother and tell me about my true thoughts, and don’t want to continue.

They advised me to know more about it. Men don’t have to value it too much, and then we have the second meeting of our two, and meet the third time …

Later, I felt that the two of our education were quite equal and I could talk more, so when I first met two or three months, I especially wanted to engage and get married.

At that time, as long as it was a man, the marriage was urged to the point of that step, and of course, there was the anxiety in my own heart.

Moreover, he also has a house in the county and has his own car. Although the house was bought by loans, how many ordinary families can buy a house in this year?So think about it.

Later, I went to my house for the first time and saw my mother, but I did not expect that after he left, my mother would strongly oppose it, saying that he was not worthy of me. It was the worst of all my blind date objects.

The main reason why my mother opposed is that my mother thinks that he is too short. I am a small man in itself. One is that I am afraid that such a son -in -law will make her faceless, and the other is that we are afraid that our children will not grow in the future.

Later, the two of us had to separate, and then secretly contacted, so I divided it many times, and let me boil from 32 to 35.

More than two years have passed!

In this time, I was forced to have a blind date twice or three times. Most of the reasons for the unsuccessful was that we couldn’t let go of each other.

I tried it with him hard. After twenty days and a half months, he always re -contacted me and said some soft words.

Maybe this is a kind of unknown fate between people!

But my mother has never been loose, and she always thinks that I must find a boy with a little higher point to marry.

In this way, the two of us kept dragging and dragging, because last year, because of this, my mother had to cut off the relationship with me, and it was very rigid.

To be honest, I’m scared!

So I would rather drag like this!

Therefore, I was pregnant today, and my mood was a bit complicated, because with this matter, we must have a result.

Also because I am 35 years old, I want this child, if I do n’t want this child, it may be difficult to be pregnant next time.

I have a classmate that is, slightly larger than me, and neither of them is a problem, but I can’t get pregnant.

Now that I want to give birth to a child, the most sad "Guan" is my mother’s Guan. Now I am very embarrassed. I don’t know how to tell my mother about it, and I’m afraid that my mother will be angry because of this.

My mother is the kind of strong woman. If we did not follow her, she might scold you as "bodyless".

My mother is naturally good for me, but I have no way to follow him.

My sister called me just now, and I told her about my situation. She was a little surprised and didn’t seem to be so surprised.Because I just returned from her house last night, she knew what was postponed by my holiday, and I wanted to ask me at the time.

My sister also complained about my mother’s temper, and I felt that I didn’t have to listen to my mother completely. Maybe in my mother’s eyes, I was still a "good girl", but she never thought that I would hide her so well.

However, if not, we will never have a result.fair enough!

I don’t know to tell my mother to my mother to get angry, how will she scold me and degrade me.

But my age seems to be really unavailable!

The doctor said that the eighth juniority had to do a test again, and three items were checked this time!

Just first, my thoughts at this moment are messy!IntersectionIntersection

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