The 33 -year -old man in Hangzhou has a headache and brain heat for half a month, but because of the cat at home …

33 -year -old clothing designer Dajiang (pseudonym)

A stray cat was adopted during this year’s birthday

Not long after

He has a headache for half a month

He was also highly suspected of being highly suspected of brain tumor by local hospitals


Experts from the Department of Infectious Disease, Affiliated to Zhejiang University Medical College, told him

"Tumor" in the brain

It is the cat owner at home "the bad"

For this reason, experts want to remind young people:

It’s okay to raise a cat and cat

But pay attention to: Demodge for cats! data map, graphic and text has nothing to do with

Adopt a stray cat

He is sick

Dajiang is a literary otaku. He is 33 years old. He is engaged in clothing design in Yuhang District, Hangzhou. He believes that he has social phobia and lives in his own world.Not long ago, Dajiang met a little wild cat on his way home. The little wild cat seemed to be identified as him. He turned around around his pants, and from time to time, he made a cry of "Meow Meow".

"Do you want to go home with me as a companion?" The river that was about to be born soon, I felt that encountering this cute little wild cat may be a fate, so I decided to adopt this little wild cat and named it "Birthday".

Dajiang has become the "cat slave" mentioned on the Internet. The social network platforms are all cat photos, and online shopping records are about cats.

However, it was not a month to raise a cat. Dajiang was sick, had a fever of 38 ° C, and was accompanied by severe headache. The new crown nucleic acid was tested in the local community hospital as a negative.EssenceHowever, his high fever is like a tide. After taking the medicine, he retreated, the effect of the medicine came back, and the symptoms of headache became increasingly unbearable. To this end, Dajiang walked into the local hospital again. The local hospital suggested taking the head of the head to take a head of MRI.There is a shadow in the head!Considering the possibility of metastatic brain tumors, the result of this diagnosis made Dajiang frustrated and scared, so he contacted his family and his family asked him to go to Zhejiang University First Hospital for examination.

Conococcal meningitis?

The result of the waist wearing point directly to the murderer

At the First Hospital of Zhejiang University, Dajiang conducted a series of examinations. Deputy Chief Physician Guo Yongzheng infected with the Department of Infectious Diseases saw that the brain occupation of Dajiang was enhanced. She immediately felt that this was not a brain tumor.Gelatinitis or Toxoplasma encephalopathy, because the skull magnetic resonance shadow presentation of ring -shaped enhancement is the common feature of the two.

"It is recommended that you do a waist wear." However, the waist -through results show that the related testing of Cardococcal is negative, but the toxoplasma antibody is positive.It turned out that the local hospital’s highly suspected brain tumor was the infection of the bowl infection.

"Are there any pets at home? Is there a cat raising?" "I recently picked up a stray cat to raise at home." "Have you ever made insects for the picking cat?" "No."The results of clinical manifestations, cerebrospinal fluid and head imaging tests, Dr. Guo Yongzheng’s consideration of the bowworm in the brain of Dajiang’s brain probably came from the small wild cat he adopted.

How did the bow -shaped worm on the little wild cat arrived in his mind?

Director Huang Jianrong, deputy director of the infectious medical department, explained that the spread of bow -shaped worms mainly depends on the spread and contact of the dung mouth.According to detailed inquiries, Dajiang said that he and the kitten are intimate, and sometimes they eat directly without washing their hands after "shovel". To this end, the bowworm enters his digestive system from the cat’s feces or saliva through the cat’s feces or saliva.The toxoplasma can be flowed into all parts of the human body as the blood flows. Once the toxoplasma is entered into the brain, it can cause the toxoplasma encephalopathy. The symptoms of the incense -shaped encephalopathy are headache and fever, and the limbs are sore.Infection can have an important impact on health in severe cases. data map, graphic and text has nothing to do with

Do cats bring bowwworms?

Can the wild cat on the road still touch it?

Can I continue to raise cats when I am pregnant?This is a question of many cat lovers, because once a pregnant woman is infected with a bowworm, it can be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, which will cause the possibility of miscarriage, premature or dead birth.Essence

According to this, should pregnant women not raise cats, right?Don’t rush to make conclusions first. Let’s first understand the bow -shaped worm. This is an intracellular parasitic. With the blood flow, it can destroy the brain, the heart, the bottom of the eyes, and other organs.There are many choices. The most common dogs around us can also infected Toxoplasma. Although there are many parasitic choices, cats are the most important host of Toxoplasma.

"Infected cat dung is an important source of infection of Toxoplasma worms." Chief Physician Huang Jianrong emphasized that those who have cats in the family must regularly remove insect repellent, especially wild cats picked up in the wild."Do not discharge after the cat -repellent cat, just don’t let pet cats go out of contact, because it is not allowed to be infected in the wild."

"As long as the cat is not infected with a hormone, it will not spread toxoplasma." Chief Physician Huang Jianrong said that as long as the cat confirms that there is no infection of the toxoplasma, pregnant women can also raise their cats with peace of mind, but in case pregnant women try to "shovel" shovel"Shit", wash your hands after "shovel".

So does the cute wild cat in the road be infected with a hormone?

Many children or lovers, when they see the cute little wild cat on the roadside, they can’t help but want to touch it. To this end, the chief physician Huang Jianrong said that as long as he does not touch the cat’s stool or saliva, the bare wild cat will generally not be infectious. "However, to prevent being caught by wild cats or other germs, because wild cats are more wild, there may be insects such as fleas, so it is not recommended to touch wild cats. "

Pets pets to pay attention to hygiene habits!↓↓

Source: Zhejiang University First Hospital (ZDYYXCZX)

Source: FM93 Voice of Transportation

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