The 3 -year -old baby crying in the early morning was crying?Chinese medicine practitioners "do"

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3 -year -old baby crying in the early morning?

Can pregnant mothers not take medicine?

Why is the baby’s bad appetite?

In the Guangzhou Pazhou square cabin took over by the Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, traditional Chinese medicine has high recruitment!

It is reported that as of November 13, more than 1,900 patients have been treated in the ward of the medical team of Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

At 3 am on November 15th, there was a cry from a child in the Pazhou Fang Cabin Hospital in Guangzhou.Peng Ying, a member of the medical team of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Classic of Traditional Chinese Medicine, hurriedly followed the voice.

It turned out that because of the changes in the toilet environment, this little doll has not solved the stool for two days, abdominal pain, and appetite is not good. Crying, it is useless to coax parents.

After Peng Ying understands the situation, according to the usual work experience, combined with children’s mental tiredness, poor appetite, thick tongue coating, and tone, judge that it should be discomfort caused by food accumulation.treat.

She said gently: "Baby, sister, can you play a game with you?" The child heard the game and gradually stopped crying.

Pushing four horizontal stripes, kneading doors, clearing the large intestine, clearing stomach meridian, and massage of clockwise, the children’s symptoms have been relieved a lot, and the crying emotions just now gone.Sister, my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore. "

Later, Peng Ying also ordered his family to give the children to eat porridge first, care for the spleen and stomach, and then slowly start eating meat, active activity, and taught them to rub their abdomen to help the children laxize.

The parents on the side also let go of the mind, thanks to the word: "You still have a way, how can we coax just now."

According to Yang Jinghua, chief physician of the pediatric department of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the team has designed a pediatric patch recipe for patients with new crown pneumonia children to solve the symptoms of digestive tract symptoms such as antipyretic, coughing and improving vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation.

In the early morning of November 11, the patient Ms. Gao stayed in the square cabin.She is a pregnant mother who is 7 months pregnant.Huang Qiuyuan, a member of the medical team responsible for the treatment, quickly took Ms. Gao to the bed to settle.Seeing that Ms. Gao did not bring too many daily necessities, Huang Qiuyuan deliberately ran to the material storage area and took a few bottles of water for her. He told: "Take a rest first, drink some water, what needs, and find us at any time."

As soon as I went to work the next day, Huang Qiuyuan took his own small snacks to Ms. Gao."Thank you, Miss Nurse! But I have some stuffy nose. I don’t know if there is any way to relieve it?" Ms. Gao consulted Huang Qiuyuan.Considering that the patient is a pregnant woman, there are taboos in medication, Huang Qiuyuan taught Ms. Gao to press Yingxiang Point."Gently pressing this acupuncture point every day can help relieve nasal congestion." "Thank you, wait for me to go back, and use this method to teach my friends!" Ms. Gao said with a smile.

It is reported that at present, the minimum patients in the ward are only 9 months. They are a laughing little guy. After coordination, the medical team arranged them in the family area. A family of five people is together to facilitate each other.

On the morning of November 15th, parents reported to the nurse that the appetite did not have a good appetite before entering the square cabin. I did not want to eat these two days. I didn’t know what was going on.Chen Xiaomin, a member of the medical team, Chen Xiaomin, the second department in Fangcun Hospital, Teresa Teng and Chen Xinying of Dade Road General Hospital, and found that the small guy’s jaws were sore at the upper jaw. This is the case!

Therefore, the team members patiently explained the cause of the formation of goose sores to their families, and prepared cotton swabs to guide parents to clean them with clean water, and instructed parents to pay more attention to the cleaning and oral hygiene of the bottle.warm water.In addition, the material guarantee group is also contacted to prepare the corresponding drugs.

The little guy looked at everything around him, staring at the gentle "big white" sister, grinning.

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